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Does Jack break his boiled eggs on the big end, Jill?

Is it reasonable to ask Jack whether Jill is a Christian? The question makes no sense at all to me. It reflects very negatively, in my opinion, on the questioner and any who think the question is reasonable. I guess the best answer is for Jack to say, "That's a ridiculous question, but I assume (as we all must) that Jill practices whatever religion she says she practices."

Does Jack love America, Jill? What a poisonous, ugly thing to bring up! It isn't stupid but far worse. It's contemptible and, in a word, low. And it's also contemptible and low (or simply ignorant, of course) to think that kind of question isn't contemptible and low.

Does Jill love her children, Jack? Does Jack break his boiled eggs on the big end, Jill?

O'Reilly doesn't work for a news organization.

O'Reilly's case is nothing like Williams's case. NBC News is news. Fox News is just a kind of 24-hour unethical TV church. People go to NBC News for news and facts. People go to Fox News to reinforce their unscrupulous world view in an environment unoppressed by truth.

O'Reilly's job is fabrication; Williams's job is fact. Of course, Williams is in trouble and O'Reilly isn't. Or is that just the elephant in the room?

Jeb: "I love my brother. I think he has been a great president."

I guess we know what Republican Jeb Bush would do as president, then. He would do a "great" job, just like his brother, Republican George W. Bush.

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