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What on Earth would give "prince" MBS the idea he could order someone killed?

Some rat-faced, sneaky-assed, mobster-like tyrant ordering someone rubbed out? He would have to be shaking in his boots that the United States would...would...

What did we ever get from the Saudis besides the 9/11 hijackers and oil price gouging?

Why is it that followers of Republicanism put out the red light on America's door for the Saudis? We don't need their money. And they are probably just sending examples of all the weapons we sell them to Russia to copy and use against American soldiers. How can followers of Republicanism tolerate tha...oh, wait.


How do we know what Daniels was referring to when she called Trump "Tiny?"

So much about him is so miniscule. We might be jumping to conclusions thinking she was just only talking about his character. She might have been talking about his manhood or even, of course, his penis.

Will Trump pull a Judge Smails on the $1M?

So it looks like Trump and the Trumpies are wrong followed by wronger.

They doubted Warren's word that she had Native American ancestry. So there's wrong. And then, of course, far far wronger, not admitting to the first wrong. Losing and losing and losing.

A minority on the left "pushed" the majority on the right into into foul territory.

The Kaepernicks, the BLMs, the pronoun insisters, "Antifa," the radical feminists, the radical gun controllers, "the Clintons," and so forth, "pushed" a majority on the right into foul territory. These trivial "reasons" were magnified and distorted in the minds of followers of Republicanism, morphing into excuses for adopting substandard character. None of these excuses justify that. (There's really no excuse for it, but certainly not this misperceived trivia.) The followers of Republicanism are making mountains out of molehills and using the "mountains" to justify doing wrong.

If and when the followers of Republicanism (again, I'm not talking about authentic conservatives with whom I share many values) figure out what they have done to themselves, they will feel the shame of it and change. Unfortunately, I don't think the world can wait that long. The Republicanist insistence on ignoring and worsening global warming is too near term and catastrophic in its effects. We can't wait for the hotheaded, wayward followers of Republicanism to figure out that they have become the enemies of their own values and obstacles to those who want to take action to preserve the environment and increase jobs.

Voting all Republicans out of every office is the only way to save not only the planet but the followers of Republicanism themselves. Indeed, authentic conservatives (and long-time members of the Republican Party) have called for this. They are right. If the followers of Republicanism can't look in the mirror and realize that they drifted across the foul lines for what amount to trivial reasons, then the American voting majority will need to give them a good solid wake-up call.

Is Trump rewarding hostage takers by singing their praises when they release a hostage?

The pattern should be: 1) You take a hostage, 2) We call you out and punish you, 3) You release the hostages, 4) We continue to punish you for a while for your crime. 5) After a good long punishment, the punishment ends with no fanfare.

Trump's pattern is: 1) You take a hostage, 2) Trump says nothing (or not much) about the hostage being taken, 3) Trump quietly has his people negotiate the release of the hostage, 4) The hostage is released, 5) Trump brags that he got a hostage released "like no one else could have" (or words to that effect), 6) Trump announces that the hostage takers are fine, upstanding people and even says he has fallen in love with them.

This is just going to encourage hostage takers to take more hostages.

Is Trump rewarding hostage takers by giving them something priceless? Recognition and praise from the President of the United States?

I'm starting to think Roseanne Barr got a raw deal.

She probably didn't mean her comment to be racist.

I thought when they cancelled her show that they would likely bring it back without her. They may have killed her character in the new show from what I understand. But I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't work her into some episodes about two years down the road...dreams and so forth.

Has everyone finally had enough of Republicans tying our hands in the work against global warming?

All Republicans need to be voted out of every office in every election. We would be halfway to solving global warming right now if followers of Republicanism hadn't tied our hands. We would be solving global warming by doing hard work, and hard work means good jobs. Republicans took that from us.

Has everyone had enough of them?

How do followers of Republicanism interpret the movie Billy Jack?

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