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264B Trump friend/crony Tom Barrack CEO Colony Capital bails out Harvey Weinstein Company

This is quite interesting, watching this closely.

Trump/Harvey/Tom Barrack CEO of Colony Cap/Bannon OH MY!!!

(not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 BUT 6 degrees of GUILTY IMHO

this makes ones mind reel in the implications...
Will the other board members especially Harvey Weinstein's brother who knew what Harvey was doing
just attempt to cover it all up under a new name???

Enquiring Minds want to know.
Colony Capital, founded by Tom Barrack, has agreed to immediately provide cash to the film studio, according to a statement Monday. No other details of the talks were disclosed. A deal would give the investment firm a stake in shows such as “Project Runway”
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Oct 16, 2017, 12:55 PM (12 replies)

263C- Thank you Germany! Germany Hertha takes a knee in solidarity with NFL players

and in another major loss for Donald trump, the NFL commish has backed off it's threats he/they made on players and fans in the stadium and is not mandating players stand.

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sun Oct 15, 2017, 01:18 AM (22 replies)

263B-Hillary -Look, we just elected Donald Trump who admitted sexual assault to the presidency.

Hillary talking about Donald Trump in an interview-

“Look, we just elected Donald Trump who admitted sexual assault to the presidency.”
— Hillary Clinton, in an interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 News, when asked about assault allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

photo from tonight where she received an honorary doctorate -
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sun Oct 15, 2017, 12:28 AM (48 replies)

Day261B Article- Advisers Fear Trump is Unstable and Unraveling.

Advisers Fear Trump Is ‘Unstable’ and ‘Unraveling’

Several people close to President Trump have told Gabriel Sherman that the president is “unstable,” “losing a step,” and “unraveling.”
“The conversation among some of the president’s longtime confidantes, along with the character of some of the leaks emerging from the White House has shifted. There’s a new level of concern.”
“In recent days, I spoke with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods. Trump’s ire is being fueled by his stalled legislative agenda and, to a surprising degree, by his decision last month to back the losing candidate Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary.”
Said one person: “Alabama was a huge blow to his psyche. He saw the cult of personality was broken.”

full article-here-

for this thread- an older political cartoon-
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Oct 11, 2017, 05:04 PM (6 replies)

260H-What Connection does Trump (inc) & Harvey. have to Pam BONDI & Cyrus Vance Jr?



and don't forget about the Florida REPUBLICAN AG PAM BONDI



Is my eyesight good (it's 20/20) and as Johnny Nash (not Cash) sang
"I can see clearly now"

no wonder OKeefe released another of his fake news thingys because they realize they
need to get the Harvey story out of the news as the #1 person it affects is indeed GUESS WHO
(these eyes are crying, these eyes that seen a lot of ....(cue in the (C) GUESS WHO)

for this thread-

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Tue Oct 10, 2017, 05:08 PM (7 replies)

Day 260 Politics and Sports, and the special monopoly/anti-trust rules baseball/football has

Something I read the other day should be shocking in its meaning-

I was reading an opinion piece fun article on Bartolo "the big sexy" Colon, the current Minnesota Twin pitcher whom I like watching, and on the bottom of the page, it stated
(not word for word, no link as I can't remember which article it was)

"that this article did NOT need the permission of MLB (Major League Baseball),"
and it reminded me why I stopped reading most articles (newpapers, mags, and on line) about sports decades ago -

because the articles are all fake news, done from the "owners" point of view only, or the
baseball commissioner, or football commissioner or whatever and that they needed permission for every word they wrote.

And I realized that it goes back at least as far back as Dick Young writing for NY dallies in the 1960s/70s,
who were able to make/break a player if the player "didn't play ball".

It's all propaganda by the "owners". (I detest the word owners as it conjures up slavery, and it reminds one of the special monopoly/collusion/anti-trust rules that owners have that no other biz is allowed(or supposed) to have, (however the oil /gas companies also have that collusion). And reminds me why government is involved in sports, so
sport issues are political issues.

and may the peaceful protests continue unabated.

After all, many asked Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks to stand up too, and by sitting, she indeed took a stand.

As did track and field legends Tommy Smith and John Carlos, in what is my favorite Olympic moment of all time.

as Neil Armstrong stated, (though Michael Collins is my favorite astronaut (and most important astronaut),of all time),
"It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

this is my opinion.
and I look forward for Colon pitching in 2018.

note-edited to add-
wiki for federal anti-trust exemption for baseball

football and other sports-

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Oct 9, 2017, 04:52 AM (1 replies)

LOL...Mike Pence is a LIFETIME fan of a team from Baltimore ???

Mike Pence is almost 60.
Sure, I can see him as a kid bicycling each week to the Stadium to see the Colts
(all 620 miles each way).

My favorite Colt moment was in the greatest super bowl of all time
Super Bowl 3 when Matt Snell and Joe Namath and George Sauer and Don Maynard and Randy Rasmussen and Larry Gratham and and the NY Jets defeated the Colts in the greatest game of all time.

The party of austerity wasting my taxpayer money to transport Pence, who is working on the tax payer dime,
for a pre-arranged photo op knowing he would walk in and walk out

Though Robert and Rebekah Mercer or the Koch Brothers(Pence's owners who placed him), probably don't mind. Perhaps they can repay the American tax payer.

It reminds me, the greatest Football owner of all time, Leon Hess (with Sonny W. until 68)(NY Jets), gave us the Hess Trucks.
In a few weeks, now only on the net, one can order the new one (the 44th to be revealed Nov.1)

(note- for those that don't know, the Colts in the dead of night moved from Baltimore to their present location
in 1984, Pence would have been approx. 25 at the time, so his team almost certainly was not the Colts).

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Oct 9, 2017, 03:30 AM (0 replies)

Day356 Paper towels...Really??? Is trump channeling Rosie or Marie Antoinette?

So Mary Antoinette told the people she despised "Let them eat cake"

trump though is actually channeling -
Rosie (aka Nancy Walker in the Bounty commercials to use "the quicker picker-upper" to sop up spills.
by flingling packages of paper towels

how vile.
but I guess all those years watching tv

for this thread-

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Oct 4, 2017, 05:30 PM (6 replies)

Day 255- Thank you My President, President Obama for putting people first. Will help enroll ACA

what with donald unfit illegit bigly abject failure trump attempting to sabotage the ACA (Obamacare)
My President, President Obama and supporters of the ACA are setting up to help enroll people who might be shut out with the curtailing of hours under trump (trumpdontcare) and the shorter time frame, to the ACA

A real President. My President.

Much kudo's to President Obama.

and wouldn't a great ticket for 2020 be Obama/Biden2020
Sounds good to me.


for this thread-
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Oct 4, 2017, 05:19 PM (7 replies)
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