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Can we change the name of this section from News to some Ferguson bull shit

What a joke this place has become. Pull it together

And now France: Right-Wing Leader Marine Le Pen Demands Central Bank Repatriate French Gold

First Germany, then the Netherlands, perhaps Switzerland this weekend, and now the French right-wing Front National, which shockingly came first in May's European parliament elections, and whose leader Marine Le Pen is currently polling in first place in a hypothetical presidential election (in both a first and run off round), ahead of president Hollande, has sent a letter to the governor of the French Central Bank, the Banque de France, demanding that France join the list of nations which have repatriated, or at least tried to, their gold.

Her letter translated

Dear Governor

Even before the outbreak of the 2008 crisis, the National Front had anticipated and informed the political institutions of the future worsening of the macro-economic and geopolitical context. As part of the business model increasingly libertarian adopted by France under pressure from Brussels, no economic fundamentals may not sustained improvement. All French can see that the austerity policies demanded by the EU and the ECB and implemented by the government are a proven failure and serious for our country

In monetary Cold War played between the Western countries and the BRICS countries, gold gradually takes an important role. According to the World Gold Council, China's official gold reserves, India and Russia have increased significantly between 2007 and 2013.

Did The Russians Really Use This Super-Weapon On A US Ship?

By Art Cashin of UBS bank

Incredible If True – There's a James Bond kind of story rumbling around in Russian circles and is beginning to pop up in the blogosphere. My friend and fellow market veteran, Jim Brown over at Option Investor picked up the story in his weekend note. Here's a bit from Jim's note:

In April an unarmed Russian SU-24 tactical bomber flew over the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea and using an electronic warfare weapon disabled the entire ship. This is important because the Donald Cook is an Aegis equipped guided missile destroyer. The Aegis weapons system is the most integrated and advanced combat weapons system the U.S. has available.

The ship carries 56 Tomahawk missiles in standard mode and 96 in attack mode and can launch nuclear missiles. It also has more than 50 antiaircraft missiles. The Aegis weapons system can link to all the other ships in the area to enable tracking of hundreds of targets in real time. It is also installed on NATO's most modern ships.

The SU-24 had only an electronic warfare pod and no bombs or missiles. The electronic warfare device is called a Khibiny. The device disabled all radars, control circuits, computer systems, information transmission systems, etc. After the first pass that disabled all fire control the plane circled around and made a simulated missile attack on the destroyer, not once but 12 times before flying away. The Donald Cook immediately headed for a port in Romania for repairs.

Charles Schwab Urges The Fed To Raise Interest Rates "As Quickly As Possible"

Its from Zerohedge so nevermind.

For America’s 44 million senior citizens, plus tens of millions of others who are on the threshold of retirement, last month marked a watershed moment that is worth celebrating. At the end of October, the Federal Reserve announced the first step in returning to a more normal monetary policy. After nearly six years of near-zero interest rates and quantitative easing, the Fed is ending its bond-buying program and has signaled a plan to eventually begin raising the federal-funds rate, raising interest rates to more normal levels by 2017.

U.S. households lost billions in interest income during the Fed’s near-zero interest rate experiment. Because they are often reliant on income from savings, seniors were hit the hardest. Households headed by seniors 65-74 years old lost on average $1,900 in annual income over the past six years, according to a November 2013 McKinsey Global Institute report. For households headed by seniors 75 and older, the loss was $2,700 annually.

With a median income for senior households in the U.S. of roughly $25,000, these are significant losses. In total, according to my company’s calculations, approximately $58 billion in annual income has been lost by America’s seniors since 2008.

Retirees depend on income from their savings for basic living expenses. Without that income, many seniors have taken on greater risk to increase the potential yield on their savings, or simply spent down their nest eggs. After decades of playing by the rules, putting off spending and socking away money, seniors have taken it on the chin. This strikes a blow at the core American principles of self-reliance, individual responsibility and fairness.

whats the interest on $17 trillion in Debt?

Brooklyn Resident With Ebola Symptoms Rushed To Bellevue

The most "transparently" folsky, if data-fabricating, administration in history may be watching its Obamacare dreams go up in flaming house of cards, even as not a single mainstream media outlet, including ABC, NBC, or CBS, will be covering Obama's "historic" executive action on immigration from Las Vegas later today, but at least Obama's Ebola Czar has managed to put a vacuum seal over any coverage of Ebola on US soil, because as Zero Hedge showed, there was no better correlation to the volatility of US stocks than the frequency of Ebola stories hitting the wires. And the last thing Obama care afford now is to lose control of the markets.


Which likely explains why two days ago, when there was some brief chatter that a Brooklyn woman on an Ebola watch list had collapsed dead, bleeding from the "face, mouth and nose", we had to go all the way to the yellow UK press to get the details of this latest development which certainly is relevant to Brooklyn, and New York City, residents.

Here is the NY POST article

A Brooklyn man, who recently returned from West Africa, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital with Ebola-like symptoms Thursday, police sources said.
The man, whose name is being withheld by The Post, returned from Mali on Nov. 14, and came down with flu-like symptoms which are similar symptoms to those exhibited by patients suffering from Ebola, the sources said.
The patient had been suffering from nausea, chills, and body aches but when his condition continued to worsen, he called 911.
He is undergoing a series of tests to determine whether or not he is infected with the Ebola virus, the sources said.

Brooklyn Woman On Ebola Monitoring List Drops Dead Bleeding From "Face, Mouth, Nose"

We're walking, we're walking; nothing to see here.

"Just a week after Dr. Craig Spencer was declared 'Ebola-free', The Daily Mail reports a woman, who had arrived from Guinea 18 days ago (and was on the NYC Ebola monitoring list), dropped dead in a Brooklyn hair salon this afternoon. FDNY sent their Special Operations and Hazmat units but she was declared dead at the scene. Witnesses said she was bleeding from the "face, nose, mouth, everything."

Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: "There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault"

Back in March, at a time when the IMF reported that Ukraine's official gold holdings as of the end of February, so just as the State Department-facilitated coup against former president Victor Yanukovich was concluding, amounted to 42.3 tonnes or 8% of reserves...

... and notably under the previous "hated" president, Ukraine gold's reserves had constantly increased hitting a record high just before the presidential coup...

... we reported of a strange incident that took place just after the Ukraine presidential coup, namely that according to at least one source, "in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine's gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US."

Two Questions: Do you know where your gold is and Does a coup and a Jumbo Jet cost 42 tonnes of gold?

U.S. Mint temporarily sold out of Silver Eagles amid huge demand

As silver gets crushed under $15 supply and demand no longer matter in today's capitalism.

Stay calm, and keep believing; Santa and the Easter bunny need you too.
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