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No wonder Democrats have such an affinity for Muslims.

They think alike.
Are we on the brink of violent civil unrest?
It is still hard to believe what is going on in our country. Trump supporters are getting hurt by Trump and they are still with him. It is clear Trump is a major threat to our democracy and his voters can't even recognize it. That's unbelievable, and extremely dangerous. This November, if the Republicans hold both the house and senate because of voter suppression, gerrymandering and Russian interference that will be proof we longer have a democracy. Voting will no longer matter because its rigged.

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6. Yup, we're going have to kill some of these American Nazi's in the streets before this is all over.

An honest interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Democratic Party is the party of love like Islam is the religion of peace.

Over 70 DUmmies proudly proclaiming their hate. ISIS could learn from them.
My husband said tonight that he hates Trump but "no one hates Trump like you do."

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I beg to differ.

I am POSITIVE many, many people hate Trump just as much as I do.

I hate his piggy little eyes.
I hate his web of straw-like hair.
I hate all the pores in his thick, ugly skin.
I hate his spray-tan.
I hate that he won't close his jacket.
I hate every bulge and wrinkle and bump.
I hate the ties that go all the way down to his crotch.
I hate his stubby little hands.
I hate his turkey wattle.
I hate his chin.
I hate his vocabulary, his syntax, and his grammar.
I hate every word that comes out of his puckered mouth.
I hate the way he tilts his head and looks down his nose.
I hate that he thinks he's quite a stud.
I hate his voice, like fingernails across the blackboard.
I hate that I have to mute the TV whenever I hear it.

But none of those things would matter

A heart that didn't seek to divide neighbors.
To rip families and loved ones apart.
To spread fear and chaos and pain.
To make mothers and fathers and children cry.

I hate that he makes me hate. And he loves that hate. He thrives on it.

But I'm not the only one, right? Who here hates Trump as much as pnwmom does?

Lefty loves censorship.

Get you mind right or else. There can be no dissent.
Open request to Skinner and the powers that be.

Mid terms are coming soon. We will then be going into General election mode.
How about a rule stating "Never speak ill of another Democrat."
As the election campaigning fires up there are sure to be candidates with different views regarding the future of the party and the country. Rather than posting negative opinions about democratic candidates we do not agree with, why don't we just post positive opinions about candidates we like. If we must be nasty, let it be pointed at the real evils, the republicans.
Think about it!
Yours for cooperation and success.

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6. Yes, please censor all dissent.

More evidence of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Apparently the DUmmies are still in a conspiracy tissy over Trump eating fast food. First they thought it was a PR stunt. After all how could a billionaire eat anything but caviar and champagne? Now they think Trump eats fast food because he is worried Putin is going to poison him.

I guess it never occurs to them that Trump likes McDonalds and KFC. Hell, I can afford to eat at 5 star restaurants when I want. But I still enjoy fast food and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

It's a good thing there is no voter qualification requirement. Most DUmmies would be deemed too mentally unstable to vote.
Trump eating McDonald's was a "tell"
When I saw pics of him with McDonald's and KFC during the campaign I thought it was another stupid PR move by them - See! I'm just like you! I eat fast food on my private plane just like you.

Then we found out that this was actually real. This supposed billionaire restauranteur actually eats fast food. But the question was, Why? Well we found that out too.

Two reasons were given:
1. He felt comfortable given sanitary and health standards (that's regulation Holmes)
2. He could pop into a McD's or KFC and no one could possibly know he was coming. He's worried about being poisoned.

How long before the latest Trump-Putin hysteria is replaced by another nothingburger?

This too shall pass for the nothing it is.

When will peak liberal lunacy occur?

Venezuela is the future of the Democratic Party.

Of late Lefty has promoted the idea of packing SCOTUS.

I think it's a great idea. Trump should bump it up to 15 justices and pack it with an additional 6 justices in the Thomas/Scalia mold.

It's a Democrat idea, so I'm sure they would be okay with it.
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