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Rick Perry and the Republicans Levy Huge Tax on Texans

$100 billion over ten years is coming right out of Texan hides thanks to Republicans. Countless good health care jobs are being lost.

We saw from the Republican Presidential Debates in 2012 that Republicans applaud the idea of poor people dying for lack of health care. But no one said anything about the Republican families each having to pay $1,800 per year for it. That's a lot to pay for a misanthropy fix.

One suggestion for Republicans. Maybe they could have a "sponsor a poor person's death through lack of health care" charity. The Republicans could pay in $1,800 each and, in return, they would get a picture of the sick poor person whose death they are hastening. Maybe weekly decline reports could be sent to each Republican sponsor showing pain level increases, weight loss, etc. When the end comes, they get a copy of the death certificate suitable for framing.

You can't say you are an Independent or Tea Partier if you vote Republican

I'm actually proud to say I vote Democratic. That party has its flaws, but by and large it stands for the right things, and its solutions work. Things always get better for essentially everyone under Democratic policies.

But the Republican Party has a problem. Its solutions were tried under Republican George W. Bush, and we got a ruinous, unnecessary war and an economic catastrophe. America was laid low. What is the Republican Party's solution to that problem?

Well their solution isn't "changing the game plan." Far from it. That would be a thoughtful, introspective, non-assholish response. No, the approach many Republicans are using is adopting an alias to avoid being identified as Republicans. Thus we have "Tea Partiers" and newly minted "Independents" who stopped calling themselves Republicans but who still vote for the disgraced Republican ideology.

Sorry. If it quacks like a Republican George W. Bush voting duck it's a Republican. There is no "not being a Republican" if you still vote for them.

Republican pols charge Texans tens of billions posturing against Obamacare

Rick Perry's election chances are essentially nil. So why did Texans pay out the nose for him to make a political gesture? Why are they allowing state Republicans to cost them gouts of money (tens of billions)? Why are Texans throwing away all this money and all of these good paying jobs?

Are pedophilia, meanness, and stupidity negative character attributes?

The Republican Party had a President and Vice President who avoided military service.

Here is something to remember.

George W. Bush got his daddy to get him into the Texas Air National Guard (where he skipped out on much of his service). Dick Cheney got deferrals. These two "men" were later responsible for sounding the charge that killed thousands of American soldiers for no good reason.

I remember how Republican Presidential material example George W. Bush pranced around an aircraft carrier in a military flight suit and declared "Mission Accomplished" while Fox News "reported" excitedly about his manly wonderfulness. Some of the Republicans on this board were probably standing in front of their TV sets with their paunches hanging over their underwear giving solemn salutes to the preening little man on the flight deck.

I also remember the next Republican convention where bucktoothed dimwits were wearing purple band-aids mocking John Kerry's Purple Heart medals. The military confers medals for valor and sacrifice, you see, but then Republican chickenhawks get their say about whether or not those medals deserve to be respected. Not a single Republican leader expressed disapproval. They just gushed and swooned as the two draft dodgers on their ticket took the podium.

Today you can bet that Republican Party leaders will be out "honoring" the fallen and those who sacrificed. But it won't be by falling on their knees, pressing their faces into the dirt and begging forgiveness. Instead, the Republican Party will do what it always does and bask in the honor due to others.

Will anyone really remember?

What would the TPP be like if Romney were president?

Imagine the Romney/Boehner/McConnell (Koch) version of TPP as read to you by Boris Karloff.

(That's adrenaline you are feeling coursing through your system by the way. You should now be able to lift a car with one hand.)

Is "We acted on bad intelligence" an excuse?

The Republican President George W. Bush took us into Iraq based on faulty intelligence. But he was technically President of the United States at the time. Does the President get to say he acted on bad intelligence? Why didn't he demand that the intelligence be double- and triple-checked?

How do we get a President of the United States standing in front of a joint session of Congress and the Justices of the Supreme court giving the State of the Union Address making charges about nuclear weapons in a matter of war but based on childish forgeries? How can that ever happen?

Republicans is how. Impulsive, trigger-happy, lazy-minded fools rule the roost in that party. Sarah Palin was a Vice Presidential candidate for that party.

There's no excuse. Too bad, so sad, Republicans. Your ideology is not ready for prime time. The viewers need to vote you out of every single office in every election. We need you off our TVs. Ya got no talent.

Clown car occupants being asked about Jade Helm 15?

Ok, I visit a lot of MSM. I'm not seeing a single statement by George W. Bush's fellow Republican and brother Jeb about the Jade Helm 15 Republicans in Texas. Is Jeb pandering to idiots or not? Come on, media! Do your job!

Ted Cruz claims to "understand the reason for concern and uncertainty" there in Texas. Ok, that's on "Fox News." Are real news organizations not going to cover that?

Please, please someone ask Ben Carson.

Media, we haven't had this opportunity to laugh at Republicans since their hero George W. Bush destroyed our economy and got us into an unnecessary war. And it was harder to laugh at that, because of all of the people newly tossed into joblessness and poverty, not to mention the bloodshed. This one doesn't have that stuff. It is a pure play laugh-at-the-idiots situation.

This particular Republican lunacy should be on everyone's front page except the Onion. We don't want it mistaken for satire.

How do you categorize AR-15 system owners?

When you find out someone has an AR-15-based weapon, what is your first thought about how to categorize them in your mental model?

Let me know and I will add other categories.

If racism were gold, which party would need a bigger safe?

Much bigger.
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