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Should cult member deprogramming be covered by national health care?

Did Trump just blunder into a Cohen trap (that might itself be a blunder)?

Trump just said Cohen directly asked him for a pardon. So if they go after Cohen for perjury, Trump has to take the witness stand? I think Trump may be in a "chased him too far" situation. He's standing in a cloud of dust, looking back at Cohen the roadrunner.

Trump is probably to blame for the large increases in immigrants at the southern border.

I've been hearing this argument. The latest time was on NPR this morning. The idea is that by mouthing off and fantasizing about building a wall, Trump has created a kind of fire sale mentality in the would be immigrant population. There's no chance that a wall will work or would ever be built, but the folks who want to come here don't know that any more than the Trumpies do. Those folks mistakenly think they have to hurry here before Trump's magic wall goes up. Amazing world we live in.

Is Trumpism a protest movement against competence?

It's worth thinking about. Are many Trump's supporters resentful of competency-based "elitism?" Trump's personal form of elitism is just old style "my Daddy gave me my money so I'm better than you." It may seem strange, but that form of elitism is accessible to anyone, no matter how ignorant, incompetent, uneducated, dishonest, etc. (Witness Trump himself.)

"Elitism" based on competency, talent, character, etc., has to be achieved by a worthy individual through hard work and ability. It's much more difficult. In fact, it's because it is more difficult and because it is based on personal virtue that we don't really rightly call it elitism. We call it achievement.

Are a lot of Trump followers resentful of achievement? Is that why they don't like "virtue signaling?" Maybe they are just opposed to virtue? What's that about?

Nobody can save Trump from this new type of bankruptcy he's facing

He outthunk himself this time. He's hoping the Trumpies can save him. Unfortunately, there aren't that many of them, and they are starting to be blamed for Trump. Moderate Republicans are trapped, but that's only until the primaries.

Trump has hosed the conduct of foreign policy by all U.S. presidents going forward.

A summit meeting with the President of the United States is no longer an honor. People say that Trump gave Kim legitimacy and prestige by meeting with him. Not really. Kim's still Kim, a kind of lowlife. Everybody always knew that, and they still know it now. He's as low as ever.

Nope, think about it. Trump didn't lift Kim Jong-un at all; Trump lowered the U.S. Presidency. For all time. Who's going to negotiate with any U.S. President going forward knowing that America has had a nimrod like Trump in that office? Why negotiate or make deals with a U.S. President–no matter how personally respectable they might be–when you know that that president can just be followed by, sorry, an untrustworthy, unreliable, ignorant, flaky loser?

The Republican Party is to blame here. For America to get back its pride, Trump is going to have to be tossed out of office by voters along with every single Republican. That's how we make America great again.

How do you feel about Trump being a racist, a liar, and a con man?

Bernie is going to divide the Party, the Republican Party

A whole lot of Trumpies are populists who would have voted Democrat if Bernie had been on the ticket. They wanted the "magic health care" Trump promised. You know, the fantastic health care that covers everyone and is cheap... They also hankered after the "magic wall," the coal mining jobs, the tax cuts. They aren't going to have gotten any of those from Trump and his Republicans. Those promises were all lies.

If Bernie is the nominee, he'll clobber Trump, if Trump is the Republican nominee. I think it will be Biden for the Dems, though, and he will also clobber Trump.

Do Trumpies have any standing to criticize Smollett on lying?

I don't see how, but let's see what the board thinks. For the sake of argument, assume Smollett lied about his incident. Please answer with a straight face.

I hear some flake "TV personality" told the American people a bunch of lies...

...designed to rile them up and gain attention and influence for himself. But enough about Trump. Jussie Smollett may have done something like that too (on a much, much smaller scale).
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