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Alexa, Who is Hillary Clinton?


The deep State and the MIC want their war, how can we make a profit too?

What war stocks are looking good?
I’m thinking companies making smart bombs, laser guided munitions, maybe some missile manufacturers. Might be too early for rifle and boot makers. And let’s not forget oil and pipeline companies, one good disruption and skies the limit.

Your thoughts?

Is Taiwan less formidable now because they lost their top generals in a helicopter crash

Didn’t think so

If major war breaks out, Trump loses

If Americans start dying, stocks drop, oil up, and he is done.

Tulsi was handed the gift of all gifts

Why the fuck did he do this? Stacking the Supreme Court was more important to this country and our future as one than another fucking war in the entire Middle East.

Everything thing he has done will mean nothing if troops are killed.

Who's red circle guy in photo of Obama's 2011 White House Office ?

guessed it... it's Hadi al-Amari, the leader of the Iranian-backed siege of the US Embassy in Baghdad. Hadi was photographed outside the US diplomatic compound after the militiamen tried to storm the facility and was identified by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of being an Iranian “proxy” aiding terror groups in Iraq.

"The attack today was orchestrated by terrorists – Abu Mahdi al Muhandis and Qays al-Khazali – and abetted by Iranian proxies – Hadi al Amari and Faleh al-Fayyad. All are pictured below outside our embassy,” Pompeo wrote in a tweet on Tuesday as the siege was underway."

Stock Markets are up and everybody is celebrating, but are you buying more?

Curious to hear your thoughts. Buying at all time highs is risky business but the fear of missing out is quite the motivator.

Meanwhile, Gold was the top preforming commodity and Bitcoin was the best preforming asset in 2019.

Are you diversifying, are you putting cash on the sidelines, are you worried your neighbors are getting "richer", do you have an exit plan, are you buying at any price?

Good hunting

Lawsuit for American Troops KIA in Afghanistan, claim US companies were paying Taliban

To buy security.

Sounds like American CEO’s we’re supporting terrorism to make a few bucks

War is a Racket

Are we really going to pay to fight for the stars?

Companies want to mine the universe and make gazillions of space bucks, how much are you willing to part with to fund this venture?

Will your great great grand kids be educated enough, healthy enough, employed enough to buy a space gold necklace?

During the debate, Yang said he was the only person of color on stage

Why didn’t Warren correct him?

Black Market Vapor related deaths are on the rise,

In some states, Pot taxes can amount to 25% of the costs forcing many middle and low income citizens to turn to the black market. Will states end taxing pot products making them more price competitive to black market products and more accessible to poorer communities?

My guess is they will need a new tax, for the new Vapor Force every Governor, Mayor and Police Chief will now declare we need to combat the black market, and of course we will need a new tax as we will need new jails to house these chronically ill poor people.
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