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Was Trump surveillance data captured because Obama was spying on Israel, not Russia?

The following is a theory, supported by strong circumstantial and real evidence, that the Obama administration obtained the intelligence materials being leaked about General Flynn and others within the Trump transition team in a legal matter, but disseminated illegally to the media to destroy the incoming President’s credibility.

Please note from the stories published today about the Nunes presser that most of the intercepts happened during November, December, and January which indicates that this was not given any priority until Donald Trump was elected President. What is damning about this is that there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to indicate that the comment in the Tweet above from the Nunes’ press conference supports the following:

The intercepts as noted at 6:50 in the video above “did not involve Russia nor the Russia investigation” so that leaves one nation as the primary target of Obama’s intelligence gathering efforts which apparently have been underway during the duration of his administration due to his personal disdain for one nation, its policies, and its leadership:

NSA To Provide "Smoking Gun" Proof Obama Spied On Trump

Yesterday, Republican Devin Nunez Nunes held an explosive press conference outside the White House in which he told reporters that communications from the Trump team were picked up and disseminated within the government during the 2016 campaign.

Not surprisingly, the comments ruffled some liberal feathers and the mainstream media launched an immediate smear campaign calling for Nunes to resign his post immediately.

Now, according to Fox News sources, congressional investigators expect that a potential “smoking gun” from the NSA establishing that the Obama administration spied on the Trump transition team, and possibly the president-elect himself, will be produced to the House Intelligence Committee as early as tomorrow.

The intelligence is said to leave no doubt the Obama administration, in its closing days, was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on President-elect Trump, according to sources.

The FBI hasn’t been responsive to the House Intelligence Committee’s request for documents, but the National Security Agency is expected to produce documents to the committee by Friday. The NSA document production is expected to produce more intelligence than Nunes has so far seen or described – including what one source described as a potential “smoking gun” establishing the spying.

Classified intelligence showing incidental collection of Trump team communications, purportedly seen by committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., and described by him in vague terms at a bombshell Wednesday afternoon news conference, came from multiple sources, Capitol Hill sources told Fox News. The intelligence corroborated information about surveillance of the Trump team that was known to Nunes, sources said, even before President Trump accused his predecessor of having wiretappedhim in a series of now-infamous tweets posted on March 4.

The key to that conclusion is the unmasking of selected U.S. persons whose names appeared in the intelligence, the sources said, adding that the paper trail leaves no other plausible purpose for the unmasking other than to damage the incoming Trump administration.

Has Anthony Weiner been charged for sexting a minor?

Why isn't he in jail yet? What is going on

Was it Putin's secret plan to have Trump increase our military budget by $53 billion

200,000 US Troops Deployed To 177 Nations

"In 2015, Politico estimated that there are 800 U.S. bases abroad, and that it costs up to $100 billion annually to maintain this international presence"

There is a good map and list of top 20 countries with numbers at link.

Is this a good deal for the American tax payer? Are you getting your money's worth?

When Hillary was brokering uranium deals for Russia, did she register as an agent of Russia?

I'm sure she was compensated for her work, how exactly is this different from Flynn's work?

Is the FBI investigating if the U.K. or Israel tried to influence the election and or

contacted any one from either the Trump or Clinton campaigns?

Are they investigating if any one has been paid for any work connected with the U.K. or Israeli governments?

Can the FBI and the NSA catch the person that leaked Flynn's name

How long will it take to present a suspect? Is there a list of suspects? I know if the FBI was looking for a suspected bank robber, we would be shown his face. Is anyone on a paid suspension? Somebody called or wrote or sent something to a journalist and the NSA should have a recording of everybody capable of touching the information.

Seems like this would be easy to nail down.

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto Kill Cancer Study

The Environmental Protection Agency official who was in charge of evaluating the cancer risk of Monsanto Co.’s Roundup allegedly bragged to a company executive that he deserved a medal if he could kill another agency’s investigation into the herbicide’s key chemical.

The boast was made during an April 2015 phone conversation, according to farmers and others who say they’ve been sickened by the weed killer. After leaving his job as a manager in the EPA’s pesticide division last year, Jess Rowland has become a central figure in more than 20 lawsuits in the U.S. accusing the company of failing to warn consumers and regulators of the risk that its glyphosate-based herbicide can cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“If I can kill this I should get a medal,” Rowland told a Monsanto regulatory affairs manager who recounted the conversation in an email to his colleagues, according to a court filing made public Tuesday. The company was seeking Rowland’s help stopping an investigation of glyphosate by a separate office, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, that is part of the U.S. Health and Human Service Department, according to the filing.

This Map Shows US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs

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