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Indias army chief defends soldier who used man as human shield against stone-throwers

Now that's thinking

Video at link

Iran: The Saudis did 9/11 and there are secret papers out there

Iran's Shockingly Honest Reaction To Trump's Visit To Saudi Arabia

“Trump must enter into dialogue with them about ways to prevent terrorists from continuing to fuel the fire in the region and repeating the likes of the September 11 incident by their sponsors in Western countries.”
He added:

“You will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Centre because they have papers out there that are very secret. You will find it’s the Saudis, you will find that is the case.”

For some reason, I believe him.

So Zuckerberg thinks he is running for President in 2020

He is in the news today saying Americans should have a living wage. He is currently trying to visit all the US states to better understand the country's needs.

This cannot happen. I will vote against anything he does.

US On Track To Kill More Syrian Civilians Than Russia For 5th Straight Month

Coalition-led airstrikes in Syria killed a total of 225 civilians between April 23 and May 23, the highest 30-day death toll for U.S.-led forces since the campaign began, Agence France-Presse reported. That's nearly double the number of intended targets: The U.S.-led strikes killed 122 ISIS fighters and eight fighters loyal to the Syrian government, the report said.

The rising tide of civilian deaths attributable to coalition forces suggest that May could be the fifth straight month that civilian deaths from coalition-led strikes outpace the civilian death toll from Russian forces, according to the AFP report and an analysis of data from

Of the 225 civilian deaths, reported to AFP by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 44 were children and 36 were women.

How come ISIS isn't attacking Iraqi leadership?

When was the last time ISIS hit the green zone in Baghdad?

Is this what a civil war looks like?

Will you ever get tired of being lied to?

Who doesn't understand the Petro dollar, Saudi Arabia and the US

Do you know why Gaddafi and Saddam are dead?

If nobody takes dollars any more do you know what happens?

We will have to give people something we can't print.

When did Hillary and Podesta learn about Weiner's pedophilia? Did they learn of it before the police

Why would CNN want to end the discussion before he is even sentenced? If Hillary knew of his pedo habits and didn't inform the police would that be obstruction of justice- when a child's welfare is at stake?

I'm not sure this question has been asked or answered

Was Seth Rich's murder a botched robbery? How do they know it wasn't a botched rape?

How did the police make that determination? Why isn't the D.C. Police asking the public for help? Or talking about it?

I was rear ended by a guy texting, can I sue Apple?

For those wanting to sue gun manufacturers for their guns used in crimes, is this any different?

My neighbor has a bumper sticker on his car saying Texting and driving is deadlier than drinking and driving.

If this true, don't phone companies share the responsibility for accidents?
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