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Would you like your daughters (if you have them) to date guys like Kavanaugh or Trump?

Would you like your sons (if you have them) to be like Kavanaugh and Trump?

What is it like to support Kavanaugh for SCOTUS when you know he probably did what he is accused of?

Kavanaugh wouldn't back an FBI investigation, and when he was confronted by questions, he melted down, cried, snarled, and lashed out. What is it like to support him even though it's clear he most likely did what he is accused of?

Kavanaugh recorded his greatest video and image hits at the Thursday hearing.

They are all anyone's ever going to play. How would it be if every time you walked by a screen you had to worry a picture of yourself crying or snarling was going to appear? There are a lot of screens in the world.

Yeah, Ford won in the end.

Ford knocked it out of the park and won the game.

The court seat isn't even close to the real game. Kavanaugh on the court will be a long, long-term reminder about sexual assault and a big red X on Republicanism.

Followers of Republicanism gave us two Dubyas, now two Clarence Thomases.

Unfortunately, that's the kind of leadership example that Republicanism produces. The practical effect is that it disempowers Republicanism. And that's a good thing. No one listens to the goofs with the red faces and the duh ideology. No one wants to be like them, and no one listens to them.

The truth is that the world generally just goes around Republicanism when it has political power, regardless of the branch of government it holds. It has been doing that since Republicanism lost its mind. Liberalism is not going to suffer one iota. Authentic conservatism will continue to be thinly populated (mostly by Democrats at this point). Republicanism may hold office, but it has no real power.

I'm so glad I'm among those who know Kavanaugh isn't worthy of a SCOTUS seat.

Anyone who knows Kavanaugh proved himself unworthy of the seat last Thursday (regardless of how many times he may have proved it before that off camera) should give themselves a big pat on the back. They're right. Win or lose on the outcome, they're at least right. That's big.

Flake would be a contender for the Presidency in 2020 if he dumped Kavanaugh

Followers of Republicanism fall in line behind whoever has the R nomination. A lot of Trumpies would be saying, "Never Flake!" of course. But that would last right up to election day when, as the "Never Trumpers" did, all Republicanism followers will fall in line. That would leave Flake only needing Independents, and they would love him if he tossed Kavanaugh.

Why hasn't the American Bar Association weighed in on Kavanaugh?

He's unworthy of any court or the bar (the legal profession kind). If the ABA let's Kavanaugh on the court, the ABA stains itself forever.

The American Bar Association needs to reopen its review of Kavanaugh's fitness for SCOTUS

According to WaPo, the ABA downgraded Kavanaugh back in 2006 for being too biased among other things. Given Kavanaugh's Thursday performance, it is very clear that he doesn't belong on a court of any kind. If the ABA continues to allow Kavanaugh to skate on a "well qualified" grade despite his obvious meltdown Thursday, their credibility is as toast as his is.
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