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The sound of Snowflakes


What would Kamala do

Smoke pot with Corn Puff
Throw him in the state pen for possession?

Just saw my first paid ad/ poll on yahoo asking if It should be a Biden/Harris ticket

And I can’t stop laughing

Your thoughts: should people holding public office be allowed to run for another position while in


It seems if I voted for you as my senator or mayor, your only focus should be on my district and not your career ambitions.

Should there be a waiting period before your next campaign?

The whole thing is scripted

These witnesses have the questions and their answers are memorized.

What am I watching? LOL.

Nadler is a fucking disaster and this “witness” Is hilarious.

Story telling mixed with his flamboyant and colorful opinion based on what others presumed Trump intended.

Can’t believe this was the best lefty had to start the show?

How many rapists and pedos is it ok to be friends with before it becomes a problem? Hillary?

Pedophile Mueller Witness Charged With Steering Illegal Campaign Contributions To Hillary Clinton

A convicted pedophile who became a key witness in Robert Mueller's Russia investigation has been indicted on charges of illegally funneling campaign funds to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign using straw donors, according to Politico.

Lobbyist George Nader, who was arrested this June at JFK airport for sex-trafficking a 14-year-old boy, has lobbied on both sides of the aisle for Middle Eastern associates - acting as an informal conduit to the Trump campaign, while embarking on a scheme to gain influence in Clinton's inner circle when everyone thought she was a sure-winner in the last election.

While the DOJ did not reveal which 2016 candidate Nadler funneled funds to, Politico reports that "campaign finance records make clear that the candidate was Clinton."

Nader was named along with Ahmad "Andy" Khawaja - a Lebanese-American businessman who has donated to Clinton, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Chris Coons, Dianne Feinstein and a host of other Democrats who received up to $3 million in campaign funds. He also gave $1 million to Priorities USA, the primary super PAC supporting Clinton, and $1 million to Trump's inaugural fund.

Khawaja was appointed to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in June of 2018.

Nader embarked on the scheme in a bid to gain influence in Clinton’s circle while reporting to a foreign official, according to the Justice Department.

Among his alleged co-conspirators is Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, the CEO of a payments processing company, according to the Justice Department news release announcing the unsealing of the indictment, which was made by a grand jury in the District of Columbia.

Nader conspired with Khawaja to secretly fund $3.5 million in donations that were made in the name of Khawaja, his wife and his firm, Allied Wallet Inc., according to the indictment.

Is it time to revisit that other little Ukrainian issue under the Obama administration- Flight MH-17

The other day I saw an article out of the Netherlands about extraditing a Russian to stand trial for the passenger jet’s downing.

I know there are plenty of Americans that will always believe Russia is always guilty, always lying, and always corrupt; its what our guilty, lying corrupt government tells us, it’s what MSM tells us and it’s what Hollywood tells us. By design.
Politicians know how the American people will swallow it whole. Red Dawn man! Look how well Hillary used the boogeyman, and the MIC got paid.

Back to Ukraine, it was an Obama admin coup,
free cookies and all. As more and more crimes are exposed in Ukraine it only makes it more likely it was Obama and Hillary that are responsible for MH-17.

Why hasn’t the black box recordings been publicly released, and why hasn’t the recordings of the flight controllers been released.

I never believed the evidence the west presented then, and I don’t believe now.

Deep state is deep and this one might be too big for Trump to take on.

Fun with graphs.



Hope you have an exit plan

Here's How Reuters Gamed A Poll To Show Rising Support For Trump Impeachment

After several major polls revealed a sharp decline in support for impeaching President Trump in the wake of unconvincing public testimony by aggrieved bureaucrats (and at least one House Democrat publicly opposing the move), Reuters/Ipsos now claims support for impeachment has increased.

The latest poll, conducted on Monday and Tuesday, found that 47% of adults in the United States felt Trump “should be impeached,” while 40% said he should not.

The result, combined with Reuters/Ipsos polling over the past several weeks, showed that the number of Americans who want to impeach the president increasingly outnumbers those who do not. -Reuters

The problem? Reuters sampled a disproportionate number of Democrats. Buried at the bottom of their report, they disclose:

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, throughout the United States. It gathered responses from 1,118 adults, including 528 Democrats, 394 Republicans and 111 independents. It has a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of 3 percentage points.

In other words, Reuters sampled more Democrats than Republicans and independents combined to arrive at their conclusion. They also reveal that " about eight in 10 Democrats supportive of impeaching Trump, and eight in 10 Republicans opposed," and that seven in 10 Republicans felt the House impeachment inquiry had not been conducted fairly.

Moreover, "Only two in 10 said an inquiry would be justified for a president who uses his powers for unfair political advantage over an opponent, as Trump is accused of doing."

Reuters being Reuters...

As we noted during the 2016 US election, Reuters/Ipsos wasoversampling Democrats when they found that Hillary Clinton had a giant lead over Donald Trump - using a poll that sampled 44% Democrats and 33% Republicans.
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