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Netflix Pulls Plug On "House Of Cards" Next Season After Kevin Spacey Sex Scandal


Tony Podesta Resigns From Lobbying Group Amid Mueller Probe

I'll bet Left didn't see this coming today.

How many sex offenders, rapists, pedos, and sexual assualters do the Clintons know

Jeffery Epstein
Anthony Wiener
Kevin Spacey
Harvey Weinstein
Joe Biden

Unconfirmed yet
James Comey
John Podesta
Tony Podesta
Please feel free to add names. I'll try to keep the list current

If the FBI spent a year investigating you, what would they find?

sounds like something an oppressive government would do

Why Bitcoin can hit $25,000


UraniumGate: The Queen Bee Gets Stung By The Putin Sting

MSNBC Catches Illegals Jumping Border Fence With Mexico As It Reports On Trump's Wall

Fucking liberals.


Liar liar pants on fire Video


Boycott Israel.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

- Voltaire

How many people in Vegas had bullet wounds? Reports say 500+ injured

But reports also said over 300 people were released within the first day.

How easy is it to service gun shot wounds? Do nurses clean dress and close wounds? How many ER surgeons are available in Vegas?

Something is not adding up?
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