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Remind People that Bush and Palin are Republicans

In practically every post I write, I always go to the trouble to spell out the fact that Republican George W. Bush and Republican Sarah Palin are, well, Republicans. That association needs to be kept alive and strong in people's minds.

I'm not saying that Republicans would like these two classic examples of their ideology and of their idea of leadership forgotten, but...well, yes I am saying that. Republicans want you to forget Republican George W. Bush and Republican Sarah Palin are Republicans. But not only are Republican George W. Bush and Republican Sarah Palin Republicans, they were foisted on the country as the best the Republican Party had to offer for national executive leadership.

Republicans told us that Republican George W. Bush and Republican Sarah Palin were great Republicans. Now, Republicans want Republican George W. Bush and Republican Sarah Palin forgotten. Who wants to let that happen? Would that be right? Are Republicans to be allowed to simply skate on this?

I don't think so. I see no sign of Republicans begging for forgiveness on it. In my book, that means they think it's Ok and plan on doing it again.

Western Range Parasite Beef

The latest Harpers has a great article, "The Great Republican Land Heist." Cliven Bundy is actually just a single tumor in an ALEC- and Republican-fed cancer on Western range land. The article is a great read, and it leaves you glad that Obama is the president and not Romney. Republicans would be handing federal land over to state control where it would then be turned over to parasite ranchers.

These are rich, lazy, stupid people like Bundy who happen to own ranches near federal land. They get sweetheart rates under BLM permits to graze cattle, much lower than the rates of private land. Then they overgraze it and violate the conditions of their permits (or simply refuse to pay their bills like Bundy). The land ends up ruined, and these bums laugh all the way to the bank.

The BLM can't do much about this thanks to Republicans. Republicans provide political cover for the ranchers and do their bidding. And even when BLM gets the courage to try to take on the worst offenders, Republican militias show up with guns to defend them.

Personally, I think cattle grazing on public land without a valid permit should be subject to hunting and trapping. It would also be great if there were a way to identify beef from the parasitic ranches and boycott it out of existence.

Modi Advances Solar Plan for India With $4 Billion Plant

SunEdison Inc. (SUNE) will invest $4 billion to build the biggest solar panel factory in India, advancing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to rein in pollution by expanding renewable energy.
The manufacturer based in Maryland Heights, Missouri, will form a venture with the Indian power provider Adani Enterprises Ltd. (ADE) to build the photovoltaic plant, with as much as 7.5 gigawatts of annual production capacity. Construction is expected to begin this year, the company said in a statement today.

With some of the quickest-growing carbon dioxide emissions in the developing world, India is under pressure to join in the international fight against global warming. Modi will meet President Barack Obama in New Delhi next week where the two are expected to discuss climate issues following last year’s pact between the U.S. and China to coordinate pollution cuts.

“The prime minister has been revising upwards India’s aspirations for solar,” said Pashupathy Shankar Gopalan, SunEdison’s managing director for South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The factory “very nicely plays into the aspirations for the country to grow solar significantly, as well as wanting to create stronger domestic manufacturing.”

It would be great if we could get to Peak Oil with a whole lot of it still in the ground.

Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican Primary

The Bush Family has been dressing up George W. Bush as Santa Claus lately and portraying him as a sweetie pie. Dubya's reticence in criticizing Obama isn't, ya know, because Dubya is an idiot and looks like a microbe next to Obama. No, sweetie pie, elder statesman, and avant-garde artist George W. just has too much respect for the office to criticize his successor. All he wants to do is paint and deliver cheer to sick children, etc. The Bush Family and other cotillion Republicans will undoubtedly gear up the psy ops to re-image Dubya before the primary. Fox News will sprinkle powdered sugar on Fido's makings as usual to feed their hungry viewers.

You have to assume there are going to be some Tea Partiers (Cruz, Bachmann, Perry) in the primary. Ron and Rand Paul may both run. It would be crazy, but then, so are they. Romney thinks he is the third Blues Brother, so he will probably get in. And there is Jeb Bush in the middle of all that.

The Tea Party folks' rebranding as Tea Partiers actually sprang from the personal shame of their enthusiastic support of George W. Bush. Petrine denial of that lifelong stain on their credibility drives the Tea Party mentality as much as Koch Brother astroturf seed money. "Tea Party" is just an alias these folks adopted to escape political justice and to try to live out their lives in unearned dignity.

To further that masquerade, Cruz, Bachmann, and Perry will try to pin the sullied name, incompetence, and world damage bill of George W. Bush on Jeb. He will be a lightning rod. Tea Partiers won't blame Jeb for the nasty political crimes he committed in Florida to get Dubya the Presidency in 2000. The Tea Party is too heavily invested in political cheatsmanship to make Jeb's virtuoso use of it an issue.

Both Pauls actually could run. It would be interesting to watch them log roll for each other. That would also give the Republican primary a full dose of sanity if you combine the two halves supplied by each of the Pauls.

Rand Paul seems to be the one to take seriously. I honestly don't know what he will do. It is a good time to be wavering on or outright against the war on drugs. Republicans nominated a business-first misanthrope with exotic undergarments for President in 2012. For Vice President, they nominated a guy who is a skinny loser in photographs but described himself as an exercise stud and world-class marathoner. That kind of support for craziness and lying bodes well for Rand Paul in the Republican primary.

Nevertheless, I see Jeb winning the primary, very much like Romney won it last time. Republicans are going to want to win very badly. All Americans will be vastly better off than they were under George W. Bush, and Republicans will want to change all that. They will need someone electable to take (win if necessary) the Presidency and let loose the Tea Party dogs of Congress.

I think Jeb will win the primary and then lose the 2016 general election. According to history, that would greatly reduce his chances of occupying the Oval Office in 2017.

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