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Breaking News: video evidence of Russian collusion

If the US got out of Syrian and Ukrainian internal issues, would there be hostilities with Russia?

It seems to me that all of our anti Russian hysteria and propaganda is a direct result of the US meddling in two countries that have a long history with Russia. The US can end the Cold War II, by respecting these realities, withdrawing troops and financial support, and cancel the weapons deals that force Russia into a defensive posture. We are poking the bear intentionally with absolutely zero benefit to the American tax payer.

Were there security cameras inside the school? Has the media asked to see them?

Strange they would be suing to have access of the cameras OUTside but no one seems to want to see what happened inside.

The first ever murder (with a gun) in the New World was in 1630

On a d­ay late in Sep­tember 1630, John Billington -- an original Plymouth colonist, a landowner, a father to two sons, a signatory of the Mayflower Compact -- stood with a noose around his neck. He was sentenced to hang. When he died that day, John Billington left behind a legacy of grim historic firsts for the New World.

John Billington was the first person to commit a crime in the colony. He had the dubious honor of being the first European to be convicted of murder in this new place. And he was the first to be executed by the state in the New World.

Earlier that same year, John Billington shot a young man named John Newcomen, who had recently migrated to Plymouth. Billington “waylaid” the man and shot him in the woods. Governor William Bradford, in his historical treatise “Of Plymouth Colony 1620 - 1647,” doesn't mention the reason for the shooting .

T­he hanging death of Billington was a result of a long, tense history between his family and the Puritan leaders. The Billingtons (John, his wife Eleanor and sons, John and Francis) were part of the Strangers -- a group of people who came to America on the Mayflower with the rigidly pious Separatist Puritans.

And yet even a 150 years later our founding fathers still understood that the citizens need to have access to guns.

Good doggie. Think you can out run a police dog?

Good luck.

Michael Wolff Busted Faking Earpiece Malfunction During Question About Trump Affai

There goes another MSM narrative, as they are eating their own. Priceless videos in link. He should be tarred and feathers and then lit on fire.

Weapons of War you say? How many 10 round semi auto M&P 15 with bullet buttons

Are currently being used on the battle fields of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya?

Given the choice, is the semi auto “AR” the first choice of war fighters around the world?

Seems like it would be everyone’s first choice no?

Two women defend themselves with a gun against a robber

I was watching an MSM segment on Gates and Manafort

And I think the media hopes most Americans don’t know that Ukraine isn’t Russia and in fact they are ingagedvin armed conflict, but that’s another fake MSM narrative we can discuss later.

Woman drives van into White House barrier

You know what to do, ban vans and women drivers
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