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Hillary Lead Over Trump Surges After Reuters "Tweaks" Poll

They know she is losing ground every day so they need to adjust how they count and who they count.

Is CNN a news channel? Their ratings suck if they are

Anthony Bordain is the only thing that gives that tabloid any entertainment value. And I did better drugs than Tony

If we can be BFF's with Japan, Germany, Italy, England, Vietnam

All countries we have fought bloody wars against, why is it so hard to think that Russia and the US couldn't be friends?

Why does MSM want us to fear Russia all the time? Is it good business? is it because we can't control them like the others?

I hope a President Trump cools things down between our two countries. Obama and his propaganda media wing are fucking idiots.

CNN wants everybody to know that the Munich attack has nothing to do with Islam

Immigration, or ISIS.

Buy stocks

How many people have a lock on their front door?

Seems simple enough; you want to control who comes through your front door, for what reasons, and when.

Does that make you a racist?

Why is having a border wall racist?

Where is Hillary?

Will we ever get to see or hear from her again?
Does she do interviews anymore?
Are debates out of the question?

Amazon To Issue Student Loans To New "Prime" Shoppers

Jeff Bezos is looking out for ....?
What a great guy he is, spend money on crap from Amazon and be in debt to him for ever.
And be sure to read his propaganda at WaPo so you'll know you are exceptional and doing your American duty. It won't be long before you can buy stocks from Amazon too I'm sure. Get in now at all time highs people, you'll get free shipping

Obama Administration Explains Its Own "Plagiarism" Was Merely "Inspiration"


Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton

this was not plagiarized.

Lol. Knew it. Did Michelle Obama Also "Borrow" For Her 2008 Speech
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