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"It's called management."

Here's Trump being fairly brilliant again. Read the exchange between Trump and Stephanopoulos on HuffPo.

The HuffPo headline is snide hackery: Donald Trump Has No Idea How To Fix Immigration, So He’ll Hire 'Great People' Who Know How.

And the lead-in link on the front page is just nonsense: Stephanopoulos Stumps Donald Trump On Immigration. Stephanopolous got owned. Trump managed to answer the question perfectly while simultaneously starting his slow crawl back under the radar to court Hispanics.

Trump is going to hire good people to manage the deportations, and he's going to "expedite" letting the "good ones" back in because "everyone wants that." The good ones get back in just like everyone wants.

That's just really good Sales. No one believes deportations will work except idiots, but Trump is already planning on delegating the effort to a management team who will figure it out. Yup, that's right...a crack management team will do it, not these incompetent politicians.

And the orcs in the base of the Republican base don't realize that Trump just said the "good ones" can come back in an "expedited" way. Which Hispanic undocumented immigrants are not going to see themselves as "good ones?" This is deportation with an expedited pathway "back" to citizenship. Sound ok, Hispanics?

Start getting used to saying "President Trump."

Hillary should start campaigning against Trump

It would be a great way to solidify Trump as the man to beat. Hillary would make mincemeat of him and could take advantage of some of Trump's eyeball attractant.

She doesn't have to campaign against Trump long enough to pulverize him. In fact, she shouldn't. She should just pummel him for a while, but leave him politically alive to represent the Republicans (perfectly) in the general.

Right now, she may think she is resting and preserving her ammo. But that's not working. The media get surly when they are starved. They have no choice but to fixate on Trump and Hillary's emails to keep their paychecks coming. Hillary needs to get in the game, or the media will put a character representing her in the game anyway. And it won't be the one she wants.

The Republican brand was ripe for takeover by Trump

It's not that the current ownership of the Republican brand is doing a bad job of management. They are doing fine. The Kochs and others have been keeping their brand alive on the cheap while starving R&D and minimizing quality ingredients. Fox News, the marketing wing, is even being run at a profit, essentially getting Joe Sixpack to pay for his own propaganda.

The problem with the whole thing is that Donald Trump can take it all over by sheer salesmanship. You just need to get votes, and they can be gotten through direct-to-consumer retail appeals. It's called the Internet.

Sure, Trump could be greenmailing the Kochs and their buddies in the Republican ownership. He might be able to shake them down for a figure in the tens of billions. That's big money, but it pales in comparison to the amount of money ownership could skim from the country and world with a Jeb Bush or, better, a Scott Walker on their roster and in the White House.

I don't see greenmail here though. Trump may just want to take a bunch of marbles away from the Kochs and other Republican brand owners for the sheer fun of it. He doesn't need to spend nearly the money the Kochs have to spend creating a Republican farm system in the cities and state offices. Trump just waits for the Kochs to do the hard work and investment. Then he steps in and takes it all.

BLM should be aiming at the Drug War if BLM

I don't think BLM is getting much of anywhere by focusing on just the police. Sure, they are getting a lot of publicity, and sure, cops are going to be more careful about how they treat blacks–for a while. But that's like taking aspirin for cancer. The real problem blacks and other demos with significant poverty have is the Drug War. That is the cancer.

The Drug War is America's biggest drug problem. It is the single biggest reason for mass incarceration. BLM should be focused on that. The Drug War takes and ruins more black lives in a day than rogue cops do in ten years. It could even be argued (and I'll be happy to) that a large part of the rogue cop situation is just another symptom of the Drug War cancer.

America should start with Marijuana legalization and then quickly proceed to an all-treatment approach to all drug abuse. That includes heroin and alcohol (which I would categorize as similar in destructiveness but with alcohol outweighing heroin in destructiveness across the population).

The GOP establishment truly are idiots.

Their marketing wing nailed Trump in the debate and really had him looking pretty bad. They even managed to pump up Carly Fiorina, with Megyn Kelly openly praising her instead of being neutral. If they had left it at that, then the news would be about how Trump had stumbled and Fiorina was wonderful. Trump would have gone down in the polls and Fiorina would have gotten enough of a bump in the polls to qualify for a downstream debate. Then the Republican slate's Top Ten would have included a woman.

But no. They had to overreach. They had to quote Trump out of context on this "blood from wherever" quote. Now the news is all about how Trump can point to a deliberate attempt to sandbag him by the GOP establishment using a distorted account of what he said in a fake (as Fox News) political correctness witch hunt.

Just head shakingly stupid.

This is how they end up putting a George W. Bush in the White House and a Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidential candidate slot. And dimmer son Jeb is an intellectual, and Paul Ryan is a math whiz, and on and on. The people running the Republicans now are just goddamned stupid, even in political manipulation.

No Republican (even half-way reasonable sounding ones like Kasich or Huntsman) should be elected to any office until the Republican Party has kicked the Kochs out of the saddle on its back and rid itself of Confederate numbskulls hiding in the passage under its tail.

Trump and Facebook should not participate in the Fox News "Debates"

Donald Trump just got kneecapped. That "debate" was the Breaking Bad of debate-structured propaganda, a masterpiece of staging and TV rhetoric management. Leni Riefenstahl, eat your heart out. This was no more a "debate" than Fox News is news.

I'm a liberal, and I was hoping to see Trump stir up the hooting nitwits in the base of the Republican base. It was not to be. Instead, Fox News did their level best to get the nitwits to buy a different toy than the one they wanted. It was very effective.

All angles (camera and political) were deftly manipulated before an essentially all white audience. In the first minutes, Fox News employees posing as journalists made two "admiring, humorous" references to black star athlete LeBron James. Fox News viewers like blacks you see, well black star athletes anyway.

Then Megyn Kelley crowed about how Carly Fiorina had done so well in the non-primetime debate. Was that a brazen break from neutrality or was it a sop to women who might otherwise question why the only female Republican candidate was seated at the kids' table? Perhaps it was both.

Ben Carson and the whole black sub-theme were interesting. Apparently someone once let that guy operate on their brain? Scott Walker was also among the candidates.

But the meat of the tomato was the gory spectacle of Trump being repeatedly stabbed by the Fox News employees playing probing journalists. It was like a Terry Gilliam reenactment of Julius Caesar's assassination. When Fox News employees weren't directly wielding the dagger, they were holding Trump's arms back for JEB Bush.

Trump would be wise to skip all future Fox News "debates," assuming he survives. Fox News thoroughly mugged him this time.

Facebook, Buddy, what were you thinking letting yourself be dirtied by this awful, ugly, dirty kangaroo tribunal?

Lion King Jericho Requests Palmer Extradition


Lion King Jericho, successor to the recently assassinated King Cecil, has formally requested extradition of American dentist Walter Palmer, to the sovereign territory of the Pride.

"On behalf of King Jericho and the orphan Princes, the Pride would like to request that the United States surrender one Walter Palmer to face justice under Pride Law," said Marta, Chief Spokes-Lioness for Jericho. "We call on the United States to act in the interest of inter-species relations and extradite Dr. Palmer to our custody forthwith. Hold the glasses, please."

Solution for the Republican debate participation dilemma

Just let Charles or David Koch come out and do the debating for Walker, Cruz, Bush, Paul, and Rubio.

That frees up four spots net.

Republicans, you're welcome.
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