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Followers of Republicanism shouldn't worry about Dems impeaching Trump along party lines.

Dems are above that.

If/when it becomes time to impeach Trump, Republicans will be among the first to invite him to the impeachment toga party.

As a white man, I don't like these other so-called white men grouping themselves with me.

These other white men think of themselves as "white men" when, in fact, a lot of them are more accurately described as dumbasses. Screw these idiots. They need to stop calling themselves white men. I don't need them creating and polluting that category. And I most definitely don't need them dragging respectable individuals like myself into cursed association with them.

If you are really just a loser or a dumbass, please just refer to yourself as such. Leave whiteness and maleness out of it. I happen to be white and male but that's mainly not what I am, and it's not what they are either.

Kelly just keeps making factual mistakes about non-whites, and never in their favor.

Then he doesn't apologize and correct himself once his error is shown. That makes him a liar and a racist, unfortunately. I don't see how it can be seen any other way. If he's not a racist, why doesn't he sometimes incorrectly say positive things about non-whites. His mistakes always go one way. Negative.

Kelly's type of racism is worse than the racism of the poor, broken neo-Nazi yahoos and skinhead types. They are just weak, sick, broken men. Kelly is a strong, sick, broken man.

Are people who approve of disrespecting dying former U.S. POWs inferior people?

Trump is actually having a terrible couple of weeks

North Korea is on track for getting everything it ever wanted. Optimists look forward to getting something back from NK, true. And I hope we do. But as of now, the score on the board is not a U.S. or a Trump win. Quite the contrary.

Then Trump's personal lawyer appears to have been influence peddling, including with a Kremlin tied oligarch.

Illegal border crossings are up. The Mueller investigation continues apace. A widely respected Senator doesn't want Trump at his funeral. Trump nuts upchuck vile bile on themselves in response.

This really does look like Charlie Sheen "winning" to me.

Where would our wealth be if people decided to stop believing in money and property?

Money and ownership are social contract concepts. This is what followers of Republicanism don't understand. They think it's possible to pee in just one side of the pool, then swim in the other. It doesn't work that way.

These young people that the followers of Republicanism like to screw over and damage via healthcare, nutrition, and education deprivation are really supposed to the organic basis for the value of all future wealth. Republicanists look at their bank accounts, property, 401(k) accounts and their (yes, sorry) entitlements and think those numbers and promises mean something.

They do if the social contract is upheld. They don't if we keep following the principles of Republicanism and allow selfishness, meanness, laziness, and stupidity to destroy the foundations of capitalism.

Republicans: "We can afford to be non-virtuous"

Sure you can.

Should Trump pull the U.S. out of the SOFA agreement?

Bush (Dubya 1) agreed to pull U.S. forces out of Iraq and set up a timeframe. Obama followed through on the agreement, but many followers of Republicanism criticized him for pulling out of Iraq "too soon" (despite the fact that it was their leadership example, Dubya 1, who had made the agreement in the first place).

Should Trump pull out of SOFA now and send troops back to Iraq? Was it a bad deal?

What would the result of Trump's NK meeting have to be in order for it to be a success?

Say NK's end of the deal is no more sanctions, $50B in "investment" from SK, and a guarantee of no invasion or attack by the US. What would our end need to be to say Trump succeeded?

Kim Jong-un met with Xi Jinping again.

Kim's probably asking Xi whether Trump likes original or extra crispy in order to surprise him with KFC at the summit. It wouldn't have anything to do with consolidating and enhancing North Korean and Chinese power and cooperation at the expense of the United States. Nothing of the sort. It's the chicken thing.
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