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Are you scared? Are you staying home today? Are you watching the mail man?

Is this not the funniest “terror threat” ever?

How do we know it wasnt a Bernie Bro

Every single Dem and CNN colluded and conspired against Bernie to get Hillary in the White House.

Do you believe the Clintons would kill more civilians to gain power?

It looks like there are a few fake bombs

Lefty's desperation amazing. After shooting down a jet liner over Ukraine, then staging fake chem attacks in Syria, i shouldnt be surprised but this is just sick

Cant wait to vote all GOP


Do you see the postal stamp on this envelope? the one that goes over your stamp


I bet no arrest is ever made.

I want Chomo to challenge this Trump supporter to a fight


Why is FOX having Donna Brazil on as a guest speaker?

If you needed a reminder that FOX is as much a member to fake MSM as CNN is.

I find it absolutely disgusting that she is not in jail for giving debate questions to Hillary. We have wasted millions for over two years chasing the Russian narrative and what she did is 1000 times worse. How any network could still give her air time is unfathomable, unless of course, they too are co conspirators.

I couldn’t even fucking watch, I am so pissed and all I wanted was to enjoy my morning coffee

If there was one 30 second video that summed up the Hillary debacle #2

And the last 2 years of lefty fail, here you go.

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