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Democrats should demand the release of the Republican memo.

Seriously, let's see what all these Republican Congress-folk are making such a big deal over. Call.

Release the post I posted about the right wing memo!

I posted this post on DI ( It shows the Republicans are doing something that is worse than Watergate! The American people need to know!

I've completely agreed to agree with myself on this issue! This OP shows that my previous OP is being linked to (by this OP). So the fact that I am citing myself shows my opinion is being cited by a respectable opinion maker. Myself.

What's more likely? Trump laundered Russian oligarch money or a liberal FBI conspiracy?

Known universe only please.

GOP lawmaker removed from ethics panel after report of misconduct settlement

A Republican congressman was removed from the House Ethics Committee on Saturday after it was reported that he used thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to settle a misconduct complaint by a former staffer.

Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.), who denies wrongdoing, reached a settlement with the aide after she claimed last year that he made unwanted romantic overtures toward her, according to a report published in the New York Times. The fourth-term lawmaker now faces an investigation by the ethics panel, according to a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.).

“Speaker Ryan takes the allegations against Mr. Meehan very seriously,” AshLee Strong said in an emailed statement. “The speaker is committed to rooting out sexual misconduct in the House and providing victims the resources they need.”

Strong noted that the House is poised to approve changes in how sexual harassment and other employee complaints are managed on Capitol Hill. Advocates have criticized the current system as weighted toward the interests of lawmakers over employees.

Oops...First Gowdy, now Meehan. How are Republicans going to prevent ethical behavior in the House if they can't keep anyone on the committee?

The Republican staff's Trump cover memo should be referred to the Ethics Committee

The American people need to know what role Nunes and other Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee played in generating this memo and what, if any, role the White House played in orchestrating the current media campaign by Republicans. There is more than enough evidence for the Ethics Committee to take an interest in this.

Remember, Nunes orchestrated a media play like this with the White House (including Trump himself) once before, attempting to cover Trump for lying about Obama having wiretapped Trump. That fizzled and backfired on Trump. Then Nunes supposedly backed away from the investigation but really didn't. The Ethics Committee needs to determine whether Nunes is meeting with White House officials who are potentially under Congressional investigation and coordinating an effort to discredit that investigation and others.

We can't have it be that Republicans can simply create an investigation whose sole purpose is to blockade and subvert itself and all other investigations.

Right-wing demand to #ReleaseTheMemo endorsed by Russian bots, trolls

WASHINGTON — The latest attempt by some Republicans in Congress to discredit the Trump-Russia investigation has been embraced by Russian bots and trolls on social media.

At issue is a classified memo written by House GOP staffers that purports to describe abuses in FBI surveillance practices, but has been denounced by Democratic lawmakers as deeply misleading.

House Republicans have described the revelations in the memo as "worse than Watergate," and are demanding its release. The story is getting major coverage by right-leaning news organizations, including Fox News, Breitbart, the Washington Examiner and the Daily Caller.

The Republican message is being amplified by Russian propagandists, according to independent experts.


Twitter will be a great tool for a Democratic President

Imagine Obama had used Twitter (as Trump does). He couldn't, because it is widely (incorrectly, I would argue) seen as un-Presidential on its face, but suppose he had. Obama would have dominated the news cycle every bit as much as Trump is now doing. Think about that. A mature, intelligent, wise president using Twitter could be very powerful indeed.

Remember when Obama went to the Republican hideout (retreat) back in 2010? He went behind the podium and simply demolished them rhetorically on healthcare and other matters. That gave new life to the ACA. It wouldn't have passed if Obama hadn't wiped up the floor with Republicans at their retreat. They never invited him back. Wisely.

Twitter would have given Obama that same real time debate impact every single day. Unlike Trump, who daily exposes his weakness as a President and human being, a President like Obama would be able to simply dominate the political debate.

This sort of real time impact is going to be vital to Democratic Presidents going forward. If there is one thing Republicanist-style arguments can't deal with it is real time engagement in real time debate. Their message is hugely dependent on the cadence of the 24-hour news cycle.

On edit: Added "as Trump does" so I won't keep getting quibbles about Obama having used Twitter at all.

A Dubya-like Republican in the Presidency makes the country very vulnerable.

The problem with Republicans putting Dubya-like people (Bush Jr. and Trump, for example, or Palin) in the Oval Office is that it gives our enemies an easy multiplier affect for any attacks.

Take 9/11. A Democrat or a non-Dubya Republican president would not have multiplied the damage to our country the way Dubya and Cheney did. Gore wouldn't have stampeded the country into Iraq. He would have taken Bin Laden out in Afghanistan and effectively prosecuted the war there. We would have had a victory in Afghanistan with tremendous allied support. There would have been no war in Iraq under Gore, so the Middle East would not have been destabilized, and we wouldn't have had ISIS downstream.

Having (Republican leadership example) Dubya in the presidency in 2001 was tremendously harmful to our country. His Republican-style assault on our freedoms through warrantless wiretaps, his Republican-style creation of the detention facility at Guantanamo, his Republican-style rendition of prisoners to torturing countries, his Republican-style use of torture here by the CIA added up to a hundred-fold magnification of the damage done by Al Qaeda on 9/11. We suffered hugely and unnecessarily thanks to Dubya and his Republicans, not just physically in life, limb, and property, not just economically in expense, but morally and in our country's reputation. To this day, Dubya 1 can't give a speech at Republican conventions.

Now we have Dubya 2 in the Presidency thanks to Republicans. It turns the world into a powder keg again. If a 9/11-style attack occurred, or, heaven forbid, something worse, Dubya 2 and his Republicans would again dramatically multiply our damage. The current mood of Republicans and other followers of Republicanism (such as the people who falsely call themselves "conservatives" or "conservative independents") is very ugly. Every trick Dubya 1 pulled to multiply the damage suffered by America on 9/11 would be played out again, only worse. Dubya 2, the Republican-controlled Congress, and the "lock her up" Republicanist yahoo cult would lose it. The country and world would become unrecognizable.

Trump supporter jobs vs. regulations?

Trumpies need to start supporting Trump's businesses!

You guys are letting the President down by not staying in his hotels and visiting his golf courses and shops. I know Trump would just love to see you showing up at his properties in full MAGA regalia. After all he's done for you guys, you can't do this one little thing for him?
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