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Pelosi's Br'er Rabbit trick on the wall may have worked.

She may have goaded Republicans into forcing border wall funding on a Republican party line vote. Nice move, if that's what she had in mind. If Republicans fall for this in the Senate, particularly if they eliminate the filibuster to get it passed (which would be completely outstanding), we can look forward to a lot of positive news for Dems over the next two years.

Unfortunately, it's more likely to just end up a draw. The Senate Republicans will gratefully allow the Dems to filibuster. Then Trump will (secretly happily) back down.

The NRA has served Russia's purpose and is now expendable.

Trump was elected. The Russians dropped that dookie right on the American flag. The division it has stirred up, the irreparable damage to the country's reputation, the giant deficits, the prohibition by Republicans against American jobs in clean energy...Russia got those results cheap, thanks to the NRA. Now the jig is up, and the NRA is useless to Putin going forward.

As a result, toy gun owners are suddenly going to start losing interest in their hobby. And they'll think it's their idea.

Two years is enough time for the Republicans to recover from helping to oust Trump

Trump's gonna be in really hot water by the end of January. It's already hot, and it's really going to get hotter. Dems in the House are going to be going through Nunes's Republican Investigation file cabinets and collecting all the "Whatever you do, don't show this to the American People" folders. It will not be pretty.

Suppose for the sake of argument that Republican politicians were mostly cynical, opportunistic, amoral, sycophantic, treacherous cowards. I know it's a stretch. Two years might look to them like plenty of time to recover their images after turning on Trump and joining with Dems to oust him. Trumpies have a very, very short memory.

Looks like Trump and his Republicans are about to tank the Obama economy.

Starting a trade war, borrowing $1.5T to give to corporations, and now about to shut down the government. We could have cruised along for years on Obama prosperity. We could have fixed Social Security and Medicare.

Now we're losing all of our 401(k) gains thanks to Trump and his Republicans. The world pities U.S. as stupid thanks to Trump and his Republicans.

To combat dirty money, Britain asks: How did you pay for that mansion?

LONDON — Until quite recently, Zamira Hajiyeva was living the high life, according to British authorities. She had a $15 million townhouse in London’s tony Knightsbridge neighborhood, a golf club in the English countryside and a gold-plated shopping habit at Harrods.

That was before a British court this year asked the 55-year-old from Azerbaijan an impertinent question: How did she afford those purchases?

That query is at the heart of a bold British push to try to reverse what the government believes is a flood of foreign investment stemming from overseas corruption and criminality.

For more than a decade, ultrarich people from the former Soviet Union, China and the Middle East have turned to London mansions, New York high-rises, and chic properties in Vancouver, Miami and Paris to store their cash. The phenomenon has turned the real estate markets of North American and European cities into the savings accounts of wealthy foreigners — some of whom face allegations of corruption or crime back home.

This looks like something we should do in America, maybe. What does everybody think?

Trump to Flip on the Devil


According to high level sources, Federal prosecutors have accepted cooperation from President Trump in their ongoing investigation of Lucifer (R) for metaphysical crimes including sedition against an all-powerful deity, racketeering as leader of a "Principality of Darkness," and fathering all lies.

Reached for comment, Lucifer's Press Secretary, Richard M. Nixon, read a statement from Lucifer calling Trump a "known liar and a mere weakling human whom I will crush." The Prince of Darkness, according to Nixon, is "confident the human race will see through this transparent witch hunt by Democrats and continue to make record reservations in Lucifer's popular 'Firelake' chain of hotels."

In an ABC News interview scheduled for broadcast tonight, Trump is quoted as saying that "Mr. Lucifer deceived me. Other guys got to meet Helen of Troy. What did I get? Peanut stuff. My agent told me I was getting a spot in the administration in the afterlife. Now I hear it's undersecretary to Jerry Falwell? No way. No way in Hell."

Thanks to an agreement with ABC News, all other networks except Fox News will simulcast the interview tonight without commercial interruption. Fox News, citing schedule and advertiser conflict, will rebroadcast a half-hour special, "The Whirling Spiral that Makes you Sleepy...Sleepy...Sleepy."


The Hard Truths of Trying to Save the Rural Economy

Can rural America be saved?

There are 60 million people, almost one in five Americans, living on farms, in hamlets and in small towns across the landscape. For the last quarter century the story of these places has been one of relentless economic decline.

You rural Trumpies...I feel for ya. Money driven out by followers of Republicanism and their absurdly simplistic form of "capitalism." Republicanism says your way of life can go the way of the dodo. It's the will of Money. Democrats aren't a lot better. Too bad. Seriously. Money, folks, is imaginary.

Heck, I thought the NRA was just a white nationalist knitting club...

...for guys who can't handle the complexity of video game controllers. But it turns out the NRA is just a Russian shell company. Who knew?

Trump is building up Cohen for a future Republican Presidential bid today.

Why is Trump trying to raise Cohen's respectability in the Republican Party today? The things Trump is saying about Cohen can only be interpreted one way: Cohen is Republican Party leadership material.

Things Nazis and Communists have in common.

Both were terrible. But they were/are arguably the same thing with a different economic flavor.

1. Cult leader/strongman (Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim Jong-un for example)
2. Doctrinaire
3. Anti-rational, anti-intellectual
4. Nationalistic
5. Willingly spreading and accepting propaganda
6. Enemies of the state designated by the state and oppressed
7. Minorities used as scapegoats and oppressed
8. State-dominated and antagonistic to free press
9. Anti-democratic

Am I missing any?
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