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Does Trump believe conspiracy theories or just promote ones he doesn't believe?

Obama wasn't born in the United States? Three to five million illegals voted, costing Trump the popular vote win? Democrats faked the Puerto Rico death toll numbers to make him look bad? Do you think Trump believes these things himself, or is he just shoveling it out there for others to believe.

Should Trump circle his properties with replicas of the wall he is forcing onto others' properties?

In my never-ending series of polls on Trump's keeping his own skin out of every Trump game...Should Trump be expected to put "electrified, razor wire, radar, video droned, armed guard walls" around his own properties like he expects landowners on our Southern border to do?

Republican farmers must be getting sick of Trump

First Trump cut their soybean prices. Then he had the nerve to offer them a pittance of government charity extracted from U.S. taxpayers. Does Trump care that these farmers may have lost market share for good?

Then the laws of probability caught up with a Republican farmer in Iowa who hired the (apparently) confessed murderer of a young woman. Trump is, of course, happy to have a bell curve tail case to use as "proof" (which it isn't even close to being) for his stupid wall idea. But Republican farmers? I doubt they are happy. Thanks to Trump they are now going to be held accountable for the behavior of any current or past hires they have made. All in the service of mathematically greasy ignorance, racism, and hucksterism.

If only Obama could take credit for his economy...

Unfortunately, Obama may feel he can't loudly take credit for the Obama/Dem economy we are all enjoying. If he did, it would remind those who follow Republicanism that they gave the world leadership example Dubya. The very worst thing Obama did from the true perspective of those who follow Republicanism is be a lot better than Dubya. Obama succeeded immediately after their huge failure, in other words. That's his unforgiveable sin.

Suppose you hired a guy to brick your new patio. He goes out there, breaks all of your expensive bricks, digs a hole in the middle with his backhoe, and cuts through your sewer line and TV cable. He gets "done," and you've got a shambles in your back yard and a huge bill. That's what the Republicans did with Dubya.

But now your brother-in-law (the successful one you don't like) hires another bricklayer. The new bricklayer cleans up the mess and leaves the patio spotless and ready for use. He charges a fraction of the cost of the incompetent bricklayer you hired. Your brother-in-law's bricklayer was plainly better.

Still, you complain about the patio. You are careful not to talk about the bricklayer you chose, because that would only show you for a fool and make your brother-in-law feel superior. So you dump the used oil from your last oil change on a section of patio and complain that it has an oil stain. You take a pick to another section in the middle of the night and complain the next morning that there are cracks. Finally, you call in your incompetent bricklayer's twin brother and ask him to "fix" the problems you have "found."

The new bricklayer goes out on the perfectly good patio and takes a long nap in one of the hammocks. You fall all over him in praise. The bricks stayed where they were! My goodness! The new bricklayer deserves huge credit, you say. And, of course, you deserve credit for picking him. (The real payoff in this scenario.)

The good bricklayer? You still have nothing but bad things to say about him. He's taking heat from you because you can't admit you were wrong. You so can't admit you were wrong that you would rather be wrong again then give your brick projects to the better bricklayer.

You give the work for your chimney tuckpointing to the bad bricklayer. You come home and find a giant crater in your patio. The chimney fell on it.

If you wanted moral guidance, would you be able to trust an Evangelical Trump supporter?

I'm not talking about Evangelicals in general, of course, and I have absolutely nothing against them. On the contrary, I have a great deal of respect for Evangelical Christianity. My question is, "What have Evangelical Trump supporters done to their faith's moral and religious credibility?"

Suppose someone were seeking guidance and fellowship and needed or was leaning toward Evangelical Christianity. Then they find out that a very substantial number of Evangelicals supported (and some continue to support) Donald Trump. What if that seeking person turned away after seeing this fairly apparent display of wanton principle hedging and faith underperformance.

Is Trump worth it? If not, how can Evangelical Trump supporters undo the damage they have done?

Would Republicans fail the Constitution and refuse to impeach Trump if it is warranted?

I think we Dems should make absolutely clear that we are not ravenous for a Constitution-abusing, party-line impeachment. Good parties don't do that. The question of Trump's impeachment should be turned back on Republicans. Would Republicans abandon their duty to the Constitution and fail to impeach Trump if the Mueller investigation shows it is appropriate?

In a slickness contest, who would win, Trump or Bill Clinton?

Should owners of farmland, beachfront property, etc., sue carbon polluters?

If you bought a farm or beachfront property (or whatever) based on the climate twenty to thirty years ago, maybe you should sue those responsible for changing the climate. The Republican Party continues to hand out free rights to pollute the air and change the climate to any industry ready to help get Republicans elected. As long as that is happening, those whose property value is stripped from them by climate change really have no alternative. If Republicans are going to accept money to side with those who are literally taking the rain out of the sky in some areas, farmers and others have a right to be compensated. They should sue.

The same goes for anyone whose property value is under assault by Republicans and the carbon polluting industries that pay Republicans to do their bidding. The southern states, thanks to Republicans, may be looking at a future where they are essentially living in northern Mexico's current climate. In effect (and I'm only barely kidding), Republicans are kicking southern folks out of the country and into Mexico.

Maybe a lawsuit or two will get the attention of carbon polluters. If they had to pay for the right to pump carbon into the air (instead of paying off Republicans to let them pollute for free), polluters would change their ways. Maybe then, farmers wouldn't be seeing their land and irrigation rivers dry up, people with beachfront property wouldn't be watching it fall into the sea, etc. The people who do the damage should be paying for the damage they do. That's the carbon polluters.

In the meantime, another thing we can do is simply try to vote every Republican out of every office in every election. We need to send them a message that siding with global warming against the American people won't be laughed off as a "hoax" anymore. People are catching on.

Revoking Brennan's clearance is an impeachable offense.

It's a high crime or misdemeanor, a clear abuse of authority. A president simply can't do what Trump did. He's not a dictator or a king, and acting like one is impeachable.

Should Trump give Harley-Davidson $100M to cover its losses from his Republican trade war?

Trump started the war, but apparently other people are expected to quietly take the losses. It takes a lot of gall for Trump to put down and call for a boycott of HD when Trump and his money are sitting safely out of harm's way.

Should Trump cover Harley's losses?
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