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Trump never called the "good guy without a gun."

That just looks really, really bad. You can bet that if a white guy had pulled out an AR-15 and shot the AR-15 Waffle House nut, Trump would still be tweeting about it to this day.

Instead, an unarmed black man stopped a nutty white AR-15 owner. Then the unarmed black hero started a Go Fund Me to help victims.

Not a peep from Trump.

It looks really, really bad. Really bad. I mean bad.

And remember, Trump doesn't believe much of anything himself. The bad things he does, he does for sales reasons. All of the wrong, mean, stupid things he does, he does because he believes his supporters are into wrong, mean, and stupid. He thinks he has them pegged.

Is he right?

Does the President "run the country?"

I read and hear this all the time. Trump is busy "running the country." I'm not sure I remember people saying Obama ran the country.

Why doesn't Trump just answer Mueller's questions?

Seems to me that Trump is deliberately slowing down the investigation. Then he gripes that it is taking too long.

Wolf's hilarious bit was a roast of Trump and the live audience.

She pushed every button that had a "don't push this button" sign on it. I loved it.

Trump deserves credit/blame for North Korean developments under his watch.

On the blame side, Trump gets the blame for NK successfully testing a hydrogen bomb and for their successful long range ICBM tests.

On the Trump credit side, North Korea's leader is acting a lot nicer, has visited South Korea, and will shut down a nuclear testing site now that it is no longer needed. The US, Russia, China, and others haven't tested in decades.

By my reckoning, that puts Trump deep in the red. He's got some real negotiating to do.

Republicans are now on the lookout for signs that Jackson is incompetent, dishonest, or unworthy.

If they don't find any, his nomination is sunk.

Is it wrong to call a woman a witch?

Could the RWNJs and SJWs of the world get a place all to themselves and leave the rest of us alone?

Maybe they could be given their own little area where they could go and the rest of us could just give them the attention level they deserve?

On edit: I apologize. The OP wasn't supposed to be about DI. Hopefully none of our resident righties (except maybe a couple) feel classified as RWNJs by me...same with lefties as SJWs.

Putin, oligarchs, et ilk, the Internet's coming for you guys.

We're rapidly getting to a situation where assholes can't hide. Trump and his fellow old school pieces of crap are about to go down. You guys are next.

(Yeah, I know this will get about four views. I don't care.)

Swifty's (sorry Fred, third person ripoff here) version of the Syria chemical weapons attack.

Trump correctly determines that the United States and Europe are stuck with an Iranian- and Russian-backed Assad regime. Trump decides to pull troops. That's not necessarily wrong.

Trump (idiotically) decides to announce he is pulling out troops to a bunch of Trumpie yahoos. They orgiastically roil and MAGA in ecstasy at the sound of Trump's well-honed approximation of bullshit-less speech mode. (The secret to success is, of course, sincerity. Once you can fake sincerity well, you've got it made.) The whole thing reminds me of night crawlers in a dewy field under moonlight. Extremely gross but natural.

Putin tells his little Syrian dirtball, Assad, to go ahead and do the usual "red line misbehavior." Assad complies. Children die in agony.

Trump is forced to order "something." He does. Cruise missiles again. This is just a repeat of previous episodes of the geopolitics reality show. No one notices. Click. Move on.

Trumpies faint in ecstasy. (They do that a lot.)

The Syrian profit center becomes even more entrenched. NBD.

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