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Apologize, accept responsibility, atone.

The whole Republican Southern Strategy is about excusing southern conservatives from their states' duty to render full, meaningful, and repeated apologies for the Civil War. Again I say, it is Republicans who are preventing reconciliation of the country on a very simple, obvious point: slavery was wrong, and the slave states who fought for it were in the wrong. Republicans must be voted out of every office in every election until this charade ends. They are standing in the way of a historic moral shift.

Republicans have wisely chosen to hide the symbol of southern conservative (Republican) denial and moral evasion. The Confederate flag is being "moved into a museum."

Moved into a museum where it will be treated as what?

New gun laws aren't the answer. Booting out Republicans is.

As has already been noted, the current atrocity by Dylann Roof was committed with a weapon that is unreachable by gun laws. It was a pistol commonly used for self defense in a country where the vast majority of people think that is Ok. We can't control guns at that level and should not even try.

This particular case has its roots in what has come to be called "conservative" or (less euphemistically but still inaccurately named) "Republican" politics. The roots go deep, they are undeniably racist, and the Republican Party has every single symptom of the disease. The tolerance for and participation in racist tradition is not the only failing of this sadly degenerated and miscreant ideology, but it is a fatal failing.

The action needed is not the creation of gun laws. That just lets the Republicans off the hook, because they will simply monkey wrench any attempt at putting together gun laws, and they will even be rewarded politically for doing so.

The action needed is to boot every single Republican out of every single office in every single election. The objective is to punish them for harboring racism and, in particular, the seditious Civil War, slavery-depraved mental infection that thrives to this day. The Democrats freed themselves of that curse, but the Republicans gave it a home. It needs to be homeless if it is ever going to die.

If everyone gets together and boots out Republicans for the crime of harboring racism, we will force the Republicans to finally drive out the ugly part of their base. We won't have Jeb Bush and Nikki Haley having to hem and haw about whether an avowed hate crime by an avowed racist is comprehensible any more. Sure, Republicans will take a hit when about 10% of their numbers are pushed into a new "Nazi/Klan" Party, but I am sure they would choose that if it meant that the voters of the United States of America were not going to let them survive as a party otherwise.

Voters need to get tough. This slavery curse isn't going to be "hinted" out of existence. It is not going to be "grown out of," at least in our lifetimes. If voters drive the Dylann Roof types out of the Republican Party by democratic force, we'll be freed from the curse. Racism itself will suffer once it lacks the safe harbor, validation, and encouragement provided by its tacit acceptance in the Republican Party. That acceptance is an enabling condition that helps racist thinking stay alive to pollute civilization.

Sarah Palin wouldn't dare defend the "Republican Flag" in South Carolina

Would she?

No way would Sarah Palin go to South Carolina, stand before the Republican stars and bars, and salute the honorable men who died defending the right to force other men, women, and children into slavery.

That would be too audacious, too Republican anti-PC even for her. She wouldn't dare.

Ann Coulter is going to beat her to it.

Science and Religion vs. Republicans on climate change

Which is the better side?

George W. Bush voters only.

Republicans would rather have a bigger share of a smaller pie.

Man does not live by bread alone. A whole lot of Republicanism is about that, not having more bread in the future than they have now but having more bread than someone else has now. The Kansas-type Republican is a curious type of masochist-egoist-misanthrope, not a run-of-the-mill greedhead.

And who would begrudge them their fantasy? I wouldn't. I don't care if some Muslim sect thinks they are more legitimate and loved by Allah because their sect was started by a third cousin of the prophet and not a fourth cousin. And I don't care that Kansas-type Republicans willingly bare their necks to the Republican ownership in exchange for being told they have pretty eyes.

The problem with the Kansas-type Republican is just this: they promote an unsustainable ecology. Kansas-type Republicans want to breathe in unclean air in the name of freedom. It gives them a feeling of drama, irony, determination, pathos, etc., that they couldn't get in undistorted reality.

Dems don't have the Republican bench because they don't have the Republican payroll.

It is much more difficult to be a Dem than a Republican. Much more difficult. Moneyed interests and the lobbying industry provide a huge upstream and downstream payroll for Republicans.

Imagine you are a talented person and you want to work in Dem politics to try to do right by the people of the country. Since the Republican Party is wholly bought and paid for, you, as a Dem, have to play a game that is rigged against ethics and toward corruption.

Therefore, a Dem politician has to balance an ability to work for the people against the minimum corruption necessary to be elected. Dems can rely on grassroots contributions, ethical corporate money, and donations from the licit wealthy and that is about all. The latter sources provide some downstream lobbying income potential for Democrats, but it is dwarfed by that of corrupt lobbying money sources.

Republicans can take money from any corporation and the illicit wealthy (such as the Kochs and Adelson), because the Republican Party is inherently just the proprietary political wing of those types of monied interests.
Republicans only have to give lip service to standing for the average citizen. The ads will do the rest to gull the average Kansas-type innocent.

Making a living in the future is easy for Republican pols. They have a much better payroll. Merely being Republican automatically qualifies you for a huge payroll, before, during, and after your elected life.
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