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I now have to skip my favorite gas station thanks to Fox News

My favorite gas station has been running Fox News on its pump TV screen. I won't be getting gas there or shopping in the store.

I am not sure what the few businesses that still run Fox News on their public-facing devices are thinking. Showing Fox News isn't going to get them any customers, and it will definitely cost them a lot. I don't go to the gas station to have my intelligence insulted, and the befuddled, benighted Fox News demographic mix doesn't go there for entertainment.

We all just want gas, not pet-food-grade propaganda or a political fix.

Republicanism and its drug war are the root causes of the cop killings.

Sure, the guy who killed the cops was subhuman scum. Sure, Michael Brown would be alive today if he hadn't apparently committed a completely terrible and felonious assault on a cop. Of course.

But those are the kinds of things that happen when you have naive and mean Republicanism behind social policy. George W. Bush and Sarah Palin are Republicanism. Michele Bachmann is Republicanism. It is just a dumb, bad, mean -ism.

Republicanism creates conflict because of its primitive, brain-dead, "hit bad thing with stick" approach to everything. If all Republicans were voted out of every office, the drug war would end. Cops wouldn't be at odds with their communities any more. They wouldn't be handing out lifelong drug "scarlet letters" to poor people caught up in a drug black market. Cops would be just protectors. We wouldn't have all of this crap in our lives if every single Republican were voted out of every single office.

Bush/Obama comparative approval poll.

Which of the statements best fits your presidential performance approval opinion?
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