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Ferguson is just a symptom.

Everybody has their favorite symptom to blame. It's the cops, the "black culture," the racists, the prosecutor, the grand jury, Darren Wilson, Michael Brown himself... But it's really all and none of the above.

The biggest part of the actual disease that we can easily do something about is the Drug War. It needs to turn into something besides a war. The sooner the better.

The Drug War pits the cops against the poor, the hedonistic, and the sick. It's an actual war, because cops are not social workers. Thanks to the Drug War, we have invaded ourselves and are engaging in an insurgency against ourselves. All sides take lives; all sides take damage.

This isn't about equivalency. It's about root causes, vicious cycles, and an antiquated, incompetent system that creates errors.

If there had been no Drug War, Michael Brown might have been a good cop. If you're laughing and not crying, think again.

War on women didn't work. Distancing from Obama didn't work.

Both of those were mistakes. Republicans limit women's freedom and reduce the range of their achievable aspirations, but it's not "war." Can't we think of some other way to say it? Like "Republicans are a pain in the ass to women." Something like that.

Trying to distance from Obama was by far the worst thing, though. First, it's impossible. The Republicans can find photos, check voting records, etc., to show a Dem is connected to Obama. Also, even if those aren't there, the Republicans will just lie.

Second, by backing away from Obama, Dems only confirmed the ridiculously wrong idea that Obama was someone who needed to be backed away from.

We were up against the dumbest, craziest bunch of Republicans to come along in generations. We let the party of George W. Bush put down the vastly superior Barack Obama, and we even helped them.

We folded with a full boat against a pair of twos. Not even a pair of twos. Let's not do that again. Dems, you realize Republicans are going to try it again in 2016, right? You get another bite at the apple. Take a big bite next time, because Republicans have nothing.

The good thing is that we get to hear the Republican ideas now. Well, we hope we do. Obama's already set the stage for handing Republicans the microphone and letting them sing. Cats in heat are covering their ears. Chuck Barris stands at the ready.

I'll be voting tomorrow, but really, Dems win either way.

I always vote, and tomorrow will be no different. There is an outside chance that the triumphalism of the Republicans will lead to a rapid reversal. The political team who brought the world President George W. Bush and almost brought us Vice President Sarah Palin is exactly the type to spike the ball on the three yard line, then trip over it into the end zone.

So a Republican failure to take the Senate would be both funny and good for the country.

On the other hand, if the Dems lose the Senate we could have some real fireworks for a change. The House Republicans won't be able to avoid a real fight with Obama any more. To date, the evil Jerry Lewises of the Republican House have been able to pose as fighters. "Let me at him. Let me at him. If only the Senate weren't stopping us, we'd be all over that bum, Obama..."

So now, the Senate will no longer be in the way, and Obama is probably going to treat evil Jerry Lewis to a view of the ceiling. Remember what happened at the House Republican Caucus retreat a while back? Like that.

Then also, in politics, there is nothing better than letting the crazy have a mic. Think of all the good Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have done Democrats. You've heard that you should never argue with a fool, and that's usually true. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't let them have the mic. If the Senate goes into Republican hands, the yahoos in that party are going to be stamping the floor for action, and the nutsos are going to come out of the woodwork.

I'm very, very optimistic, regardless of how the election goes tomorrow.

Actually, it's probably the happy people skipping voting.

There are no Republican-generated economic catastrophes or unnecessary wars to oppose this election cycle. Also, Republicans and the disgruntled left have successfully demonized government and the Democrats respectively. It's just the usual psychological/propaganda mess without the obvious, bone-jarring screw-ups that drive themselves like a nail through the fog whenever Republicans have anything resembling power.

Think about it. If I'm doing OK and I don't care much about other people, I would probably just leave the polls to the disgruntled people and not vote. If some disgruntled working and middle class people want to take another couple of chugs from the Republican bottle in that paper bag, let them. You might feel sorry for their innocent families and friends; you might worry a little about climate change getting no action for a couple of years; the drug war might get a boost; students may pay a couple thousand more than they would have had to... But you can't lose sleep over it.

People get what they vote for (or fail to vote against), and you can't save people from themselves. We hit rock bottom under George W. Bush and his Republicans a few years ago. We bounced a bit. Under Democrats, we got health care, our jobs back, a diminished war on drugs, a victory in the war for marriage equality, recovered house and retirement savings values, no new wars, and on and on. But now we may be pretty much in the situation where some (very sadly) desperate people crave another nip of the Republican rotgut.

It's cynical, but a lot of the the happy people who "got theirs" under Democrats and Obama may just be a little fine with letting the Republicans pull up the ladder on other folks for a while. Hate to think it, but I think it's there. Most of it is just not feeling like doing anything you don't "have to do" when things are going Ok. And, like I say, the Republicans and disgruntled left have done a good job making voting and governing seem futile.
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