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What freedoms do Republicans think the government takes from them?

I can think of some "freedoms" they may wish they had (and that they might not want to talk about), but then I'm a suspicious person. Not every threat to freedom is a bad thing. Burglars feel the government threatens their freedom, and it does. Luckily, the convention is to not care too much about a burglar's ideas concerning the government and freedom.

Come on, Republicans. Name a freedom the government took away from you lately or (on edit) any time. George W. Bush is presidential material and Republicans are the party of freedom.


How we know that conservatives don't really believe they are the "makers"

They fight any effort to move election days to weekends. QED

Obama should start a "President's Questions" monthly session with Congress.

It could be similar to "Prime Minister's Questions" in the UK. Every month there would be a joint session of Congress, and members could ask the President whatever questions they wanted to ask. The President should be able to ask questions of the Congress too, and the Congress could either answer directly when asked or would be expected to answer in the next monthly session.

Obama ought to start this while there is still time in his presidency to get the mainstream media hooked on the spectacle. That way prospective presidents and future members of Congress would just be "expected" to participate.

The main reason I would personally like to see this is that it could eradicate Republicanism as currently practiced. The George W. Bush types wouldn't even bother running for President. If you have ever watched "Prime Minister's Questions" on C-Span, try to imagine George W. Bush doing that.

Pause for laughter to subside...

Still pausing...

And the Republican yahoos in Congress would fare only slightly better than George W. Bush. The Tea Party folks would force the Republicans to hand the microphone to Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan, maybe both the same day. They would have the guy who makes Rand Paul look sane right next to the guy who makes Dick Cheney look honest. Now that is television.

Sorry to get your hopes up though, Democrats. It would be great, but I don't see the Republicans agreeing to something like this any more than I see them making voting more convenient. We all know why.

I voted for Obama and against George W. Bush

I get to say that the whole rest of my life. I hope you are also so lucky. You can be doubly proud of getting it right in both cases. You passed the test.

But if you voted the other way, what do you do about the predicament? Do you worsen it by trying to elevate George W. Bush? Do you try to hide him and what happened under him? Do you join in with your fellow mistaken and churn up a foundation-free belief system in which Obama is a bad man, supporting it by merely agreeing to agree among yourselves?

Jeez, that would be some seriously awful shit. Are you sure that's where you want to be? You don't say, "Hmm, ok I may have made a mistake? Let me think about this?" Nothing?


If Obama had stampeded us into an Iraq War or created the greatest recession in decades, I absolutely know I would be reconsidering being a Democrat. If Obama had made false accusations concerning nuclear weapons in a State of the Union address that turned out to be based on crude forgeries, I would be asking myself how something like that happens ever.

I definitely would.

Are George W. Bush supporters to blame for his catastrophes?

Where does the buck stop? I'm extremely happy to say I voted against Bush twice. I'm sorry for those who voted for him. And I'm sorry, but they are ultimately to blame for his catastrophes in the Middle East and in the economy. Did they tell him to rush in and break Iraq to the tune of thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars? Did they tell him and his fellow Republicans to throw the country into the Great Recession? No, but he is their representative, and they are responsible for what he did. He faithfully represented Republican ideology, and we see the result. And the blame must be shared by his voters.

It would really help us all if in future posts criticizing Obama, the posters admit to voting for George W. Bush if they did. That way we can take what they say with a grain of salt. We need to know if someone is trying to avoid their own personal guilt in the matter by trying to bear false witness against Obama.

As usual with Obama, Iraq will work out.

We aren't going to see tens of thousands of dead and maimed Americans. We aren't going to see trillions of dollars wasted as we would under Republicans. We'll see another "flare-up" and it will subside and work itself out just like all the others have.

That's the pattern with every crisis so far under Obama. We've had Libya, Egypt, Syria, some Iran, some North Korea, Ukraine. Now we have a flare-up in Iraq. Each time, we see Republican leaders howling and straining at the end of their chains, creating a little circle of drool at the radius. They want Obama to "do something." And with our experience of the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney heydey of Republican foreign policy, it doesn't take much to guess what they want to do.

Yet here we still are in 2014 after all the "awful crises" the Republicans would have us believe occurred under Obama. And every single day under Obama has seen less war, less threat, less fear, and more freedom than under Republicans. We've seen less of bin Laden under Obama than under Republican presidential material example George W. Bush. Under Obama, we've seen more jobs, health care, and peace.

So here we go again. Republicans screaming wolf at the top of their lungs (something they didn't do prior to the Great Recession they caused, by the way). And when all is said and done, the world will have worked itself out with American guidance and diplomacy. And the Republicans will be proven conclusively wrong again, as usual.

Didn't we already try giving Republicans power?

What was that unnecessary, ruinous war and historic recession? What was all that stuff where everybody was afraid all of the time? Republican presidential material example George W. Bush was prancing around on a carrier in a flight suit. We had orange alerts, no jobs, plummeting stock and real estate was really bad. Nothing worked. Everything was broken. Republican influence was full blown.

Why would we think of letting the Republicans near the controls of anything ever again?

I think we can look at the Clinton years before and the Obama years after the Republican George W. Bush times and safely judge the trees at this point, can't we?

The lesson of Bergdahl is fairly clear.

You don't want to be captured by the enemy if there is a Republican president. Democrats understand "no one gets left behind." Republicans seem like they still want to think about it. It's nuanced. They want to hear what Fox and Friends has to say.

The simple solution for our troops (and everyone) is obvious. Never have another Republican president. Never have a Republican in any office ever.

2014 needs to be a social-media engineered voting flood. Wipe the Republicans completely out. We will see more of what America is like under Obama (and was like under Clinton) and less of of what America was like under Republican epitome George W. Bush.
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