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We need a voting flash mob this November.

If everyone shows up, the system will be overwhelmed, and that should be our goal. A massive, social media-based flash mob of voters just shows up and votes against all Republicans in every office. If we do that a couple of times, we can lock it in by making weekend and early voting universal.

We need to breach the Republican "wall of inconvenience" that they place between the voters and the booths. Then Republican ideology can either sane up or vanish.

"I voted for George W. Bush, and in my opinion..."

I see a lot of posts asking for help understanding something. I think we would all be helped if everyone who voted for George W. Bush simply began every sentence with that fact.

"I voted for George W. Bush, and in my opinion, blah, blah blah..."

It would be entertaining but also seriously helpful in an epistemological sense. Entertaining, because it would be someone who voted for Bush daring to admit it, yet having the chutzpah to state an opinion ever afterward. More importantly though, it would help confirm the relevance and validity of whatever the opposite of their opinion was.

True, it wouldn't last for very long. Pretty soon we would have people pretending they voted for Bush and saying the opposite of what they believe in order to win arguments. Wags would be shocking people with bumper stickers that read "I Voted for George W. Bush and I'm Still Allowed to Vote." Philosophers would discuss the "I voted for George W. Bush" paradox. It would be fun, but it wouldn't last long in the Internet age.
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