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Seniors should realize that Trumpian instability isn't good for Seniors.

And I'll bet seniors do realize that. Every time Trump does one of his rallies primarily geared toward the yahoo demographic, it has to bother seniors. They need stability in their retirement incomes and healthcare. A bunch of hooting, chanting numbskulls doesn't in any way look like stability. I think Trump has made a mistake. I think he may actually have scared seniors...scared them away from himself and the rally types.

Could one of you followers of Republicanism point me to the Fox News fact checker link?

I'm having trouble finding it.


Trump is spending $200M taxpayer money and using soldiers as pawns for Republicans


Followers of Republicanism frantically tune their radios to avoid the virtue signal.

But it just keeps playing...and playing...and playing.

Who are Trump's Republican base?

And why are they base? Why do Republicans even want the votes of the base?

Dems can win the election or the character contest or both. They can't lose.

Only those who don't vote against Republicans lose.

Many Republicanism followers are more motivated when they are in the wrong than in the right.

After the first Dubya, Republican George W. Bush, many followers of Republicanism weren't ashamed for what they had put the country through. They didn't say to themselves, "Look what Dubya did. Maybe I should think about a few things." Instead, they got angry.

As I've mentioned before, one of the key ways you can tell an asshole from a better person is that when the better person does something wrong, they feel bad and want to make up for it. The asshole, on the other hand, gets angry, wants to hide and explain away what they did, and blames others. The really, really assholish ones are angriest at those who were in the right. The feeling of being wrong and that someone else is in the right is among the worst feelings for those who make mistakes and are afflicted with an asshole attitude. It is a terrible way to be, because it leads to anger spirals where anger induces more error and error induces more anger.

Because of this dynamic, the wrongness of Trump and the Republicans really can backfire and bring yet more wrong into power. Elections are not won by those in the right; they are won by those who vote. And many, many followers of Republicanism who are in the wrong will be highly motivated to hide and deny their wrongness by voting in the midterms.

(This is nothing new, by the way. This feeling of resentment of others as a response to one's own mistakes is one of the main currents of Republicanism. It's one of the key things that separates Republicanism from a healthy conservatism, in fact.)

Looks like the massacre was set off by Trump's migrant/caravan hysteria.

Wapo has this to say:

Messages posted by the (latest dirtball's) account under his name, recovered before it was deactivated, included white supremacist symbols and anti-Semitic messaging. Recent postings specifically focused on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, known as HIAS, which is one of nine organizations that works with the federal government to resettle refugees in American communities.

“HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in,” reads a posting on the account that appears to have been published just before the shooting Saturday morning.

And Jennifer Rubin says,

The Pittsburgh gunman reportedly focused his ire on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), accusing it of funding the Central American caravan of refugees, which he dubbed “invaders.” Recently, Trump supporters and Fox News programming, following the president’s lead, have obsessed with escalating hysteria over the caravan — which is hundreds of miles from our southern border — and Trumpites have even claimed it is funded by Soros, whose name figures prominently in their conspiratorial rhetoric.

That's two loons Trump, Fox News, and the Republican candidates who enable Trump by bowing to him are responsible for pushing over the edge.

Are CCW, AR-15, militia-joiner, Trump-rallier types more likely to have a screw loose?

If you feed the bears and they later attack campers...

... It's your fault. It's not just Trump by the way. Rising antisemitism is one of the cases where the Republican Party, followers of Republicanism, and Trump are all due blame.
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