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Best beer commercial

Arctic Ice Hampered Recent HMS Erebus Expedition
Arctic Ice Hampered Recent HMS Erebus Expedition

OTTAWA, CANADA—HMS Erebus and its sister ship, HMS Terror, were abandoned in 1848 in the Canadian Arctic during Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated search for the Northwest Passage. Live Science reports that recent investigation of the wreckage of HMS Erebus by Parks Canada archaeologists yielded nine artifacts, including metal parts of rigging instruments, a piece of tarred felt, a ceramic pitcher, and an artificial horizon—a tool used in navigation with a sextant to determine latitude when the horizon is obscured. The pitcher and artificial horizon were found in an officer’s cabin on the lower deck of Erebus. Bad weather prevented divers from entering Sir John Franklin’s cabin, however, where they hoped to discover the ship’s logs and other documents that could provide information about what happened to the ship.

“This proved to be the worst ice conditions we’ve ever seen,” said underwater archaeologist Ryan Harris. “We were only able to cover a day and a half of scientific diving on the site.”

Place your bets. What fake accusations will the dems bring against Judge Amy Cole Barrett?

When the time comes to replace RBG with Judge Barrett, will the dems stick with the rape/sexual harassment accusations? Or will they go with something new? Some possibilities:

Do we need a 1000 member SCOTUS?

The left can never accept a loss. They must always advance the socialist revolution. So I guess the new standard the left wants is that every time the majority changes parties that SCOTUS should be packed to favor the party in power. 25 justices in 2020. Then 60 in 2024. Then 130 in 2030. Then 256 justices. Etc. Etc.

The issue is never the issue.
RockRaven (1,628 posts) If Kavanaugh is confirmed, these hearings have justified, nay, mandated the Democrats eventually changing the number of seats on SCOTUS and "packing" the court. Any argument about some fictitious apolitical noble institution were utterly torn asunder today.

Meadowoak (424 posts)
I think SCOTUS should be expanded to 25 justices.

What is the proper pronoun for a dragon?
The Trans Woman Who Became a Dragon
I spent a day with Eva Tiamat Medusa, a trans woman who modified her body to become a dragon.

I first learned about Tiamat Eva Medusa two years ago after seeing a sensational feature on her in an online tabloid. Her appeal is self-evident: Tiamat has undergone extreme body modification to become a dragon. Her ears and nostrils have been removed, her eyes are stained green, and she is covered in implanted horns and tattooed scales. Tiamat no longer looks human. I thought she was beautiful, and when I learned that she is also a transgender woman, I began to think about her modifications in relation to identity, and hoped that one day we would meet.

It was easy to think that Tiamat was merely a body modification extremist. It was also naïve. Maybe it should seem obvious, but I was taken aback by the significance inherent to every procedure she has ever undergone. Her scales—the tattoos that cover her face and body—are modeled after the western diamondback rattlesnake. Tiamat was abandoned in the desert when she was a child; western diamondback rattlesnakes, shifting in the sands around her, became symbolic parental figures to her. Tiamat has endured discrimination, abuse, and sexual violence—a lifetime of injustice committed against her at the hands of men. So, over time, she stopped identifying with our species. As she opened up to me about her rape, and her later diagnosis of HIV, I understood: Why would Tiamat want to be human, when this is what humans have done?

She didn’t want to die looking like the people who had hurt her. Frightened that HIV would take her life, she decided to shed the skin she was born into, to leave behind humanity itself. She didn’t do it out of malice. Yes, Tiamat was traumatized and angry. She told me she wasn’t always a good father to her son, which she regrets. But she couldn’t go on living in a human body and, she said, by leaving humanity behind, she was finally able to feel comfortable living alongside us.

Sealing joints with her split tongue, putting on her metal claws, and blowing smoke out the sides of her flat, serpent nose—Tiamat showed me what self-love looks like for her as an individual. She was able to overcome some of the most horrific experiences in life—to continue living with joy and hope.

Racist photo of Donald Trump

See racist Donald Trump attempt to suck the soul from a little baby.

I could write captions for CNN.

Bitter, drunk, Hillary still whining about losing.

Thank God she lost. Now she will never be the first female Party Secretary General....errrr....President. How ironic that the head of the Clinton crime family lectures us on the rule of law. We should ask Bernie Sanders supporters how they feel about crooked Hillary's position on election fairness. Truth from Hillary? Ha. She is still dodging sniper fire. Corruption? Who else could sell her office and sell out the country for half a billion dollars? National unity? The Democratic Party and crooked Hillary has been the number one promoter of division in the country.
American Democracy Is in Crisis
Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back.

First, there is Donald Trump’s assault on the rule of law.
Second, the legitimacy of our elections is in doubt.
Third, the president is waging war on truth and reason.
Fourth, there’s Trump’s breathtaking corruption.
Fifth, Trump undermines the national unity that makes democracy possible.

I guess the Democratic Underground has been a blazing success.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, other social media, banks, sporting goods stores, credit card companies, and the Democratic Party have adopted DU's intolerant stand on all speech and thought not completely in line with them.

To our leftist friends. Do you think the attacks on Trump are changing minds?

This is a counterpoint to post:

I am curious to know if those who did NOT vote for Trump in 2016 think the non-stop attacks, investigations, books, indictments, press stories, etc. are changing minds of Trump voters/supporters. Or do you think it will stimulate non-voters to vote and then vote for Democrats?

Have ANY of the attacks on Trump changed your mind about Trump?

As a Trump supporter and voter, not a single one of the attacks on Trump has dissuaded me from voting for Trump or Republicans. None of the press attacks. None of the anti Trump books. None of the never Trumper comments. None of Jim Carry's paintings.

In fact the lunacy and general meltdown of the establishment and democrats have strengthened my support for Trump.

How do other people who voted for Trump in 2016 feel? Has your support for Trump softened? Are the chronic hate Trump attacks changing your mind?
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