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Bush killed 19 of the 9/11 hijackers.

If Gore had been president, those hijackers would still be alive.

I'm thinking employers would be expected to shun red states.

What advantage does a red state have? Lower taxes? Lower regulatory burden? Pshaw! Those differences are going to be tiny. States have to have a certain amount of infrastructure spending per capita to keep from deteriorating. There is no free lunch.

What we have in places like Kansas and Wisconsin is the government being run like a business–a very badly managed business. Everyone is familiar with the concept of a management team that swoops into a company, wrecks its products, sells off its assets, builds up debt, fires its people, collects huge bonuses, and finally lets the company sink into bankruptcy. That's the business style that Republicans emulate when they "run government like a business." (It's also the business style that Republicans emulate when they "run business like a business," but I digress.)

I think red states would be expected to have huge disadvantage in the modern world. By electing Republicans, red states are saying that they can't compete unless the rules are changed in their favor. They can't compete if they can't pollute the water, blow the tops off of mountains, turn over their wild lands to Koch-like Daddy's boys, screw up people's health and lives, etc.

More importantly, red states are now telling national and international employers that the now-common norms of inclusion, open-mindedness, and cultural acceptance don't apply in their states. If I were an employer, I wouldn't move my company to a state where the employee base contains a lot of potential problem people when it comes to modern social ethics.

If ISIS invaded America, how long would the war last?

Suppose all of ISIS invaded America. Say they took a boat with all of their equipment, landed it in Mexico, and drove across the borders that Obama has left unguarded. Assume America used all of its available military resources and didn't just leave the problem to the Texas National Guard. How long would the war last?

Conservatives, you are free to ask your Republican masterminds, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, or Paul Wolfowitz. I believe they have a spreadsheet.

How long would the ISIS-American War last?

Planned Parenthood has WMD!

I was reading this article on HuffPo and it struck me. Isn't this march to war against Planned Parenthood exactly what the Republicans did to start the Iraq War?

The videos being used to incite the funding "war" against Planned Parenthood are fake, and the documents that Republican presidential material example George W. Bush used in the State of the Union to falsely accuse Iraq of seeking African nuclear materials were forgeries.

The Republican Debate in a Nutshell

Trump looked like an ass most of the time, and not in his usual good way.

John Bush looked like George W. Bush after going through an experimental transporter not realizing Eddie Haskell was in there with him.

Commandante Fiorina really, really misses issuing orders and no one in the business world wants her to do it any more.

Ben Carson's mother raised a good kid.

Scott Walker is to glue sniffers what George W. Bush is to C students.

Rand Paul used Latin phrases and attempted reasoning despite the Republican audience.

Huckabee is with child.

Christie and Rubio have families.

The role of Ted Cruz was played by Andy Kaufman.

I googled it and it looks like Kasich was apparently there.

Is "keep us safe" what we Americans want on our T-Shirts?

I find that phrase a bit craven. Is it just me?

I wonder who Fiorina is going to take votes from after the debate.

The CNN debate is going to be interesting. I think JEB is probably the one who stands to lose ground with Fiorina on stage. With his thoughtful-ish Sarah Palin glasses, he looks the part of establishment candidate. But Fiorina is after exactly the same type of Republican voter as JEB, the ones who prize a candidate's ability to simulate reasonableness.

I'd guess Fiorina gains maybe 2 points from JEB's old men. Then she drives another 2 points from JEB to Trump by beating JEB as a wonk while Trump beats him on style and on the release of orc pheromones.

I don't know how the presence of real journalists as debate interviewers affects this. They will be asking wonkish questions like usual I would bet, and they won't be trying to sandbag Trump as the Fox News employees did. Reagan survived standard debates, so Trump has to like his odds.
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