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Working to keep the agenda of President Obama forever. Michelle, Kamala, Cory, Deval, Eric, Elizabeth, Sheryl, Cecile, Elijah,John Lewis, Dr King, LBJ. And a woman shall lead us. "Doesn't matter I I'm not enough, for the future or the things to come"(C)EG)."There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"(c)Leonard Cohen, anthem

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Congratulations to Justice Ginsburg (clerked up for 2 more years now) & Justice Kennedy

Justice Ginsburg announced her hiring clerks for both the Oct. 2018-June 2019, AND the Oct. 2019- June 2020

Justice Kennedy announced already he has hired the full # of clerks for the entire Oct. 2018- June 2019 session

They ain't going to be retiring.

(Now it is possible Clarence Thomas will go. Wouldn't it be something if Anita Hill replaces Thomas
upon his retirement. That would be Justice.

But Congratulations to both Justice Ginsburg and Justice Kennedy

BTW- I am sure Justice Ginsburg and Justice Kennedy both know ALL the words to the National Anthem.
Seemed from what I saw in clips as I did not watch the football game (I was watching the Good Doctor
and something else after) but it seems trump does not know the words to the National Anthem.

What a beautiful day it is.
Happy Tuesday
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Tue Jan 9, 2018, 07:10 AM (22 replies)

OPRAH 2020


How cool would that be!
Perhaps she would get up to 87% of the vote
don's 13% core voters of course will always be his

Oprah / Michelle Obama or
How about Oprah/Kamala Harris or Oprah/ Deval or Oprah/Booker or Oprah/Gillibrand
or Oprah/Sheryl or Oprah/Cecile or Oprah/Doug Jones

or perhaps Oprah/Dana Gresham might be the perfect ticket

that's my opinion.

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Jan 8, 2018, 04:14 AM (42 replies)

Why is Putin looking to expand his realm? Because-

Russia doesn't actually have any goods or anything industry at all.

Putin has seen to it that he left Russia with nothing that anyone wants, so he needs other places to
pilfer what is theirs.

China on the other hand, has much to offer.

So in a battle between China and Russia, Putin will be toast. He doesn't have the wherewithall to achieve anything.

After all, he was single focused after Gorby gave the people freedom. He behind the scenes helped install a corrupt inebriated temp leader (B.Y.) then easily replaced him and took power and made sure there were
no challengers.

I am surprised in the latest polling, that Putin doesn't have 110%.

All bluster, but he has no resources at hand, so he needs other land/people.

that is my take on the world situation.

Everything else is just noise.

and there are no rights in Russia for anyone not Putin. No rights for minorities. No rights for Gays.
No rights for Jews. No rights for women. Just all Putin all the time.

that is my opinion.
had the USSR not broken up by Gorby, Putin never would have become leader.
It took being just a sliver of the USSR to achieve it.
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Jan 1, 2018, 08:29 AM (10 replies)
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