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Working to keep the agenda of President Obama forever. Michelle, Kamala, Cory, Deval, Eric, Elizabeth, Sheryl, Cecile, Elijah,John Lewis, Dr King, LBJ. And a woman shall lead us. "Doesn't matter I I'm not enough, for the future or the things to come"(C)EG)."There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"(c)Leonard Cohen, anthem

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Actually Warren the other day said different, and Warren has never said never for 2020

but first Warren needs to win re-election

I think Bernie is going to endorse Kamala Harris if Warren does not run.

It's too bad Alexandria isn't older. I feel she should give the keynote at this convention, like President Obama
did in 2003( I was already for him much earlier that year and knew he would be President one day).

And the Democratic President in 2020 should put her on some choice committees.

I feel Alexandria could be the next Obama, the next Kennedy.

Now if we can get Lin Manuel Miranda to run for office or be drafted
Perhaps after he stages a new version of "Camelot" ???

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Jun 28, 2018, 11:19 AM (0 replies)

NY Times fact check- trump told LIES about the JAILING OF PAUL MANAFORT

Key Moments in trump’s Interview on ‘Fox and Friends,’ With Fact Checks
Fact Check: False.
Paul Manafort was very much a part of the Trump campaign. He joined the campaign on March 28, 2016, was promoted to campaign chairman in May 2016 and resigned on August 19, 2016. That’s a total of 144 days, not 49 days.
Also contrary to the president’s claims, the charges brought against Mr. Manafort by the special counsel also span the time he worked for the Trump campaign. The indictment against Mr. Manafort and his protégé, Rick Gates, accuses them of serving as unregistered agents of Ukraine from at least 2006 to 2016 and laundered payments through American and foreign entities “from approximately 2006 through at least 2016.” They also made false and misleading statements to the Justice Department between Nov. 23, 2016, and Feb. 10, 2017.
Mr. Manafort on Friday was sent to jail to await trial after prosecutors accused him of witness tampering.
‘It’s a very unfair situation’
“Look, you have 13 angry democrats. There are — I call them 13 angry Democrats and others worked for Obama for eight years. I mean they have no Republicans, you have no — it’s a very unfair situation.”

Fact Check: False.
Mr. Trump is wrong that there are no Republicans working on the special counsel’s Russia investigation. Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel himself, is a registered Republican.
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sat Jun 16, 2018, 12:25 AM (6 replies)

So now trump that is BFFs w/ Kim, trump brushes off atrocities of a lifetime

atrocities of kim
like he did to his owner, Putin
like he did neo-Nazi's
like he did to other vile dictators and authoritarians and abuses

yet thinks Hillary is the worst person in the history of the world just because she is a she and she defeated him in a landslide in the popular vote. (and trump got even lower % of voters by far, than Mitt Romney did).

and like a true bully, he says these nice things to the face of the vile leaders who commit atrocities probably every single day of the year but resorts to tweets to put down all of Americas allies like France, Germany, Canada, Mexico and others, instead of to their face.

and does everything he can (but he has failed at doing anything permanent) to undo whatever President Obama did, because, well, it goes without saying it is what it is, in true Hamlet fashion.) (like in Hamlet, his vision is like Scar, all dark and horrible, truly to what only trump himself sees as beautiful and caring).

but then again so did Neville Chamberlain of which trump truly surpasses (perhaps that's his goal at being #1
at something).

that is my opinion
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Jun 14, 2018, 03:30 AM (20 replies)

Life was perfect for 8 years during President Obama 8 years, and not once did I

hear any Democratic person say or complain about anything.

Perhaps a 3rd party person might have, but again, those are not Democratic people, and
as my OP said yesterday or the day before, I do not believe there are more than one hand worth
of actual independents who are not those with a hard view one way or the other.

So, no I did not hear anyone complain during those 8 years about anything that President
Obama did

Why would they? Life was perfect and getting better and better each and every day
Which is why I agreed 100% with what Michelle said about being proud. She was 100% correct.

that is my opinion.

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sun Jun 10, 2018, 09:28 AM (1 replies)

Memo to myself- frequent this place, and being in NYC

not only will the conversation be great, but I don't have to worry about being you know what with one of those
thingys that have those thingys inside them

As John Lennon and the Beatles sang "A splendid time is guaranteed for all"

A toast to the leader of the band Mr. Kite.

(symmetry, in memory of a victim of one of those thingys Mr. Lennon).
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Fri Jun 8, 2018, 03:24 PM (0 replies)

My President, President Obama should invite the Eagles for a BBQ

this is a cool idea.

as is Gov. Deval Patrick and the Honorable Eric Holder both may be running for President.
That is also a ticket I could support. Among a number of others.

(but not a number of others)

That's my opinion

VOTE DEMOCRATIC top to bottom

and don't let the trump media stop you from voting with their oh so concern trolling

that abject failure who was placed in the White House indeed scares the trump out of me
pence might also scare the trump out of me, however, he would not get legislation through because at
that point, there would be 30-40 republicans with their eyes on the prize

Love and Hope trumps Hate and Fear 24/7/365

whomever President Barack&Michelle Obama back, is AOK with me.

how cool would it be perhaps on June 12, for the Eagles to meet with President Obama and have a
BBQ. it would be as cool as Barack Obama that's how cool.

that's my opinion

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Tue Jun 5, 2018, 09:47 AM (22 replies)

trump is acturally a very bad negotiator and has proved it many times (article)

article from the vote-master at
full credit to (c) vote-master at

Trump Is Actually a Poor Negotiator
Trump Is Actually a Poor Negotiator

While Donald Trump likes to brag about how great a negotiator he is, his track record isn't actually very good. In 1985, Tony Schwartz, a not very famous writer, was interviewing Trump for a magazine article when Trump told him that Random House had asked him to write a book. Schwartz suggested calling it The Art of the Deal. Trump said he liked the name and asked Schwartz to write it. Normally ghost writers get a small flat fee, but Schwartz asked for half of the $500,000 advance and half the royalties and got both, an incredible deal for Schwartz (who could have been replaced by any one of a hundred other ghostwriters) and an incredibly bad deal for Trump. The book was a big success and the millions of dollars in royalties that Schwartz got all came directly out of Trump's pocket. Thus we have the irony that Trump negotiated a terrible deal for himself on a book about how great a negotiator he is.

There were other situations as well when the Donald didn't negotiate well, either. When he was owner of a team in the United States Football League, he didn't negotiate good deals with the players, paying them too much. His skills didn't help the league, either, since it failed. In 1988, he bought the Manhattan Plaza Hotel for $408 million, about $60 million more than anyone else thought it was worth. Also in 1988, he bought Eastern Airlines. He paid $365 million, also about $60 million more than anyone else thought it was worth. There are other examples. Generally, great negotiators don't pay tens of millions of dollars more for properties than other potential buyers think they are worth.

Since becoming president, Trump hasn't negotiated any deals at all. He bungled the efforts to repeal Obamacare, wasn't even involved in the tax-cut bill negotiations, and hasn't come close to getting Congress to approve his border wall. The only things he has done, like the Muslim ban, pulling out of the Paris Accord, and killing the Iran deal, haven't involved any negotiating at all. The presidency gave him the power to do things unilaterally and he did them. The nature of being a great negotiator is is to be able to get the other party to agree to terms more favorable to you than a weak negotiator could get. So far, we have not seen any evidence that Trump has any special negotiating skills at all.
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sat Jun 2, 2018, 07:37 AM (29 replies)
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