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Paul Manafort Guilty 8 counts
GUILTY tax fraud
GUILTY tax fraud
GUILTY tax fraud
GUILTY tax fraud
GUILTY tax fraud
GUILTY bank fraud
GUILTY bank fraud
GUILTY hiding foreign bank accounts
(that's 8 finds of GUILTY, 5 for tax fraud, 2 for bank fraud and 1 for hiding foreign bank accounts (total of 8,
which is what this specific trial was for).

Major defeat for Paul Manafort
and trial #2 in Federal Court is on it's way


as Young and Restless star Michael Damian sang "ROCK ON"

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Tue Aug 21, 2018, 03:54 PM (39 replies)

Congrats to Sen. Tina Smith on her landslide primary victory. Congrats to Emily's List. nt.

Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Tue Aug 14, 2018, 08:50 PM (1 replies)

Takeaways from Tuesday's elections from NYT WAPO HILL POLITICO CNN USA &fox and the allow full cut/paste of all their postings
as long as (c) credit is given fully to and a link provided directly to the page.
In full, and without edit the following-
(c) and the (v)
Takeaways from Tuesday's Elections

As usual, many news outlets have made lists of takeaways from Tuesday's elections. Here are some of them:

New York Times
Suburbanites are more fired up than rural voters
The revolution was not televised, or, the Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez candidate in Michigan was crushed
Conor Lambs do not grow on trees and his performance won't be so easy to replicate everywhere
Women break through in governor's races
It was a big night for labor in Michigan (Whitmer) and Missouri (right-to-work law struck down)

Washington Post
A wave appears to be building for House Democrats
Most special elections have shifted appreciably to the Democrats
Women are being nominated for governor at a record pace
Unions won a huge victory in Missouri, where a right-to-work law was overturned
Trump's endorsement may not be worth much, even in primaries
Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn't have a great night
John Conyers' dynasty ended with him

It's time for Republicans to panic about the House
If Kobach wins, he could lose the general election; if he loses, it's a black eye for Trump
Missouri right-to-work law ploy backfires on the Republicans
Progressive push hits a snag in the Midwest

The cavalry came for Balderson, but come November, the weak will be left on the battlefield
Republican suburban problem continues
Tuesday was a bad day for the far left
Trump's endorsements don't seem to matter that much
Washington State is becoming an even bigger problem for Republicans than it already was

USA Today
House Republicans Are in Trouble
Ohio Democrats are cursing Green Party candidate Joe Manchik for defeating O'Connor
More and more women are winning Democratic primaries
Unions won a rare victory in Missouri

The Hill
Democrats put up a strong fight in the Ohio special election
The GOP may be in genuine trouble in the suburbs
Trump's impact on races is uncertain
Sanders' and Ocasio-Cortez' impact on races is also uncertain
Women had a strong night

Fox News
The big blue wave is not materializing
President Trump can still get the vote out and his endorsement makes a difference
The civil war in the Democratic Party between the left and the far left is getting closer to the boiling point
In summary, the topics that came up repeatedly in the lists are House Republicans are in trouble, suburban voters are energized, endorsements don't help much, and women did well. And then there is Fox News, which is doing its best impression of Kevin Bacon in Animal House. (V)
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Aug 9, 2018, 07:03 AM (7 replies)

Happy Richard Nixon Resigned In Shame Day. August 9. Let's make it a 2-fer.

although Ford the Warren Commission clumsy fixer was no breathe of fresh air. Reminds me of what Bush41 said
at Ford's funeral. Almost made me choke on the food I was eating at the time.

but Happy Nixon resigned day.

btw, they keep finding Democratic Party votes not counted in Ohio.Very strange indeed
and in Kansas, Kansas Kris Kobach is going to be in charge of his own recount.
Hmmm, can one say the fix is in?
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Thu Aug 9, 2018, 06:57 AM (26 replies)

trump knows it's no hoax...End Game?! trump to quit to stop sons from jail !?!

(c) which allows full cut/paste of their items providing credit and link is given as it is here
Trump Knows It's No Hoax

It has been obvious to anyone watching that Donald Trump's public behavior has grown more outrageous in the last month or two, and at the same time that his attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the "witch hunt," etc. have grown more frequent and more shrill. Meanwhile, insiders report that behind the scenes, he's more sullen and is given to brooding. Now, thanks to reporting from the Washington Post, we have a better idea of exactly what the problem is. Trump convinced himself, long ago, that he did nothing wrong vis-a-vis Russia (or vis-a-vis anyone or anything else). However, he is not nearly so confident that his son, Donald Jr., is in the clear.

Trump Sr. is right to be worried. When it comes to the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Natalia
Veselnitskaya, the President might still have plausible deniability. After all, it hasn't yet been proven that he knew about it before the fact (though he almost certainly did). For Trump Jr., there is no deniability. He sent e-mails about the meeting, helped set up the meeting, went to a planning meeting before the meeting with Veselnitskaya, and then attended the meeting itself. Junior's only defense, at this point, is that the meeting wasn't intended to collect election information from the Russians, and so does not qualify as conspiracy. That defense is, at this point, looking deeply tenuous.

If push comes to shove, it is unlikely Senior would allow Junior to go to the Big House, and he would issue a pardon. However, that would also be effectively an admission of guilt, and would make it all-but-impossible for congressional Republicans to continue to stick their heads in the sand. Or, depending on the timing, and what happens with the midterms, it would give cover to a Democratic-controlled House to commence impeachment proceedings. So while a pardon is certainly on the table, since we're talking about a federal offense, the political costs would be catastrophic.

All of this does suggest a possible endgame. There has been some scuttlebutt that when and if Robert Mueller has Trump Jr. dead to rights, he'll make a deal with the President: Resign, or I will bring charges. It is conceivable that Trump Sr. might take the deal, and not just to save his son. One is still left with the impression that the Donald doesn't really like being president. Further, Trump must know that he's at risk of a crushing defeat in 2020, something that will not look good. Accepting a "the presidency for my son" deal would allow Trump to escape the White House, to leave office "undefeated," and to spend the rest of his days lamenting how unfairly he was treated, and how great things would have been if only he had been allowed to remain (in other words, something like what Dick Nixon did after leaving office).
another link also here-
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Mon Aug 6, 2018, 05:52 AM (16 replies)

Senator Elizabeth Warren hints at 2020 run and I love Sen. Warren's statement

I like this statement. It is evocative of the Women's Suffrage Movement, it is evocative of Dr. King's Been to the Mountaintop speech, and it is all inclusive for the Democratic party to put aside petty side issues for the greater
ONE common cause.
Of course some won't like it, but those votes and voters are not needed.

Love trumps hate.
America will defeat trump.
In such big numbers that any attempt at any of the 16 reasons it didn't happen in 2016 won't be possible to flip.
(that is my opinion).

I'll be holding that hand and extending mine for others to hold, and they will extend theirs for others to hold and we shall be climbing up that hill for victory.

“During her Friday afternoon keynote address at Netroots Nation, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seemingly hinted at the possibility that she could run for president in 2020,” the Daily Beast reports.

Said Warren: “It won’t be easy. We’re going to have to fight uphill. Me? I’m going up that hill. And I hope you are, too. And I hope that you’ll reach your hand out and bring someone else along for the climb.”
Posted by graham4anything4HC45 | Sat Aug 4, 2018, 06:39 AM (18 replies)
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