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Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed

Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Who Pushed for Closer Ties to EU Revealed

Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by Mr. Pinchuk, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company. He served two terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union.

In 2008, Mr. Pinchuk made a five-year, $29 million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, a wing of the foundation that coordinates charitable projects and funding for them but doesn’t handle the money. The pledge was to fund a program to train future Ukrainian leaders and professionals “to modernize Ukraine,” according to the Clinton Foundation. Several alumni are current members of the Ukrainian Parliament. Actual donations so far amount to only $1.8 million, a Pinchuk foundation spokesman said, citing the impact of the 2008 financial crisis.

The Pinchuk foundation said its donations were intended to help to make Ukraine “a successful, free, modern country based on European values.” It said that if Mr. Pinchuk was lobbying the State Department about Ukraine, “this cannot be seen as anything but a good thing.”

– From the Wall Street Journal article: Clinton Charity Tapped Foreign Friends’s-deep-financial-ties-ukrainian-oligarch-who-pushed-closer-ties-e

Open letter to Janet Yellen

Dear Chairman,
I would like one member of the FOMC to take the time to tell the American public the truth about the last seven years and monetary policy.

That the sole aim was once again to bail out the insolvent institutions that continue to exist today, mainly Bank of America and Citigroup, all-the-while understanding that under the guise of QE, the Fed would directly/indirectly purchase the equities of these institutions to present this ongoing façade at the expense of the American people.

That monetary policy assisted directly in the destruction of the middle class and the wealth divide that has grown wider at any time in recent history.

That capitalism has been destroyed along with our capital markets directly due to monetary policy, no fundamental price discovery exists in regard to any asset class, and this, from the beginning was the motive. A motive which would/did allow these same insolvent institutions the ability to re-package and sell toxic garbage to yield starved investors due solely to the Central Banks around the world.

Full letter here:

TEPCO confirms almost all nuclear fuel has melted in Reactor 1

The Tokyo Electric Power Co. says almost all the nuclear fuel in one of its reactors at the Fukushima plant has melted. The discovery at Reactor 1 should help with the clean-up operation and decommissioning of the stricken nuclear power station.

The Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning (IRID) have been working since February, studying the interior of the reactor building at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

TEPCO, which is in charge of operating the plant, used cosmic rays to inspect the reactor building. By analyzing the flow of muons, which are subatomic particles generated when cosmic rays collide with the atmosphere, the utility was able to create an X-ray like image of what the inside of the reactor looks like.

US Taxpayers To Fund Ukraine Bailout With Bond Guarantee

Last week we reported that as part of the latest "check kiting" bailout scheme, Greek pensioners (and now utility companies) are being raided by the Greek government so that it can repay its debts to the IMF, which in turn would go ahead and fund a part of the recently approved $17.5 billion bailout of Ukraine, which then would have the money to pay its debts to Russia... and the IMF. And, as we also noted, "The only question is how long will it take the current puppet government to syphon off enough funds into various illegal ventures and offshore accounts before the IMF has to step back in a la Greece with bailout #2."

Turns out the answer is about a week, because as Reuters reported earlier today, CCC-rated Ukraine is preparing to issue more debt, debt with a Aa+/AAA rating because it will come with the explicit guarantee of the United States of America.

From Reuters:

The Republic of Ukraine has sent out a request for proposals (RFP) to banks for a new US government-guaranteed bond, according to three sources.
This is the second time the US government has thrown its financial backing behind a Ukrainian international bond issue.

BOO!!! 2 Lithuanian railway stations cordoned off after ‘train with Russian conscripts’ scare

Police and border guards briefly surrounded two railway stations in Lithuania’s Vilnius and Naujoji Vilnia after an alleged tip-off suggesting Russian troops were heading to the country by train, local media reported. The scare turned out to be false.

Law enforcement representatives were on high alert on Thursday after the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tipped-off security officials that there were “a lot of young men eligible for military service” heading from Russia’s Kaliningrad via Lithuania, a border official said, as cited by local media.

“That’s the reason why we heightened security. Our employees checked the train, however all passengers had valid documents, visas. We had no complaints, so we couldn’t deny entry to our territory,” a representative of the border guard, Rokas Pukinskas, told

Too many idiots and plenty of big guns.
Just need a mistake and shit is going full potato in a second

Syria Shoots Down US Drone

Perhaps it is purely a coincidence that on the day in which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which as profiled earlier is anything but) released several new YouTube clips "confirming" a poison gas chemcial attack by the Assad army had killed 6 people in the country, that several hours later a US drone was shot down by the Syrian military according to CNN, which cites Syria's SANA news agency reported Tuesday.

CNN did not report why the shooting of a US drone flying over someone else's sovereign territory - especially someone who was nearly invaded by the same US two years ago - is news: the outrage here is that the US once continues to assume it is still a unilateral world in which D.C. can invade and treat any country, especially those half way around the world, with impunity and expect zero reprisals (although Jack Lew is finally figuring out that world is changing). We await to find out. In the meantime, this is what CNN did report:

"Syrian Air Defense systems shot down a U.S. UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) north of Latakia Province," the Syrian Arab News Agency's breaking news report said.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The United States has used drones for surveillance and targeted killings, allowing missions to be carried out without risking the lives of U.S. military personnel. But it's not alone. More than 70 countries now have some type of drone, according to The New America foundation.
Moments ago the Pentagon confirmed, via Rueters, that the US had indeed lost contact with an unarmed drone aircraft flying over Syria's Latakia province. A second U.S. official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was unclear whether the aircraft was shot down and said the incident was being investigated.

Reuters also adds that it was the first such incident since the U.S.-led coalition began carrying out air strikes against ISIS last summer.

Then again, perhaps it is not a coincidence, as little by little the summer of 2015 is shaping up to be a replica of what happened two years ago. Because as every self-respecting Keynesian will admit, with Neo-Keynesian economic policy failing around the globe, only war is left as an "option."

"Most Transparent Administration Ever" Is No More: White House To Delete Its FOIA Regulations

Obama then
"We have put in place the toughest ethics and transparency laws of any administration in history."
( 1:00 min video of speech at link)

And now;

The White House said the cleanup of FOIA regulations is consistent with court rulings that hold that the office is not subject to the transparency law. The office handles, among other things, White House record-keeping duties like the archiving of e-mails.

Watch propaganda at work. Caught On Tape: State Department's Psaki Smirks About US Policy Supporting

American voters are a bunch of suckers

First Hillary, Now Chuck Hagel: Former Secretary Of Defense Also Used Private Email

According to an NBC investigation, the White House emailed former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a private email address during his time in charge of the Pentagon, according to an investigation by the News-4 I-Team.

Hagel used two separate BlackBerrys, one of which accessed a private email account and was used for at least a “limited number” of government emails, a Pentagon aide told the I-Team.

On at least one occasion, in October 2013, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough wrote to a group of US Cabinet Secretaries and copied a private address: – an email that is believed to belong to Hagel.

When asked about the Gmail account,
A spokesperson said;
“He understood the need to keep the two separate and to keep government business on his official e-mail," the spokesman said. "On some limited occasions an email may have been sent to or from the wrong account.”

Anti-Netanyahu Protest Fills Streets Of Tel Aviv As Ex-Mossad Chief Calls His US Speech "Bulls

"Calls his Congress speech bullshit"

Only a few days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from his much publicized United States trip, during which he was celebrated and drooled over by America’s top warmongers, a large protest against him erupted in the nation’s section largest city, Tel Aviv.

Just like any other country, Israel is dealing with plenty of very important domestics issues, and people are publicly questioning whether Netanyahu’s obsession with militancy, and his shameless political stunt in from of the U.S. Congress just weeks before elections back home, make his leadership questionable. Indeed, considering the remarkable lack of judgement evidenced by him back in 2002 (see: Benjamin Netanyahu in 2002 – “If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee, It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations on the Region”), one should wonder why anyone listens to him at all.

It appears “Bibi” is far more popular with crazy American neocons than he is with his own fellow citizens.

From Haaretz:
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