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Will the US stage fake gas attacks in Venezuela?

Unfortunately for the US, Isreal isn’t next door to Venezuela to help facilitate a regime change; what will have to happen to manufacture a redline worthy of a tomahawk strike and boots on the ground.

India vs Pakistan, where do we go from here?

Place your bets folks

Has Bernie ever made a public statement about CNN giving Hillary debate questions?

Has he ever address this fact and would he bring it up if Hillary crawls out of the woods to three-peat ?

Curious to hear whether he thinks a crime was committed

Should Hillary have to explain what happened before she is allowed attend another presidential debate?

Do 9/ 11 survivors deserve lifetime compensation from tax payer money

Didn’t survivors and families get a payout already from donations and such?

How do they determine who is a survivor?

Why not every soldier, sailor, marine and airman that survived the last 18 years of combat, and to the families of those that were killed in action?

Oscars tribute to RGB is so pathetic. She must be close to the end

For all the ass sucking lately by liberal MSM

Saudi Arabia will begin teaching Chinese in all schools.

Chinese to invest $10 billion into refineries. Do you think the Chinese will be using US dollars to buy Saudi oil? Venezuela is all about oil (and gold) as our governement has stated, is the Petro dollar under attack? Russian Saudi and Venezuelan oil with a Chinese consumer and no US dollars used.

The Petro dollar collapse is picking up steam and a direct threat to national security, world order, and the global economy.

Is it time for regime change in Saudi Arabia too?

Peshwa Warrior Trump!!!!! Oh wow


Leaving 400 troops in Syria sets up a nice false flag

I wonder if those troops know they are bait and will be sacrificed for a war with Iran and Assad

Video of another lefty heading to jail. See ya sucker

Yahoo is posting a guide to safer sex positions with PC SJW


Commenters not pleased
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