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Just Googled Chelsea Clinton

Funny that the title says “Bill Clinton’s daughter”

Have to read down the paragraph to find shit for brains mentioned.

Even they hate her

Israel unveils 9,000-year-old NPC mask (no kidding)


You have $10,000 today for investment with a 3-5 year timeframe. Where do you put it?

Curious to hear some opinions.

Personally, I have alway been a fan of the medals and haven’t added to my pile in awhile.

Silver is looking cheap at $14.42, from its highs near $49

Bitcoin could easily drop to $3,000, sitting at $4200 now but $3600 yesterday. Picking up a 3 coins would be nice.

Feinstein on immigration.

Warzone PTSD question

I can understand if a person was drafted and forced on to the battle field they might experience PTSD but how do so many volunteers have PTSD? Did they not understand what they signed up for? Did they not understand or were they not properly prepared for war? Did they not think innocent people would be killed and cities destroyed? What exactly did they think happens in war?

3 dead Americans and 3 wounded in bomb attack in Afganistn

What freedoms of yours are being defended in this shithole?

Israeli defense minister met with Syrian rebels, former IDF commander reveals in a first

Remember this when the west complains Iran is helping Assad in Syria or rebels in Yemen.

In a bombshell admission, a former senior Israeli commander has said that former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon personally met with Syrian rebels at the height of the Syrian war.
Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen was speaking at an Israeli Democracy Institute conference when he made a stunning claim – Ya'alon, who was Israel's chief of defense from 2013 to May 2016, held a meeting with a group of Syrian rebels during his tenure. Hacohen, who was Israeli Defence Forces Staff Corps Commander before retiring in September 2014, said that he was also present at the never-before-reported meet-up

About those Paris riots

Think it is funny the media is reporting that the French police tried to protect the rich neighborhood and all the fancy boutiques and high end shops, international corporations from losses- as they fucking fleece the little people with gas taxes.

Just like here.

Where were the police to protect the tax payers from criminal politicians?

Can we get some fucking punctuation in our thread line already. Jesus fucking Christ.

Keep America Great!!! Trump 2020

“The big lesson for the Left is that while liberal disgust at Trump was a powerful driver, it isn't enough.... This is a battle of ideas, who we are and what we believe. Even if you loathe Trump and the Republicans, you know their script. Low taxes, low regulation, jobs, borders, traditional values and guns. Make America Great Again. Not one political geek in the room knew what the core positive Democrat message was, or if one even existed.”

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