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Watch Russian Su-27 fend off F-15 in a daring maneuver mid-air

Blowing up shit with your tax dollars. Testing weapons video in HD

They Shall Not Grow Old


Warning: Toxic masculinity

The add Gillette could show

Were there more FBI agents arresting Stone than we had soldiers taking down Osama in Pakistan?

just heard that on FOX

After 12 weeks of yellow vest protests, isnt it clear we need to consider

a military option for France? Is it time to recognize the opposition as the rightful leaders of the French people?

John Williams: "The Fed Will Crash Markets & The Dollar"

"That was foreign capital which was significant fleeing our markets. So if the Fed continues to raise interest rates, and they want to do and they still don’t have rates where they want them, it’s going to intensify the economic downturn. That’s going to hit the stock market. If they stop raising rates . . . and they have to go back to some sort of quantitative easing, that’s going to hit the dollar hard. Foreign investors are going to say the dollar is going to get weaker and let’s get out of the dollar. Then, you are going to see heavy selling in the stock market.

So either way they go, they created a conundrum for themselves because of the way they bailed out the banking system (in 2008-2009). At this point they don’t have an easy way out of this.”

Stone arrest, Russian hackers and Wikileaks and collusion

From what I understand from his arrest and the many talking heads on MSM, Russian hackers accessed the DNC emails, gave them to Wikileaks, and Stone reached out to Assange.

I’m no lawyer but it would seem the government will now have to prove in court, and under cross examination that it was Russian hackers and not a DNC insider.

I can already imagine our gov will claim it can’t disclose how it knows it was Russian hackers or how they know they were affiliated with Putin and or the Kremlin, but they will have to refute the many groups that have already determined it could not have been Russian hackers- download size, time stamps, and such.

The truth is out there, and maybe it was Russian hackers, but Wikileaks does know how they got them and from whom.

Remember, this arrest is about lying to Congress and the FBI, what happens if it is discovered the FBI or people in Congress are lying?

Equal Rights part 2- feel good video

Is it against the law to contact wikileaks or talk to Julian Assange?

I’m listening to Bloomberg spin the Stone arrest but have me scratching my head. I understand he is accused of lying to Congress about his contacts with Wikileaks, but Bloomberg seems to think that the act of contacting Assange or Wikileaks is somehow a crime.

When they NY times prints illegally obtained leaks or documents, are they committing crimes by reporting it?

They are trying to say because a couple of Russian hackers gave Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks, and since Stone investigated the leads and reached out to WL, Stone is now colluding with Russia.

What am I missing
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