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The Main Reason Republicans Hate Obama

Republican George W. Bush seriously damaged the country at historic levels. Many, perhaps most Republicans who voted for him can't face that fact. They just aren't up to the level of character strength needed to bear the frank admission of that massive and obvious mistake on their parts. They probably think it would break them to do so. Maybe it would.

Unable to face their responsibility to the truth, Republicans stifled the angel on one shoulder and went with the pointy-horned red guy on the other. They decided to try to "save dishonest face" by making sure that Obama didn't "best" George W. Bush. That is, of course, essentially impossible. Hercules would cry like a baby if faced with that task. But that is what the Republicans chose to do.

That led to frustration. And anger, as we know, begins with frustration. So here we have a bunch of Republicans trying to do something impossible: make the guy who followed George W. Bush as president look bad by comparison to him. That has been extremely frustrating, and that's why Republicans are so angry.

No matter what Republicans do, they can't find a way that even they can believe the country has done worse under Obama than under Republican George W. Bush. They tried sabotage by blocking legislation. They tried making up tall tales about Obama's citizenship and religion. They invented a parallel reality and backed it with a parallel "news" organization to "report" their impossible-to-believe version of reality. It didn't work.

The crystal clear truth is that the country has done a lot better under Obama than under Republicans. Republicans can't escape from that truth, and they chose spite and sabotage. They hate Obama because he did so much better than they did and, also, because they lowered themselves so far fighting to deny it.

Republicans turn Americans into sitting ducks.

Republicans are costing people jobs, physical safety, wealth, and health. They are horribly misguided, and they drag everyone else down with them.

It wasn't long ago that Republicans were bragging about Texas, but look at it now. Texas has lost 60 to 70 thousand jobs thanks to grotesque instability in the energy sector. "Coal states" are getting their asses completely kicked. The Middle East is a hellish cauldron of hatred, fueled by oil money. The climate of the planet is going bad, literally changing everyone's home life as we sit by and watch it happen.

And who is to blame? Republicans.

They don't cause the problems directly. The problem is that they freeze like rabbits when it is time to move, and they run like rabbits when it is time to freeze. Fossil fuels running out, causing economic, political, and climate instability should signal "move," but not to Republicans. They freeze and hold us all down. An Afghanistan-based terrorist attacks US-based buildings and Republican George W. Bush bunny-hopped around the country on the day it happened. Then he and his fellow Republicans stampeded the country into an unnecessary, catastrophic war.

Republicans need to be severely punished in all future elections for every office until their water runs clean again. They simply can't think any more. Their philosophy is a drag on humanity.

Dems are way too kind to Republicans

We should be reminding voters over and over again that Republican George W. Bush allowed 9/11 to occur through sheer incompetence, arrogance, and laziness. There is no doubt that Republicans would be doing it if Obama had done exactly what Bush did, and they would actually be correct in doing so.

We Dems hold ourselves to too high a standard. The fact that we don't hammer the Republicans hard for all of the horrible damage they did to the country under Republican George W. Bush just proves that. We are way, way too nice.

Remember when that one orcish numbskull yelled out "you lie" at one of Obama's State of the Union addresses? Suppose Obama had said something like, "Sorry peanut gallery Republican asshole, did I say that Iraq was trying to obtain nuclear materials from Africa and Saddam had WMDs? Because if I didn't, then STFU."

Republican George W. Bush's younger Republican brother John Ellis Bush actually called Republican Donald Trump "unhinged." Trump, in turn, openly mocked John Ellis's manhood, rolling his eyes in contempt.

Compare that to Gore sighing about Bush's stupidity in the 2000 debates. If Gore had played by the Republican playbook, he wouldn't have sighed, he would have said, "So who is the general who took over Muslim nuclear power Pakistan in a coup again, Junior? Got that one down yet? Did you check for your notes in the trunk where you keep your Vietnam War service memorabilia?"

Trump would do that. Rand Paul, yeah, prissy pedant Rand Paul would definitely do that.

Chris Christie called Obama a "feckless weakling." Anyone remember a Dem doing anything like that? You won't find it. It's beneath us. But maybe it shouldn't be.

Is there a difference between Republican and Democratic Capitalism?

I claim there is.

Republican Capitalism lacks balance. It is too much of a good thing. It is the product of linear thinking. If cheesecake is good, then eating it all day for every meal is better.

Democratic Capitalism understands that Capitalism is dynamic and must be tuned and attended like an engine or garden to achieve optimum results.

Republican Capitalism is George W. Bush. Democratic Capitalism is Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Let's go meta. How does an inferior product like Republican Capitalism survive in the marketplace against Democratic Capitalism? Who would buy into the plans of a political party that produced the Republican George W. Bush administration or takes people like Sarah Palin or Donald Trump seriously? Why don't excellent results like those of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama just sell themselves?

Why do we have Viagra instead of cures for cancer? Why are there for-profit prisons?

Marketing and Sales.

It doesn't matter if you make a better mousetrap if you can convince people to buy your inferior one.

Republicans can't take the heat of the modern world.

Fox News just suspended two commentators who couldn't help but go potty mouth over Obama's very reasonable Oval Office speech.

Trump wants to stop Muslim immigration.

These Republicans don't need any power over anything. They all need to be voted out of every office in every election. Republican George W. Bush and his Iraq War really should have taught us something. Republicans just can't handle anything that requires a cool head. They just can't.

How would Republicans feel about Muslims if they were all white?

If Muslims were all white instead of varying shades of brown, I think Republicans would treat them very differently.

Trump thinks the SB victims should have been armed.

It's such a cartoon. Everyone should take an AR-15-style assault weapon with them to work I guess. Or are they supposed to fight a rapidly fired bunch of .223 bullets (capable of piercing drywall, bulletproof vests and, I'm going out on a limb, cube partition walls) with a CCW 9mm pistol?

Or everybody could actually take their AR-15s to work. Then all the terrorists would have to do is throw a firecracker into the building and run. The in-building "heroes" would take care of the rest.

Everyone should be calling "ISIS" Daesh

Over the last few months, there has been a concerted effort by several senior global politicians to give a new name to the group known as ISIS, or Islamic State, IS or ISIL. That new name is ‘Daesh’. If you've followed coverage of this attempted official linguistic sea change, you'll have gathered that the new name, although it’s just an Arabic acronym equivalent to the English 'ISIS', apparently delegitimises the organisation, mocks them, and thus drives them to threaten taking violent retribution on anyone who uses it.

Excellent article on exactly what Daesh means.

Muslims hate "Daesh" (ISIS)

Recent attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have once again brought terrorism and Islamic extremism to the forefront of international relations. According to newly released data that the Pew Research Center collected in 11 countries with significant Muslim populations, people from Nigeria to Jordan to Indonesia overwhelmingly expressed negative views of ISIS.

If no Republicans had any power...

How would the world have been if all Republicans had been voted out of elective office and kept out for the past 15 years since Clinton? No Republicans in any office. Envision it.
These latest ISIS/Daesh terrorists would have been unable to purchase their AR-15s legally. The market for such weapons would be dead without whim hobbyist and political anxiety victim gun money. Those weapons would be hard to find, and looking for them would land you in prison.
Planned Parenthood would not have been attacked by a half-wit maniac spouting Republican talking points about "baby parts."
9/11 would probably have been stopped. There would be no sickening reports of Al Gore ignoring PDBs about Bin Laden, taking month-long vacations, de-emphasizing counter-terrorist activity, as there were under Republican leadership examples George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
Even if 9/11 had not been stopped, there definitely would have been no Iraq War and, therefore, no ISIS/Daesh. So item 1 above would not have happened for two reasons, not just one. There would have been no Republican Dick Cheney and Republican George W. Bush foisting lies and dunderheaded falsehoods on Sunday TV shows, in the New York Times, and—to the Republican Party's everlasting, damning shame—on the State of the Union podium. There would have been no Republican Karl Rove war mongering an Iraq adventure to build up Republican election numbers. There would not have been thousands of American military dead, tens of thousands of maimed. We would have had approximately $1.7 trillion dollars to spend on education and infrastructure instead of tossed in the sewer by Republicans.
The Drug War would have ended. Marijuana would be legal, and people with substance abuse problems and their families would have a modern solution to the problem instead of the usual Republican "hit bad thing with stick" approach. The bottom would drop out of the drug market eliminating the black market drug profit centers known as gangs and cartels. Mass incarceration would not have occurred, destroying the moral fiber of the country and benefiting no one but the Republican backers of the for-profit prison industry.
We would have national health care. Everyone currently without insurance would have it. We wouldn't have the currently unworkable patchwork of profit and non-profit 100-page plans riddled with sneaky gotcha exceptions and co-pays. The first thing you would be asked when you go to a doctor would be "what's wrong?" and not, "may I see your insurance card."

All Republicans must be voted out of every office in every election. We don't even need Republican dog catchers.
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