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Dubya and "Reagan"

George W. Bush and "Ronald Reagan" are, respectively, who the Republicans are and the imaginary being they think they are. It's exactly what you think it is.

We should have told Mr. Hyde that before he decided not to expand Medicaid.

I blame liberals for not making the point of this OP clear to Republicans from the outset. Republican states that didn't expand Medicaid were bound to suffer for the decision. We let Mr. Hyde think he could hurt the poor without any repercussions to himself. Big mistake. Big misunderstanding of Mr. Hyde.

When making the case for Medicaid Expansion to Mr. Hyde, you need to speak his language. Republicans needed to know that all of those billions of dollars they were turning down were going to cost them doctors, nurses, and, yes, hospitals in exact proportion to every dollar they turned down. If you tell one of these Republican extremist types who currently run their party that refusing Medicaid Expansion only hurts the poor, you are, effectively, arguing against Medicaid Expansion.

Mr. Hyde wants to hurt the poor. You have to tell Mr. Hyde about the jobs he is losing. If you don't, he will stupidly (Jekyll had the PhD) think he is just going to kill a few poor kids and force the "bad element" into the blue states. But in reality, the poor will just stay and suffer, because they are used to it. And doctors and nurses will follow the money.

Mr. Hyde and all of the other citizens of his unfortunate state are the losers overall. Hyde deserves to lose of course, but remember he is taking a lot of innocent people with him—as always. We can't look back at the Republican George W. Bush years of devastating loss to the country, for example, and get any comfort from the fact that Bush and the Republicans were humiliated and disgraced. The loss was too great. The Republican George W. Bush years will never mean laughter at an imbecile and his parade of Republican nimrods and stupid ideas. They will always be just an ache in the American memory.

The only way it gets better is if Republicans are completely ousted from power sooner rather than later. Vote out all Republicans from all offices in 2014. It's the only way.

Complaining about taxes is just a form of slackerism.

You get some work assigned to you as a citizen. That's your taxes. They are equivalent to work. The taxes are the work that the American Constitutional democracy has decided needs to be done.

Some of that work is to create roads from land and asphalt. Some of it is to fight criminals and enemies. Some of that work is to protect the helpless. Some of that work is to develop our human resources to make the most out of our citizens. It's work, and the democracy decided to do it.

But what would you call someone who spends all of their time complaining that the work doesn't need to be done? Or they want to pick and choose which work needs to be done themselves. What do you call someone who is always complaining that they shouldn't have to do any of the work or complaining that their share is too great? What do you call someone who hates and belittles the source of the work assignments?

A slacker right? Listen to Republicans and Libertarians complain about taxes. Tell me you don't hear slacker. If it's about principles why does it always sound so much like slacking? Why does doing things the way Republicans and Libertarians want them done always seem to mean less "work" for them? How do we know they are principled and not just lazy?

Why do the police get to see the faces and homes of innocent Americans?

Every time I pass a police officer on a sidewalk, that government law enforcement agent can just look right up and see my face. They know my exact whereabouts, which direction I am heading, how fast I am walking. They may even be able to tell whether I have had a good or bad day by reading the very personal emotional expressions on my face. I have never been a good emotional hider.

Why are the police allowed to look at me in the first place? I have done nothing (too) wrong (recently).

I don't want the photons I reflect being captured by the retinas of agents of the government. And that goes for my home too. The Fourth Amendment guarantees me invisibility. Also inaudibility.

And un-smellability. My God! They can smell us without a warrant.

Republicans only please: Is Sarah Palin presidential material?

Is Sarah Palin presidential material?
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