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What if Romney primaried Trump?

I think Trump would be outraged. His remaining few trusting Trumpies would be livid, some of them anyway. Then Romney would lead Trump by 20% in the next poll and all would be over.

Is dishonoring our military impeachable?

I'm not talking about Trump using his father's connections to fake a medical condition (bonespurs). That only dishonors Trump and those who support his doing it. I'm talking about abandoning allies as Trump did with the Kurds. He gave them no thought whatsoever and then slandered them, adding insult to betrayal. It's arguably a high crime, vandalism of our country's military honor and reputation.

Is it impeachable?

The inability to accept responsibility for being wrong leads to becoming more wrong.

That is a big part of the mechanism behind the catastrophic loss of honor and intellectual validity associated with what I call "Republicanism." I call the fad/syndrome "Republicanism" because the Republican Party is the largest host of the problem on Earth, but the problem itself is really worldwide.

It's a shame there are now no more convincing conservatives in the world. They are all overcome by (or stained by) Republicanism. To help them and everyone else, every single Republican needs to be voted out of every office in every election. It's the only way to shake off Republicanism.

If Tulsi gets a chunk of anti-Hillary Dems, it could help Biden

And she's already said she's not running third party.

Fellow Dems, we must infiltrate Trump rallies.

Go to the rallies wearing counterfeit Trump merchandise. You can make a convincing MAGA hat with a white sharpie and any red baseball cap.

Thousands of Dem infiltrators should plan on showing up for these false flag "rally" operations. Once you make it to one of Trump's rallies, simply pretend to be cultish half-wits and jerks. Do everything possible to make Trump look bad by making it look like he is only supported by ass-kissing, chanting nimrods.

If you are already doing that, carry on.

No "quid pro quo" is required. Merely mentioning Biden's name in the context of asking a favor...

...resoundingly and overwhelmingly warrants Trump's impeachment and removal from office.

The way you tell the Dems have Trump cornered is the growing anger of Republicanism.

If you have the facts on your side, they say, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table. The SS Trump and all of his minions in office are doing the latter. Who cares?

The good, honest, solid, smart people are abandoning Trump in droves about now.

Who is less worthy of their position, Trump or Kavanaugh?

Not who is "unworthy." They both clearly are. Who is "less worthy?"

I sense that some Republicans are starting to not like hearing that they are being dishonorable...

...and knowing it's true. Trump's done.

Trey Gowdy persecuted someone for a private email server.

But now he's going to defend someone who violated the Constitution in broad daylight on camera. I'd say Gowdy's Dorian Gray picture must look pretty bad at this point. It must look like Tom DeLay had a baby with himself. (Still better looking than the real Gowdy though.)
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