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Breaking news alert:

David Hogg survived the Battle of Winterfell

Your lefty government wants your tax dollars to fight global warming

Meanwhile the rest of the world lives on

How do higher oil prices hurt Iran?

Maybe they sell less because of sanctions but if the price doubles, wait for it, they can afford to sell less.

And how does that help American consumers?

Game of thrones and the War on men

As I was watching the 1st episode of the final season I couldn’t help but notice the amount of main male characters that have no balls. Now I understand that throughout history there are several cultures that castrated young men to serve in certain roles, but I don’t think it is an accident that 3 of the main characters don’t have balls.

Is this Hollywood’s way of creating equality, making men, well, less of a man?

Is the answer to “toxic masculinity” to cut balls?

The war on men is real

Fuel tard

Is having a sad?

Can i get an itemized list of the things Russia did to interfere with our election

Every time a MSM talking head mentions the Mueller report, they always seem to add "its a fact" Russia meddled.

What are the facts and where is the evidence that backs them up?

Watch Candace Owens destroy Democrats in congressional hearing

Video of Mexican Trump supporter assaulted by Rachel Madcow look alike

Watch Ukraine President get assassinated by an egg and faint

What does Biden bring to the table? What is his appeal to voters? What are his policies?

What is the career political record that he will present to the voters as a selling point?

The DNC and MSM need him to maintain the status quo, but how is he better or different than the rest of the clown car?

When 2020 rolls around there will be a class of voters that werent alive for 9/11 and they dont know him as anyone other than the old white rich Creepy Uncle Joe.

Why would a millennial vote for him?
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