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The letter really does show Republicans are not fit to govern.

Their senators let a freshman yahoo stampede them into a historic, disgraceful act. Can anyone who ever worked on any job or who has been on any team fail to see what that means?

Republicans let some neophyte bozo take control of the wheel. That can never happen. It can't ever happen.

Dems and other liberals enjoy being the good guys.

I don't think I would trade places with a Republican, because I actually like being on the good side of things. I don't approve of lying. I don't think there is anything good about misanthropy.

I like being truly patriotic, not fake. I like being truly Christian, not fake. I think capitalism is great, but I don't feel a need to worship it and glue my lips to its ass. And when I win, I like to win fair.

Dems, take a minute in the midst of the strife and chaos. You are superior. It's just a fact.
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