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We didn't have these problems with Iran under Obama.

Trump broke the peace with Iran. What an idiot. He is truly a world class jerk. Everything the orange thousandaire touches turns to crap. But what is truly pathetic today is hearing Trump blame Kerry for Trump's own plain obvious, world class ineptitude.

South Carolina yahoos are fools if they don't primary Lindsey Graham

Lindsey's spots are gonna change (back to what they were) right after the primary.

I pity people who invest their reputation in Trump

The only people who should be doing it are people with bad or negligible reputations. For people with shaky personal reputation assets, Trump is like a penny stock. They can't afford to buy blue chip. Their only choice is to buy worthless trash at a low price and then try to pump up it's value by lying about it and going along with lies about it willingly. Many Trump supporters are, in short, mini-Trumps.

Republican Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Obstruction of Justice


Republican Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell today raised a triumphant glass of champagne in the hallowed Senate Chamber. "On this day, my friends, we correct a grave oversight in our Party's past. For too long, the Republican Party has been lazy. We have ignored our brothers, the justice obstructors. For too long we have been content merely to facilitate and promote injustice. We have neglected our friends on the front lines of the pro-injustice struggle we Republicans esteem as much as ineptitude, as much as dishonesty, as much as, I dare say, Greed Itself. We Republicans have neglected the Obstructors of justice. No more!"

"Without justice obstructors," said McConnell, "...many beautiful, senselessly empty, cruel, soul-destroying injustices would only be a dream, only a goal seldom realized. No longer will we stand idly by while our treasured friends and fellow Republicans, the justice obstructors, go to jail and prison merely for standing up for our Party's values!"

"Hear, hear, hear! MAGA, MAGA, MAGA! Peep at naked teens! Peep at naked teens!" shouted the Republican senators and staff, some of them straddling banisters and guardrails, bottles of various kinds of alcohol gurgling and streaming into their upturned mouths and down their faces.

"Today," continued McConnell, "we free the justice obstructors! Justice obstruction is not a crime! Justice obstruction is a way of life!! Today, my friends we free ourselves to be who WE are!!!"

Will Trump tweet in outrage that Cohen gets to do his time in a cushy, white collar prison?

Somehow I doubt it—for obvious reasons.

Why don't these "broken unit" societies like the alt-right and Farrakhan create their own platforms?

I'm pretty sure I know why. They don't create their own platforms because they can't. They have to haunt the platforms created by others (such as Twitter and Facebook) because they can't create their own platforms or virtual public squares.

Even if the Farrakhan or Alex Jones or even Limbaugh folks could muster the technical skill to create their own platform, they would not be able to populate it or fund it. Advertisers and philanthropists want no part of funding this type of site. And very few people would show up on the platform, much less contribute. Who wants to hang around with a bunch of broken units? Most people don't.

So, no. I don't feel even slightly sorry for bad actors being banned on private platforms like Twitter or Facebook. I see it as capitalism and, even, in a sense, evolution at work. Brilliant stuff finds an outlet. Mediocre crap fills up the vast majority of the bandwidth and storage. Dumb, broken stuff just fades and fades. The best thing that can happen to its purveyors is that they learn basic virtues and avoid the pitfalls of resentment, anger, and nihilism. They should listen to the little halo guy/gal on their shoulder, not the other one.

Trump's acceptance and encouragement of Russian support for him in 2016 is?

Will Trump be able to avoid the charge that he is in fact a clown?

Leave aside all of the many crimes he may have committed that are evidenced in his "unavailable" tax returns. Leave aside that no one in their right mind would think themselves anything less than deserving of shame for voting Trump into what is supposed to be the highest office in the land of the greatest country ever to exist on Earth. Will Trump be able to refute the accusation, at long last, that he is just a clown, a miserable failure, a degeneracy?

Why are some right wingers not counting Farrakhan as right wing?

Some right wingers also don't seem to count far right Islamist radicals as right wing. What is it about Farrakhan and Islamist radicals that, despite their right wing politics and ideology, causes some right wingers to exclude them? It's a real puzzle, don't you think? Yeah, it's puzzling. What on Earth could it be?

And, come to think of it, the Farrakhan and Islamist radical right wingers probably don't consider some of these other right wingers right wingers too. What might Farrakhan and Islamist radical right wingers not like about their other fellow right wingers. Heck, this is a tough one!

It's wonderful waking up knowing I'm with the true Americans

We are pro-Constitution. We believe in preserving the beauty of the country's environment. We believe in un-rigged capitalism. We are for public service, hard work, integrity (in ourselves and our leaders). We think the truth is important. We don't like rule breakers and rule benders and rule riggers.

It's nice to be an American.
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