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DNC Unraveling: CEO Quits After 8 Months Amid Bailing Megadonors And Cash Panic

Dumpster fire.

The Democratic National Committee has suffered yet another major setback - losing its CEO after just eight months on the job amid a massive cash crunch, the loss of a major donor, the leaking of emails which revealed rampant corruption throughout the DNC, and the still-unsolved murder of IT staffer Seth Rich.

Veteran Democrat operative Jess O'Connell left her post as CEO for personal reasons after taking on the role last May according to one DNC official, however no official reason has been given to DNC staffers.

Fitness Tracking App Accidentally Reveals Secret US Military Bases, CIA "Black" Sites


An interactive online fitness tracking map published in November of 2017 which compiles a running history of the location and routes of 27 million fitness-device users has unwittingly revealed the location, staffing, patrol routes and layout of U.S. and foreign military bases around the world.

San Francisco based fitness company Strava posted their "global heatmap" to their website, containing two years worth of fitness data across several fitness devices such as Remote locations, however, such as deserts in places like Syria and Iraq are almost entirely dark - aside from clandestine locations where military personnel using fitness trackers are stationed. Personnel in some of the US government's most sensitive facilities have been unwittingly been broadcasting sensitive information up to and including underground tunnels. Jawbone and Fitbit. The map is not live, rather, it is a composite of overlapping routes.

CNBC: McCabe is stepping down


When people say bitcoin has no value

If naysayers point out #bitcoin value is backed by nothing. Gold is backed by 10% industrial use. Here's the intangible value of our most respected companies.

How dumb are Democrats, this dumb

The most underrated fact about the drama surrounding the FBI agents' text messages is that they were discovered in an inspector general investigation launched at the behest of *Democrats* in Congress who thought the FBI was biased against Clinton

Seems like talking about it would defeat the goal

Naval Ravikant, remember this name. Video on the end of Political Elitism

I follow this guy on Twitter because of his work in the cryptos/blockchain space, but holy fuck does this man have things to offer. Seriously check him out, and if you are into cryptos you need to follow Mr. Naval. You can thank me later.


The Dems and GOP can eat two bags

Arizona is a shithole

Deal with it

For women sex videos dominate Pornhub search trends in 2017

Pornhub recorded a staggering 50,000 searches per minute on its platform in 2017 while the popularity of ‘women-friendly’ content skyrocketed by a record 1,400 percent on the adult website.
That’s a lot of self love, with 28.5 billion visitors to the site last year or a whopping 81 million people per day. Break it down further: that equates to 50,000 searches per minute or 800 searches per second. And it wasn’t just people watching. Other, more adventurous, porn enthusiasts had a go at making a bit of DIY filth – all for your viewing pleasure.

Of the 4 million videos uploaded to the platform in 2017, 810,000 were amatuer endeavors. In total, 595,482 hours of adult entertainment were uploaded which, if you started watching now, would take even the most dedicated ‘self-gratifier’ 68 years to finish.

But what did all this porn consist of, and who was watching it? One of the most interesting insights was that more people than ever before searched the ‘Porn for Women’ category.

In fact, it was the top trending search throughout the year, increasing a staggering 1,400 percent. Sex therapist, and director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, Laurie Betito reckons she knows why this is happening and the reasons may be a surprise to some.
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