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What happened to the Virginian Racists and rapist?

Gunslinger just reminded me how quickly MSM dropped the story

Wondering Biden’s thoughts of the white male racists in Virginia, and his thoughts on sexual predators too?


Is this site under attack? Seems very slow this morning


Mueller is lying about the Hillary hack, the Russians, and Wikileaks

And I believe the truth will still come out.

Full liberal retard Im guessing

Hacking and dropping Acid is not the story here folks, Reuters shelving the story

To protect a candidate should be all anyone is talking about.

Isnt it a well know practice among school boards to pass troubled kids

In order to move them on to the next grade and or graduate them out of the school?

What is missing from the shooter story?

Video cuts out so we don’t see the end of his rampage, how did it end?

Reports are 3 men and 1 woman in custody. When did they encounter police? Where were encountered? Was there a firefight? Did they surrender? Are there reports of police firing weapons? Any injuries to perps or cops?
Haven’t seen any clips of arrest location or second mosque or them in the back of a police car or a crazed media mobbing the jail house holding them.

Media seems to be reporting on this only because they have to.

How come when ISIS films an attack, their videos are never scrubbed from the internet

But this video seems to have just disappeared. liveleak has been acting strange since it was posted there, even though it is not accessible any more

If Colleges were to become free as some have suggested, will more parents be forced to pay

or cheat their kids into elite schools as competition increases? San Francisco City College became a tuition free Junior College to all SF residents, and now classes are impossible to enroll in.

If tuition was not an factor when deciding on your kids school, wouldn't everybody apply to all the elite universities? Competition at Harvard and Yale would sky rocket

Will parents go directly to teachers in order to get their kid a seat in class.
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