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Performing Assets Of February And 2016

Plenty of pretty graphs to show you gold is #1 with silver right behind.

It is funny how so many of you dont post in the money section.

If you had money you would most likely want to talk about it. If you thought you could some how make more, you would be asking questions or bouncing ideas off one another; but not this group.


NYTimes Editorial Board Endorses Monetary Fascism - Backs War On Cash

If you have not been paying attention, the EU voted last week to do away with the €500 note and if you are one of those still wondering if the media is the establishments mouth piece, look no further.

"the 500-euro note, and most Americans rarely encounter the $100 bill. Yet hundreds of millions of these notes are in circulation around the world, where they are often used by drug cartels, corrupt politicians, terrorists and tax cheats to evade law enforcement. That’s why officials in Europe and elsewhere are proposing to end the printing of high-denom

B-1 bombers pulled from ISIS fight

How do you spell Chicken shit pussies in Russian? I guess DC is really putting their best foot forward?

Where is the clown car to defend the New Rome?

and it aint Rt circle jerkers

CNN just said US asked Russia not to bomb areas where our special forces are training terrorists

Get them out of there

Did you know there was radioactive material in Iraq?

Because it was just stolen.

Why the fuck is there radioactive material in Iraq?

Did we bring it there?

Did we know it was there?

What the fuck do Iraqis need radioactive material for?

Is our government the most corrupt and incompetent ever?

A friend died this week.

I hate talking to some of you; but love your friends and family and look after the less fortunate.

We just lost a really good person at 43 years old this week. Focus on what is important- love some one.

"You Should Be Very Worried, You Should Be Prepared" Warns Jim Rogers


Larry Summers Launches The War On Paper Money: "It's Time To Kill The $100 B

Here we go. The EU just voted to ditch their $500 bill

Banks and governments want to control your money. They have bankrupted the world and now they are coming for the last available cash and that is ours.

Total control over you

Victoria Nuland's Appointed PM Of Ukraine Is About To Be replaced

Lololol. Obama, you fucking idiot.

Update: Ukrainian deputies collected 159 signatures, more than 150 required, which will enable them to proceed w/ no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s cabinet, lawmaker Mustafa Nayem says in Twitter. This means Yats is out.

* * *

Nearly two years after Victoria Nuland decided that "Yats" should be her puppet prime minister in Ukraine as part of the CIA-organized presidential coup, the latest embarrassment for the U.S. State Department is about to become a fact when moments ago Ukrainian billionaire president Petro Poroshenko called on Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to resign and urged the formation of a technocratic government to end a political crisis and reignite an overhaul of the economy.

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