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Working to keep the agenda of President Obama forever. Michelle, Kamala, Cory, Deval, Eric, Elizabeth, Sheryl, Cecile, Elijah,John Lewis, Dr King, LBJ. And a woman shall lead us. "Doesn't matter I I'm not enough, for the future or the things to come"(C)EG)."There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"(c)Leonard Cohen, anthem

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My President, President Obama to donald trump- THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET (314 24b)

it's no wonder trump was a yellow belly chicken who knew better than to run against My President President Obama in 2008 and 2012
President Obama has 100 million and Donald has 44 (and how many of them are Putin bots? or work
with Roger Stone (who is and has been fakewiki) (If wiki ever existed that was real, those days are long gone)


President Obama said he sees people getting in trouble for their tweets, and says they should follow the old advice of thinking before you speak: "Think before you tweet," Obama said. "Same principle."
He said social media is a powerful tool, for both good and ill. "And look, I've got 100 million Twitter followers. I actually have more than other people who use it more often."
(For the record, Obama has 97 million Twitter followers and Trump has 44 million).
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Fri Dec 1, 2017, 10:39 AM (2 replies)

306-16c Trump Soho failing miserably,Putin of all-Mueller looking into it

(c) votemaster @ that allows complete posting of any article on their site
as long as it is (c)credited and a link back provided

The Trump SoHo building in New York City is one of many construction projects where non-Trump developers paid to use the Trump name. It's been a real headache for the Trumps; see if you can guess why:
1.It's been losing money hand-over-fist ever since it opened
2.Celebrities, like LeBron James, have publicly embarrassed The Donald by refusing to stay there
3.It's been connected to shady associates of Vladimir Putin
4.It's been linked to a bribery scandal involving Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz
5.It's gotten the Trumps sued multiple times
6.Misleading claims they made about the building almost led Ivanka and Donald Jr. to be charged with felony fraud

The answer, of course, is all of the above. Presumably, that is why the Trump Organization has agreed to be bought out of their contract with the building, such that both the payments to the Trumps and the Trump branding will come to an end next month.

That solves the Trumps' problems going forward. On the other hand, it doesn't fix what's already happened there. And Robert Mueller has already taken a great interest in what's already happened there. So, the family isn't going to be able to put Trump SoHo in the rearview mirror quite yet. (Z)
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Nov 23, 2017, 07:50 AM (3 replies)

306-16 IMPEACH TRUMP This is cool, and love the sign location

for this thread-

like the song said
Signs signs everywhere a sign

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Nov 23, 2017, 07:34 AM (30 replies)

306-16 Putin has leverages of pressure over trump
(second link at above link on vanity fair)

An Israeli source told Vanity Fair about a meeting between a small group of Mossad officers and other Israeli intelligence officials at CIA headquarters just weeks before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

“The meeting proceeded uneventfully; updates on a variety of ongoing classified operations were dutifully shared. It was only as the meeting was about to break up that an American spymaster solemnly announced there was one more thing: American intelligence agencies had come to believe that Russian president Vladimir Putin had ‘leverages of pressure’ over Trump, he declared without offering further specifics.”
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Nov 23, 2017, 07:11 AM (15 replies)

Day 305-15 stat of the day- the Democratic party won landslide women's vote in 2016

and Donald trump is unfit, illegit, an abject failure and lost a landslide popular vote in 2016

interesting stat of the day
Thanksgiving Eve Nov.22 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to My President (s) Barack and Michelle Obama.
"being hopeful does not mean you're happy all the time. It's not an ultimatum."(c)JB2017
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Nov 22, 2017, 01:27 PM (23 replies)

Day299 NED9 Sounds like Shep Smith refuses to drink Fox's Kool-Aid

watch the whole video and see how Sean Hannity's conspiracy theory is 100% debunked by Fox's Shep Smith.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith debunked what his own network has called the Hillary Clinton uranium scandal,infuriating Fox viewers, some of whom suggested that he ought to work for CNN or MSNBC, the Washington Post reports.
(video in link and also found here-

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Nov 15, 2017, 11:43 PM (5 replies)

296b-NewEraDay9 Tax Bill Faces Uncertainty in the Senate

so it now comes out among other things that the tax cut for those in the lower & the middle class
are only temporary, but the ones for the richest of the rich and business are forever

isn't that quaint...

but, will it pass ...Ron Johnson is a definite no.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) may not be the only GOP senator to pull support from his party’s tax bill, the New York Times reports.
“Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Bob Corker of Tennessee and John McCain of Arizona have voiced their own concerns and refused to say whether they would ultimately vote for the tax bill.”
“With the House expected to pass its tax legislation, the fate of the overhaul fell into the hands of Republican senators, who grappled with the dangerous political prospects of passing a bill that critics said could undermine the health care system and favored companies over the middle class.”
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Nov 15, 2017, 10:45 PM (2 replies)

299 NED9 Republican Jeff Sessions can't remember aka the last time he told the truth

cue in Paul Anka's " Do you remember, the times of your life"

lying to quaint of Jeff Sessions, who still gets nervous when the Honorable former DA, and now Democratic Senator Harris and others are nearby.

Reminder of Democratic Senator Harris asking questions back in June and Republican Jeff Sessions getting
sweaty and nervous and hemming and hawing -

and note in both, he couldn't hide his lying eye. (that icky habit of the battle of his eyes- that one eye gives him away while the other one attempts not to.)

Donald Trump's House of Cards has fallen and it can't get up

Nov. 15, 2017

for this thread-

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Wed Nov 15, 2017, 10:34 PM (3 replies)

Day297 NewEraDay7 Republicans Are In Big Trouble with Women

Ya think? I agree with this 100%.
Republicans Are In Big Trouble with Women

(note- some of the posts on Politicalwire are for members only, of whichI am not a member so I only see the headline)
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Nov 13, 2017, 09:43 AM (11 replies)

295 New Era Day5- meanwhile...Republicans McConell & Ryan admit to LYING

They both outright admitted to lying about ones taxes that are going to go up if one is not a mega-rich
person(then they will go down bigly time)

as did Jeff (a smart women made him nervous when he couldn't answer questions that he now says oops he also lied) Sessions and Carter Page


Not to mention the Republicans are at war with each other, and once again have failed to meet
the Friday deadline.

Not one legislative agreement
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sat Nov 11, 2017, 05:23 PM (20 replies)
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