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If Trump is out of office before the Obama Prosperity wears off, it will have been worth it.

I don't want people to lose jobs or money, so I'm hoping the Obama Prosperity continues. It is holding up, despite the burden of Trump weighing it down with dumbass trade wars and unnecessary deficits from handouts to the wealthy. So far, Trump has only slowed down Obama's eight-year positive economic trend a little. Let's hope Obama's good work will continue to carry us to 2020.

If we make it that far and Trump is ousted, despite his only reducing Obama's prosperity a little, then it will have been worth it. After Republicanism went full bore bad around Nixon's time, it still had "an image." It still had a veneer of respectability, although its soul was abscessed. Trump is the open sores and pustules of Republicanism made visible in all their disgusting glory. People won't be able to un-see them. No one will every look at Republicanism the same again.

Another day, another high crime or misdemeanor.

Trump just wants impeachment to be about the high crime of abusing his power against members of Congress. He and Republicans can't withstand a case of obstruction and collusion. Even if Trump were acquitted by the Senate for those charges, he knows he would be voted out of office (and a lot of Republican Senators with him).

Trump's only hope is to make impeachment about him vs. the Democrats, not him vs. the laws of the land and not about his actions clearly showing basic disloyalty to the United States. If it's the former, he has a chance of avoiding impeachment conviction and staying in office (a slim chance). If it's the latter, he knows it's only a matter of time before the Secret Service drags him out from under the Oval Office coffee table and sends him on his way to his first court appearance.

Add the Trump economy bungling to the list of Republican failures.

This will be the second time those who follow Republicanism have ineptly messed up the economy. The first was under Dubya I. Now Dubya II is possibly even worse. When will we learn? Those who follow Republicanism are bunglers. It's not just ignorance, meanness, and dishonesty. It's bungling.

That's why those who lean Dem and those Republican voters who want to get things back to normal need to vote every Republican out of every office in 2020. Obviously, we won't be able to vote all of them out. But we need to get them down to a level where they have essentially no power to create problems and no power to block progress or to sabotage.

Is the Republican Party's ageism (ironically from Trump) sitting well with the Fox News demo?

Is "Pedo Island" just a nickname for Mar-a-Lago?

I see the paranoia on the right ratcheting up to eleven, but I don't think it's going to get Trump out of this one. So far, court documents show that Mar-a-Lago was a recruitment site for at least one teenager abused by Epstein.

It's going to be interesting to learn more about what happened when Trump was partying with Epstein and why exactly they had a falling out. I think we may need to get Trump on the stand. Or we can just wait for the debate stage.

My wall compromise

We (Dems) should bargain away the wall. It's no more of a waste than a lot of our so-called defense spending boondoggles. At least it puts money into the economy and gives people something to do. More importantly, the wall (or a surviving piece of it after we end up stopping construction and destroying it later) can serve as a monument to and warning against Republican foolishness for the benefit of the ages.

Construction should be scheduled to commence in early 2020 on the land of a randomly selected Republican rancher in an environmentally responsible spot. Plaques to honor Republicans and Trump for the idea will be placed on both sides of the wall every thirty meters.

The plaques will read (in Spanish and English):

"This 'Great Wall of the United States' was the idea of the U.S. Republican Party and Republican President Donald J. Trump. At this time in our nation's history, the Republican Party is united in affirming that the wall is necessary to prevent people they currently refer to as 'illegals' from entering the country across the U.S. southern border.

"The Democratic Party opposed this wall, thinking it foolish, wasteful, and motivated in part by racism, but reluctantly agreed to build it as a compromise with our Republican colleagues. By agreeing to build this wall, Democrats were able to legislate action against climate change, a phenomenon our Republican colleagues and current Republican President Donald J. Trump consider a 'hoax.'

"The legislation allowed construction of the wall to begin. In the event that the nation changes its mind on the wall idea at a later time and legislates the end of construction and the destruction and removal of this wall, nevertheless, a designated fifty-meter section shall be left intact, bearing the plaque you are now reading. This way, the ages will be informed by the lesson."

"Let us all see who was right."

(Cross-posted from DU.

Is there a site where the full list of Trumpie complaints and constructive ideas is spelled out?

I would guess that the number of constructive ideas is completely dwarfed by the complaint list. But I'll bet there isn't even a complaint list. Even that would be too much work. Plus, such a list would both make them look bad and feed into their decision-making process regarding patent medicines and hucksters.

If there were a group serving as a fifth column for Russia, would you be for them or against them?

The world will be a better place if all Republicans are voted out of every office.

We need to get them all out of office or at least enough that they are unable to affect politics. If they have any power at all, even minority power, they will abuse it.

When Obama and Dems were busily building the country back up from Republican Dubya and The Republicans' economic and foreign policy catastrophes, the minority Republicans were busily sabotaging the country. They were unable to keep the economy from succeeding under Obama, but they were able to slow it down. They were unable to destroy ACA healthcare, but they were able to keep quite a few sick people uncovered and sick. Their "success" at harming the country enabled them (with a boost from the Russians) to steal a Supreme Court seat and install Dubya II (Trump) in the presidency. Now we see the catastrophic result.

That stuff only happened because some Republicans were able to stay in office, even after Dubya I proved that their ideology and standards of leadership material are unsound. Dubya I more than justified ousting all Republicans from office. Dubya II (Trump) has done that again. Maybe we will learn the lesson this time.

If the sensible, Dem-leaning majority simply ousts the vast majority of Republican "leaders" in 2020, the country will quickly begin to recover as it did under Obama. We'll have better healthcare, a better environment, lower taxes, lower deficits, better education, etc., because there won't be enough Republicans around to stop it from being done or sabotage it. If we leave too many Republicans at the table, they'll do what they always do and work to make the country suffer for the "crime" of tossing Republicanism into the dumpster where it belongs.

What Republicanists fail to understand about "having a heart."

They don't get one very simple fact. Having a heart is an evolved technology. It's deep. We have a heart because it is necessary, not "merely" right and moral.
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