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The Baby Trump idea has some staying power.

It's almost as cartoonish as Trump himself. I think Trump hasn't seen the last of Baby Trump.

Merkel should threaten to cancel the pipeline deal.

It would be good to see the leader of the Republican Party thoroughly pissed off when he meets Trump in Helsinki.

There's a certain kind of guy who beats up on "his friends" or family.

But he's afraid of and kisses the ass of others.

I think followers of Republicanism and Dems can all agree Trump is a liar.

The only thing we really differ on is whether it meets our personal standards. It doesn't meet mine. I feel good about that.

Give each Trumpie who likes walls their own personal wall.

Let the Trumpie choose a spot somewhere they like. Then, at government expense, build a wall about eight feet high and 10 feet in diameter in a circle around that spot. That should keep people out of his territory.

It would keep out not only Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans, but the whole world. Lower cost; keeps out more people. Now that's a wall deal! Mexico might even pay for it.

Under what circumstances do you hear the word "fair" from followers of Republicanism?

Trump taking back tax cuts from Trumpies by stiffing ACA payments

Trumpies just lost another part of their tax cuts. Trump is refusing to pay health insurance companies. They can either go out of business or pass the costs on to the trusting Trumpies. I wonder which they will choose.

North Korea calls U.S. attitude toward talks regrettable, robber-like, rejecting Pompeos assess

TOKYO — Hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hailed his two-day visit to Pynongyang as a “productive” round of “good-faith negotiations,” North Korea on Saturday sharply criticized U.S. negotiators’ attitude during the talks as “regrettable” and “robber-like,” accusing the United States of making unilateral demands to denuclearize.

The remarks exposed the fragility surrounding discussions at the center of President Trump's foreign policy, raising questions about Pyongyang’s intentions and whether the Foreign Ministry’s statement represents a temporary outburst or if it signified a deeper misunderstanding between the two negotiating teams.

The statement, issued Saturday by an unnamed spokesman and shared by the state-run Korea Central News Agency, said the United States violated the spirit of the June 12 Singapore summit between President Trump and North Norean leader Kim Jong Un. It contradicted statements made earlier by Pompeo, who signaled the visit made “progress on almost all of the central issues.”

At the same time, North Korea said it still wants to build on the “friendly relationship and trust” that Trump and Kim created during the Singapore gathering. Pompeo did not meet with the North Korean leader during his visit and did not secure a shared understanding of the path to denuclearization.

Pompeo doesn't seem to be following Trump's game plan: give unilateral concessions, claim victory, ignore NK's growing nuke capacity. Trump's probably going to have to have another meeting with Kim Jong-Un and give him some more concessions to keep him bottled up until after the November mid-terms.

I think the funny uncles have had enough wrestling for one night.

Time to push them back up in the attic.

What day do secessionist Republicans celebrate that corresponds to July 4th?

I admit, I know little of the "anti-United States" subculture. Do they have special foods they consume? Robes? What?

What do they do on Flag Day?
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