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If you vote for corruption, you get corruption.

And you lose any grounds to ever complain about corruption in your government. That is how it works.

No Clinton voter will ever have grounds to complain again against corruption.

UN investigating US airstrike that killed 32 civilians in Afghanistan

Another day, another war crime by the US government. Love it.

“Afghan forces and coalition troops conducted a joint operation against the Taliban insurgents. In the bombardment 30 Afghan civilians were martyred and 25 others were wounded,”

How can you not love the US for all its help

Podesta’s "She’s Acting Like A RETARD- She Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine and farts

Says she never showers.

People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury. Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.

Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an ‘odor’ lately. It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes. Outside of encouraging her to take a shower once in a while, I don’t know what to do about this. — any suggestions would be appreciated.

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