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Lawsuit for American Troops KIA in Afghanistan, claim US companies were paying Taliban

To buy security.

Sounds like American CEO’s we’re supporting terrorism to make a few bucks

War is a Racket

Are we really going to pay to fight for the stars?

Companies want to mine the universe and make gazillions of space bucks, how much are you willing to part with to fund this venture?

Will your great great grand kids be educated enough, healthy enough, employed enough to buy a space gold necklace?

During the debate, Yang said he was the only person of color on stage

Why didn’t Warren correct him?

Black Market Vapor related deaths are on the rise,

In some states, Pot taxes can amount to 25% of the costs forcing many middle and low income citizens to turn to the black market. Will states end taxing pot products making them more price competitive to black market products and more accessible to poorer communities?

My guess is they will need a new tax, for the new Vapor Force every Governor, Mayor and Police Chief will now declare we need to combat the black market, and of course we will need a new tax as we will need new jails to house these chronically ill poor people.

Did conservative voters really want sweaty Marco Rubio

Or dip shit Jeb, but the Russians tricked us into voting for Trump?

Honest question here about tonights debate

Which ones got the questions ahead of time?

And why do all of them look terrified?

Warren said her 3 brothers served in the military


Is debate moderator wearing a H pin, a subtle Hillary plug, or is it

A puzzle piece, because it’s kids hour?

Update: I was physically assaulted at work today by Mayor Willie Brown

And then slandered to co workers because he didn’t get what he thought he deserved.

"You Should Go To Fuc*in' Jail": Chaos Ensues As Schiff Accused Of 'Treason' At California Event

Hehehehe, the patriot is famous now.

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