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Queen - Coronavirus Rhapsody

Remember that law that was passed for first responders after 9/11

Do all first responders, for ever, get life time payoffs or only those that died on the job during 9/11?

Speaking of COVID and old people near death, where is RBG?

It would be good of her to let the public know the Supreme Court is on the job.

Study: COVID-19 Impacts Men, Women More Than All Other Genders Combined

BALTIMORE, MD—A new study by Johns Hopkins University found that the novel coronavirus is impacting men and women more than all the other genders combined.

"It's incredible - we've found this virus is far more likely to affect biological males and biological females than any other biological gender," said Head of Gender Research Dr. Benji Charmin. "We thought the data had to be flawed, but we checked again and again, and sure enough, this thing is aggressively going after men and women and ignoring the other genders entirely."

He shrugged. "It's just science."

Joepedo: no touching your face

"The World Cannot Be Saved" - Von Greyerz Warns Global Financial System "Broken & Bankrupt"

“The system is bankrupt... The system is broken and bankrupt. This did not start now with the Coronavirus. It didn’t start in August and September (of 2019) when central banks said we would do everything we can with the Fed QE, repos and the ECB (European Central Bank) QE...

This started a long time ago. The system was broken at the beginning of this century. The 2007-2009 crisis was the first signal that the financial system was not functioning. They threw $25 trillion at it in financing and guarantees, etc., but I always said 2007-2009 was a rehearsal. We are now approaching, sadly, the real thing. This is the end of a two to three hundred year cycle. So, we are going to see some extremely difficult times. The Corona virus is a horrible catalyst, but that is all it is. It’s not the reason for the problem. The reason for the problem is a broken financial system... and now we are starting the final stage of the end of this financial system.”

"...People are panicking. So, that is the first reaction to the Coronavirus, but they have not realized the big problem is in the financial markets. It is in a system that has no liquidity or money, and it has to print more and more. At some point, people will realize there is no money, and you will have the same reaction. People will be lining up outside of banks or they will go to their ATM machines to get money and, of course, they will have to reduce it. Now, in most countries, there is no cash. So, it is easy for them to shut off the system. There will absolutely be shortages of cash for people, otherwise, you will have bank runs.”

Friday Night Humor. JoePedo and his virtual Town Hall

Its time we talk about bank runs

Get your money out of banks before it is too late.


Be safe people, and be prepared

How many people can work from home?

The fake MSM keeps saying people will work from home; who, how many, what are they doing, when will their boss fire them?

This narrative I keep hearing seems like a way of convincing us nothing is that bad. What percentage of the work force is represented by the work at home group?

My wife is C Level executive assistant, for a tech company in SF, they have already told people to work from home. A cafe one block away is closed because an employee is positive.

They sell a tech product/ service. NO ONE is buying. There are no customers anywhere. Spending has stopped across the board. Every single deal around the world has been effectively pulled. Sell !!!!!!!

Everyone will be out of a job soon enough

Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper sounds like he has it

good luck evil creepy guy.
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