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Name: Mike
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US Navy Retired, Aerospace worker. All around good Dude. Eternal Foe of the work ethic

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Gary Burns Secret Service Agent on Hillary

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Sat Oct 1, 2016, 10:47 AM (4 replies)

Bill Clinton is an idiot

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Sat Oct 1, 2016, 06:02 AM (20 replies)

Hillary has a Campaign Hat now also

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Fri Sep 30, 2016, 04:06 PM (16 replies)

Can't run the Country on Unicorn Farts

Sierra Club: No Gas, No Coal, No Nukes; Lansing Utility: No Lights then

General manager: 'I’ve given up trying to talk to them'

The Sierra Club has adopted a position that would effectively require all electricity in Michigan to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar. This appears to have caused a rift between the environmentalist organization and Lansing’s public utility over the replacement of a coal-fired power station set to close in 2020.

The Sierra Club opposes building a natural-gas powered plant to replace the coal-fired plant, the utility says.

“I’ve given up trying to talk to them,” said Dick Peffley, the general manager of Lansing’s Board of Water and Light.

The Sierra Club supported a natural-gas plant the utility built three years ago. But according to Peffley, it is now opposed to all nonrenewable forms of energy, including nuclear, coal and natural gas.

“They (Sierra Club) believe all energy that will be lost can be replaced by renewables or energy efficiency,” Peffley said. “You can’t supply energy that way. With only wind and sun, this country will be black.”

Sierra Club spokesman Brad Van Guilder didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.

Sydney Morning Herald:

South Australia pays the price for heavy reliance on renewable energy

Hard on the heels of a “near miss” in July when it narrowly averted widespread blackouts, South Australia was warned on Wednesday night to prepare for an extended loss of electricity in the wake of wild weather. . .

In an unprecedented development, the state was cut-off from the national electricity network, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) said “resulting in a state-wide power outage in South Australia”. As a result, the entire electricity market in the state had been suspended as it sought to work with electricity transmission company ElectraNet “to identify and understand the severity of the fault, as well as determine a power restoration time”.

The extensive disruption follows the narrow avoidance of widespread blackouts in South Australia in July. At that time, the state government brought pressure to bear on a local power company for an idled power station to be restarted to avoid potential disruptions, following a lack of electricity generated from wind and solar sources at a time when it was unable to “import” sufficient supply from Victoria.

But Wednesday’s event will trigger renewed debate over the state’s heavy reliance on renewable energy which has forced the closure of uncompetitive power stations, putting the electricity network in South Australia under stress.
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Fri Sep 30, 2016, 10:49 AM (15 replies)

Think Different

I LIKE it!
Posted by Gunslinger201 | Fri Sep 30, 2016, 08:15 AM (4 replies)

Democrats, PLEASE tell me you don't approve

restore my faith in humanity

Convicted felons serving jail sentences in California county jails will now get to participate in an activity besides three meals a day and recreation time: votingin elections.

Governor Jerry Brown signed new legislation into effect as part of a reform backers say will help prisoners transition back into society while still serving time for their crimes.

The bill he signed would let thousands of felons doing time in county jails to vote in California elections, the LA Times reported.

The new law also reinstates eligibility to vote for those ex-prisoners on probation or being kept under community supervision starting next year.

The new law takes effect January 1, so will have no impact on this November's elections.

The once proud Democrat Party is becoming the Party of Criminals, Leeches, Terrorists and Looney tunes, all the REAL Working People have gone over to Trump

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Fri Sep 30, 2016, 05:56 AM (11 replies)

Michele Obama says Hillary bad role model

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Thu Sep 29, 2016, 03:36 PM (8 replies)

Please keep internet speech free

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Thu Sep 29, 2016, 03:17 PM (8 replies)

Nothing sneaky here, nope

I’m going to detail facts, you can draw your own conclusions.

When Hillary first arrived at Hofstra, the first person she sidled up to was NBC employee George Lewis

They engage in some private conversation.

Immediately after the debate, George Lewis, Hillary’s greeter, becomes fixated on Hillary’s podium.

Lewis, ostensibly not a member of Clinton’s team, within seconds of the conclusion of the debate takes Hillary’s notepad off the podium.

But he’s not done. Moments later he doubles back, notepad in hand, and becomes obsessed with something else in the podium. He looks a bit sneaky.

He doesn’t quite get what he’s trying to get.

He gets scared away by a photographer and nonchalantly walks away.

A woman who was always lurking in the background, watching George Lewis’s movements, almost like a lookout, makes eye contact with Bill Clinton and says something to him.

Clinton Whispers back

Immediately following this brief conversation Bill takes Hillary’s hand and, oddly, leads her back toward the podium.

The Clinton’s and their entourage form a weird scrum and surround the podium. George Lewis reappears.

Lewis bends into the podium, while the woman looks to see if he’s accomplished what they’ve set out to accomplish.

Lewis is taking a box from the podium, shielded by this weird scrum. (I brightened the screen capture so you could see.)

Note the woman’s suspicious and guilty look. The entourage exits the stage after their bizarre detour.

This happened.

It looked suspicious.

It looked weird and sneaky.

Decide for yourself what an NBC employee is doing for the Clintons.

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Thu Sep 29, 2016, 01:51 PM (34 replies)

Did Hillary use notes AND a Teleprompter during debate

No wonder she looked so prepared

Trump cleaned her Clock at the Matt Lauer debate so now they have to prop her up

Posted by Gunslinger201 | Thu Sep 29, 2016, 10:43 AM (17 replies)
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