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White Helmets 'MI-6 Co-Founder' Found Dead In Turkey

Fell off his roof. Hehehehe

MI-6 Connection tells you everything about those academy award winners. Hollywood is deep state, deep state are terrorists, MSM is the enemy of the people, Americans are suckers

Global Debt Tops $188,000,000,000,000 Officially The Biggest Debt Bubble The World Has Ever Seen


For the last 2 1/2 years liberals have claimed its the white mans fault.

Now MSM is claiming old white corrupt establishment man is going to be their nominee.

In other news: Tulsi is a minority, a woman, a combat vet, anti war, and not a single scandal.

Could liberals be bigger frauds?

Why didnt Obama drone HSBC when they were caught laundering cartel money?



Deal with it!

Watch lady Trump supporter tell Beta he is bullshit and liberals failed the urban cities under their

Control for decades. Priceless

You're Bull*hit Beto!" O'Rourke Flattened By Female Trump Supporter In Viral Pro-Gun Rant

Video in middle of article

Why is Israel closing all embassies and consulates world wide?

They say it is a funding issue. How does that even make sense?
Do they know something is about to happen?
Is a false flag attack in our future?

What does Clapper, Brennan and Comey have in common?

They are paid employees of CNN

Did women destroy the DNC?

They ran the DNC for Hillary, they have been in charge for years, who else can you blame?

So what quid pro quo did Obama offer the Kurds?

Everybody is so sad we are leaving the Kurds to fight the Turks, what did Obama promise them?
Did he guarantee an independent state, did he say we would station troops in a sovereign Syria permanently to defend them?

What was the deal we are breaking? Did congress approve it?
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