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Trump is saving the Dems from themselves.

Dems owe Trump a debt of gratitude. He's a loud, smelly albatross who has wrapped himself around the Republican Party's neck for us. If anything was ever going to sink the Republican Party, it was the exposure of what it really stands for. Trump is the Republican id, sitting right on the surface, drawing gasps of disgust from people who have standards and self-respect.

Dems and Dem leaners are uniting rapidly and finally fully motivated to vote our numbers, and it's because of this one silly, orange, moronic asshole named Trump. Thank you, little Donnie...for being you...and for being Republican. The SS Trump is sailing at full steam with the Republican Party all aboard. Exactly what Dems needed.

Where are these non-sanctuary cities, towns, etc.?

These Trumpies need to tell me, what's an example of a place that they approve of that isn't a "sanctuary?" Last time I checked, Republican farmers are "sanctuary farmers," and, if I recall, the Republican President is a "sanctuary employer."

Who? Where? This sanctuary city stuff, I claim, is just more nonsense in the nonsense world of followers of Republicanism. Nothing works the way they think it does.

Followers of Republicanism only: Is there anything illogical about Trump's sanctuary release plan?

Non-followers of Republicanism, don't help them! Let them work it out.

Assange is "lucky" he held out until the Mueller Investigation ended.

Otherwise, he'd be facing Mueller instead of Barr.

If Obama could run against Trump in 2020, who would win?

Man, that Mueller Report must really be a doozy.

Barr's going all out to try to save Trump from it. The new angle is to have Barr say the word "spying" and then quickly walk it back and dissemble. Barr knows that his Barr Report can only cover up the truth in the Mueller Report for so long. So the next step is to undermine the Mueller Report.

Why would Trump, his new hand-picked Attorney General, and Republicans be trying to undermine the origins of the Mueller Report if it supposedly exonerated Trump? It must be pretty bad for him.

Has Trump made a deal with the Dems to tank the Republican Party in 2020?

Seems like it.

Looks like Trump and his Republicans are about to crash the economy again.

Actions by federal regulators and Republicans in Congress over the past two years have paved the way for banks and other financial companies to issue more than $1 trillion in risky corporate loans, sparking fears that Washington and Wall Street are repeating the mistakes made before the financial crisis.

The moves undercut policies put in place by banking regulators six years ago that aimed to prevent high-risk lending from once again damaging the economy.

Now, regulators and even White House officials are struggling to comprehend the scope and potential dangers of the massive pool of credits, known as leveraged loans, they helped create.

Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and other financial companies have originated these loans to hundreds of cash-strapped companies, many of which could be unable to repay if the economy slows or interest rates rise.

The Barr Report just whetted America's and the world's appetite for the Mueller Report

Backfire. I think the Republican theory was what a lot of media pundits suggested. By initially releasing the Barr Report (Barr's four-pager) in place of the Mueller Report, Trump, his new AG, and the Republican Party hoped they could sell the public a substitute for the Mueller Report.

It hasn't worked. The public smells the rat. Now people really want to see what was in the Mueller Report and compare it to what Trump and his Republicans tried to sell them. If anything, that's going to make the damning evidence and conclusions in the real report look even more damning and conclusive.

Soros buying Fox News in 2016 was a master stroke.

This guy Trump can act. None of the Fox audience even remembers he's a New York Democrat. I'll admit, I thought he was pushing it way too far. I thought he was ridiculously underestimating his audience's intelligence and sense of morals. Nope. They are lapping it up. Kudos to the Fox News producers and, of course, Mr. Soros for coming up with the whole thing.

It sometimes seems like kind of a dirty trick, but we need to keep it up. Remember, shh...Keep communications on real Twitter.
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