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Facebook censoring. Deleting accounts for Israel and US.

Israel to name Jerusalem rail station after Trump

Heads exploding 3 2 1

Voting privilege should end at retirement age. If my parents cant figure out how to work

Their smart phone or connect their cable box clearly they shouldn’t be making decisions that effect the nation.

Watching CNN for the first time in ages only because Im in Mex

And it’s the only English language channel available. It is absolutely disgusting how full of shit they are.

MSM is the enemy of the people

That is all

Was the Las Vegas attack an assissnation of the Saudi Crown Prince gone wrong

Recently, a theory was posted on 4chan which suggests that the public shooting was meant to be a distraction while an assassination attempt against Crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mahammed bin Salman was killed. The would-be assassins being other power brokers in Saudi politics and business. The attempt was apparently foiled either through swift action or dumb luck that Salman had disguised himself as a nobody and gone to a different casino. The reason the top of the Mandalay bay was chosen would have been because Salman owns the 4 seasons which occupies the top floors and was staying there at the time.

Did Fakebooks fake news patrol flag CNNs fake news?

I don’t do Fakebook so I don’t know but I’m doubting it
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