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I think my dog might be a democrat.

'government is our biggest enemy'
In Trump country, Republicans cheer on shutdown: The 'government is our biggest enemy'

CRAIG, Colo. – Ten words in faded red ink adorn the glass door of the federal building: "Please hold mail for duration of government shutdown. Thank you."

Here in this northern Colorado coal town, those 10 words, and the unplowed parking lot of that Bureau of Land Management facility, are among the few obvious signs that the nation's federal government is partially closed, resulting in nearly 1 million American workers not getting their taxpayer-paid paychecks.

Many of Craig's 9,000 residents are just fine with that. In this low-slung Western town that still celebrates cowboys and cattle rustlers, Christmas and Christ, and where the smokestacks of coal-fired power plants bracket the broad valley, residents wonder aloud: Doesn't the shutdown prove their long-held argument that the federal government is too big, too powerful and too expensive?

For many Craig residents, the shutdown remains mostly abstract: The federal government isn't a big employer here, and people are mostly worried about how air-quality regulations are slowly squeezing the life out of the coal mines and power plants. That helps explain the popularity of GOP candidates, where voting for Republicans comes as naturally as breathing, regardless of how you feel about the president. This is a town where pickups and SUVs rule the roads and renewable energy is often scorned as unreliable and unproven.

Do you trust the media more or less?

Compared to however you felt about the media/press in 2016, what are your feelings about trust in the media now?

Lefty is whining about gov workers "being forced to work without pay"

What do you think taxation is?

Government shut down.

If you didn't watch/listen to the news would you even know there is a government shut down?

What will happen when Mueller's report comes back with zero evidence against Trump?

It is a given that Mueller's report will be a big fat zero. The whole Trump/Russia collusion story was a complete fabrication to hurt Trump and protect crooked Hillary. So what will be the lefty reaction to the Mueller report?

The liberals' greatest fear

That the masses will realize we can live with less government.

Trump voter poll: the wall

How will you feel if Trump declares a national emergency to get the wall built?

Personally, I hope Trump builds the walls anyway and shoves it straight up the ass of the dem/repub establishment uniparty.

Has the government shutdown affected you?

Nearly 3 weeks into the government shutdown, how has the government shutdown affected you? If one believed the incessant drone of the fake news one would think it is the most important thing affecting the country.

Earth's Deadliest Animal

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