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Are the right wingers causing the surge in Islamist radicalization?

Pretty much everyone told these right wing numbskulls to keep their mouths shut and not rile their yahoos. But people like Trump and that one bozo in France wouldn't listen. That has lead exactly where we thought it would lead: a rise in bullying and intimidation against the Muslim community. That would explain why the new lone wolf attacks are coming from the marginal nutballs in the Muslim community.

The "Republicans" (American false conservatives and their counterparts in other countries) are succeeding in nothing but throwing gas on the fire. Their fiery, dumb, ignorant, paranoid rhetoric is contributing to terrorist incidents in their own countries even as the grown-ups are succesffully mopping up the "Caliphate." The civilized countries will still win this, because the Caliphate is going down. But we do need to get the right wing yahoos back in their attics as soon as possible. They are nothing but troublemakers.

What I find offensive about Trump

It isn't Trump himself, really. I look on him as mainly just a charlatan. But I don't view him as "fooling" people like a charlatan. I view him as heading up a large, nasty group of charlatans.

Sure, there are a lot of people who back Trump who are just ignorant or taken in. They are the kind of pitiable folks that a Republican economy jettisons and then misdirects to Democrats with the complaints. These folks don't know who their friends are. They like their enemy, because he plays to their ignorance and offers them something concrete to focus their anger on. Republicans prey on these folks, and they are essentially trained to run into whatever chute the Republicans herd them into.

But what I find offensive about Trump is the same thing I found offensive about Romney. I despise this wholesale, grotesque willingness on the part of probably most of Trump's backers to join him enthusiastically in charlatanry. In short, the thing I find most offensive about Trump is the thing he shares with other Republican leaders, a widespread, practically limitless embrace of dirty lying.

Paul Ryan is every bit the liar Donald Trump is. Even moreso, actually, because Ryan isn't winking, clowning, and doing the old "aahhhhhh-boo!" baby entertainment trick with Republican voters that Trump is. Ryan and Trump both know they are lying, but Trump makes no attempt to hide it.

Unfortunately, what that means is that a bunch of Trumpies are just rotten revolutionaries at heart. Their refusal to disqualify Trump from the Presidency despite his indisputable unworthiness means that they want to drop a turd on the country. Since I like the country, I naturally look on these people as yahoos, no better than vandals.

RNC Freak Show vs. DNC Star Fest

It's going to be interesting to see how the RNC Freak Show compares to the DNC Star Fest.

The Republican convention is going to have Trump out there showing leg as much as possible, "hair" blowing in the wind, mouth puckered weirdly as usual like he is about to clean algae off the side of an aquarium. But the poor Republicans have a lot of time to fill with D-level celebrities, F-level politicians, and a soundtrack that will be almost universally unapproved by the artists. The last Republican example of presidential leadership, Republican George W. Bush, lucked out. His already predetermined lack of presence at the convention now has a fig leaf rationale. The whole theater marquee is going to be five big letters. There's no one else.

The DNC is going to be a Star Fest of A-level everything. It's going to look and sound like a four-day Superbowl halftime.

Ratings-wise, who knows? I wish left leaners could hold off on protests at the Republican convention. It's the only chance the right wing yahoos will have for generating eyeball attractant. Trump is counting on protesters to save his butt ratings-wise. The whole thing could get ugly. You can bet the crew cuts, butt cracks, and Taxi Driver mohawk guys are going to be marching around with very little bend at the knee. AR-15s glistening in the sun, vibrator attachments humming.

On edit: Crew cuts are fine by me for most people, not yahoos though. Butt cracks and mohawks not so much.

We need to save the Republicans from themselves.

When I say (constantly) that we need to vote all Republicans out of every office in every election, I'm not just saying it because it is the right thing for the world in general. I'm saying it in part because that complete loss of power is what Republicans need to recover their sanity and commitment to uprightness. As long as they are able to gain power by acts that are progressively lower and lower morally, they will do so.

In games, cheating has to have consequences or the game is ruined. It is exactly the same in life itself. We can't continue to allow Republicans to:Gerrymander. Modern technology just makes that too effective for it to continue to be allowed.Bar legitimate voters from elections using rules weighted to hinder and obstruct primarily DemocratsUse Congressional investigation authority to directly attack political candidates. That's a high crime, really.
Those activities are destructive to the human race as a whole and beneath normally acceptable levels of moral and ethical conduct. We need to stop Republicans from engaging in them, both for our own good and to try to get Republicans back on their feet in terms of virtue and honor.

Unfortunately, that means that all Republicans must be voted out of every office in every election until their water starts to run clean again. We aren't going to be able to get them all out of office, of course. That's just the goal. If only about a third of them are sent packing by a tidal wave of democracy, that would probably be enough to jolt them back to the right side of the moral and ethical boundary lines.

The JV Team is About to Lose

They lost Fallujah. They are about to lose Mosul. America will not have gotten thousands of its soldiers killed or maimed or wasted trillions of dollars. Once Mosul falls, the quailing Republicans will be able to emerge from the fear that has them so much in its grip.

The problem with Republicans is that like George W. Bush, the best example of their style of leadership, they are easy to panic into fits of flight and fight. They want to force others to the fighting. The flight they do for themselves.

We're not going there any more, Republicans. It was crazy dumb when we let Republican George W. Bush stampede us into Iraq. He burned us. We're not doing it again.

Another 70+ on Republican George W. Bush's tab.

Had Republicans not gotten a guy like George W. Bush into the White House, we would not be looking at these problems. It must never happen again.

Stopping the Republican Drug War is the only realistic answer.

The Republican Drug War (Republican-style Drug War, War-style Drug War favored by choose) is the root cause of all of these problems. It's really one of the last remaining offshoots of the Civil War. Nixon started this whole "Drug War" concept, and it is no coincidence that Nixon also fathered the Southern Strategy. Nixon saw the embers of the Civil War still smoldering in the South, and he decided it would be good idea (for Republicans) if he fanned them. The Drug War started out dirty, and given the resulting incarceration size and mix, the resulting for-profit prison industrial complex, and the resulting social and economic fever, it is clear the Drug War has become far dirtier since Nixon's day. It has become, in effect, a race and class war.

Strategically and in terms of motivation and results, the Drug War has a younger sibling, the Iraq War. Both had politically self-serving reasons (for Republicans). Both were Republican-initiated stampedes with disastrous long-term consequences. "Hit bad thing with stick" is a great rallying cry to excite pitiable yahoos and the ignorant, but it's not good policy.

The most cost effective thing we can do is to vote all Republicans out of office in every election. They and their idea of leadership (Republican George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump) are just racking up more and more damage to the country and world. Voters need to take the wheel from them.

The Mistakes of Black Lives Matter

Only two. Both are related to the Republican Drug War.

First, cops are not the enemy. Republicans are. Throw all Republicans out of office in every election and pretty soon the cops will just be neighborhood heroes again.

Second black lives matter a lot more than their mere existence. An unarmed, non-dangerous black man is killed for no good reason sometimes. But that is the tip of the iceberg. Most of the damage to black lives doesn't involve taking them. It involves ruining them. So mass incarceration, plea bargaining, and the Republican Drug War itself need to be stopped. And, once again, that is a matter of throwing Republicans out of office.

Don't fight cops. Most of them are doing good jobs. Fight Republicans. Vote them out of every office in every election.

Google "nra convention" and click on the images link

Count the black faces. There's a Show More Images button at the bottom. You can click it if you want to, but trust me, you're not going to see any black faces, nor any shade of brown. Maybe one.

I think the NRA may be a White Supremacist organization. No wonder their "gun rights" positions seem so extreme. They aren't duck hunters; they're white militants.

The FBI are very bad people.

...very, very, very nasty people. No one likes them. They are the reason we never win any more....

Clinton just needs to say those magic words, and Trump supporters will suddenly forget everything about this whole issue.
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