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Putin, oligarchs, et ilk, the Internet's coming for you guys.

We're rapidly getting to a situation where assholes can't hide. Trump and his fellow old school pieces of crap are about to go down. You guys are next.

(Yeah, I know this will get about four views. I don't care.)

Swifty's (sorry Fred, third person ripoff here) version of the Syria chemical weapons attack.

Trump correctly determines that the United States and Europe are stuck with an Iranian- and Russian-backed Assad regime. Trump decides to pull troops. That's not necessarily wrong.

Trump (idiotically) decides to announce he is pulling out troops to a bunch of Trumpie yahoos. They orgiastically roil and MAGA in ecstasy at the sound of Trump's well-honed approximation of bullshit-less speech mode. (The secret to success is, of course, sincerity. Once you can fake sincerity well, you've got it made.) The whole thing reminds me of night crawlers in a dewy field under moonlight. Extremely gross but natural.

Putin tells his little Syrian dirtball, Assad, to go ahead and do the usual "red line misbehavior." Assad complies. Children die in agony.

Trump is forced to order "something." He does. Cruise missiles again. This is just a repeat of previous episodes of the geopolitics reality show. No one notices. Click. Move on.

Trumpies faint in ecstasy. (They do that a lot.)

The Syrian profit center becomes even more entrenched. NBD.

The Putin Problem

What can we do about that kleptomaniacal, sneaky-ass piece of crap?

Well, for one thing, we can start realizing he's a kleptomaniacal, sneaky-ass piece of crap.

How did he get so rich? Who are all of these vermin oligarchs who got rich with him?

Putin honestly seems to have the world convinced he wants to make the Soviet Union great again. But even he must realize that's completely impossible. He's just an antiquated, pathetic, mobster.

Trump said "Mission Accomplished!"

Chills. Obviously, Trump knows how that phrase represents the very worst of Dubya 1. What on Earth is Dubya 2 thinking? Is he being funny?

Remember, Trump caused this whole thing with his dumb announcement about troop withdrawals.

The man is a complete F-up.

The news needs to stop vouching for Trump.

They keep saying things like, "Trump believes he is being treated unfairly by so-and-so." No. They need to stick to the facts and say, "Trump SAYS he believes he is being treated unfairly."

Who is the bigger liar, Trump or Ryan?

Days between dates in Syria

Days between 8/21/2013 and 4/4/2017: 1,322
Days between 4/4/2017 and 4/7/2018: 368

I should point out that I'm not arguing we should boost troop levels or invade. I'm saying that Obama's approach worked better than Trump's.

Enjoy old movies again! Assume a Fox News point of view temporarily.

Instead of suspending disbelief the next time you watch True Grit, It's a Wonderful Life, or The Untouchables, just assume a Fox News viewer attitude.

Rooster Cogburn didn't have true grit. He was just some government law dog on the take. So-called "outlaws" were the true patriots of their time, refusing to kowtow to PC social rules. Fox News viewership folks truly understand that "infamous" guns-a-blazin charge across the field for what it really was, a band of free spirited heroes taking on a paid government thug with an eye patch. When Ned Pepper gets shot, it's tragedy. Tears roll down Fox viewer cheeks. It's Hector all over again. The good guy is no more. The bad guy with the eye patch lives to stalk patriots again. Grim.

Then switch on It's a Wonderful Life and stay with the Fox News viewer attitude. A commie do-gooder screws up the town by being born. We get a brief glimpse of what life could have been like for everyone without Mr. Goodie Two Shoes. Free enterprise. Freedom itself. The weak suffer. A crappy pharmacist is dragged off to prison where he belongs. The dinginess of the town is palpable, breathtaking, beautiful. Then, unfortunately, the commie guy is allowed to decide to live and the Potter utopia that could have been vanishes. In the end, the comrades gather and sing in an obscene display of hatred for the natural processes of capitalism.

Finally, The Untouchables. Elliot Ness leads a gang of deep state cutthroats trying to force people to pay taxes. The Fox News viewer hero of the flick, one Alphonse Capone, is the little guy against the government in this David vs. Goliath cautionary tale. Tragically, Capone can't possibly withstand the dystopian nightmare monster that is United States federal law enforcement. In the end, he is imprisoned, the Nelson Mandela of his time.

Didn't we just have a Trump Syria screw-up exactly like this last year?

March 31, 2017
White House Accepts ‘Political Reality’ of Assad’s Grip on Power in Syria

Syria attacked with chemical weapons on April 4th, four days later. April 4th, 2017.

...Then Trump used some cruise missiles on an airfield and everyone forgot he basically caused the problem to begin with.

Almost exactly a year later, on March 29th, 2018, Trump decided to tell Syria he was going to pull troops out.

Trump says US will withdraw from Syria 'very soon'

Syria attacked with chemical weapons on April 7th, 2018, nine days later.

Did Trump screw the pooch twice here? McCain is at least calling him on this latest one.
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