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In 2011, Trump said he supported 'amnesty' for some undocumented immigrants

(CNN) Donald Trump expressed support for "amnesty" for some undocumented immigrants during a 2011 interview on Fox News.

In an appearance in November of 2011 on "Fox and Friends," Trump defended former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, then a candidate for the Republican nomination, who was being criticized by his opponent Michele Bachmann for saying at a debate that he wanted "a humane" approach to the subject of illegal immigration which would avoid deporting families rooted in American communities. Trump signaled he liked Gingrich's approach, agreeing with a Fox host's description that it could be called amnesty.

Obama behaves in a classy way with Trump protester. Trump lies about it.

Here's what Obama actually did.

Here's Trump saying Obama was "screaming" at the protester.

ABC: Russian Media Backs Trump, Questions US Democracy

Russian state-owned media does little to hide its preferences in the U.S. presidential election.

News reports about the race for the White House on Russian television devote most of their time to elaborating on Donald Trump's allegations that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and the election is rigged.

"Clinton has a choice. Either she gets the presidency or she goes behind bars," pro-Kremlin journalist Dmitry Kiselyov said during his flagship Sunday program on the state-controlled Vesti channel. Unlike the anti-establishment Trump, he told viewers, Clinton has the full backing of the U.S. security services, "oligarchic" corporations and the media.
"My colleagues at these channels completely back Trump and show all the bad things about Clinton," said Aleksei Venediktov, the editor of liberal Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy.

In ‘Little Moscow,’ Russians helped Donald Trump’s brand survive the recession

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla. — The first of three identical 45-story Trump-branded condo buildings opened in this oceanfront city at a seemingly terrible time, just as the recession was dawning and the real estate market was starting to crumble.

Many other projects in South Florida floundered in the lead-up to the national housing collapse of 2008. But the Trump buildings were among those that survived, in part because the developers were able to turn to another business source seemingly immune to the factors dragging down the U.S. market: wealthy Russians looking to move their money out of the volatile ­post-Soviet economy.

“They were trying to save their butts, but in fact, they were saving ours,” said Jose Lima, who was a top salesman for the company that developed the Trump towers and marketed the units. He estimates that one-third of the 500 units he sold were bought by Russian speakers.

Trump rape victim taped Giuliani threats. Indictments loom.

A source tells me that Rudy Giuliani issued verbal threats to the alleged victim who charged that Donald Trump raped her at the age of 13. The victim was told to cancel her press conference and drop her lawsuit or she and her "whole family" would be "sorry." The source says that a tape of the threat exists, and that Trump's voice is heard in the background. Indictments are expected.

On edit: Sorry, my bad. This is all false. Brett Baier of Fox News inspired my journalistic standards. Seriously, that's on me.

A Trump vote is a lose-lose.

The Trump voter has to feel ashamed (either now or later). So there is no question that they lose, regardless of the outcome of the election.

But if Trump loses the election, then the Trump voter voted for the wrong guy with a minority of other voters. That is, not only did they choose a wrong guy, but they chose wrong when the majority of people got it right.

If Trump wins the election, the Trump voter (as before) chose wrong, but now the Trump voter will have to live with the results of the election. The waters of poverty and joblessness will begin to creep up, and Trump's wealthy backers will be safely standing on the shoulders of the Trumpies when the water reaches their nostrils.

Should there be a set of "political laws" designed to prevent "political crime?"

For example, what Republican Comey and the House Republican Benghazi team did should be considered "political crimes." They have the requisite characteristics of traditional crimes: illicit motive (power), opportunity (abuse-able office), victim (America), mens rea (guilty mind), etc. So they are clearly a type of crime and their perpetrators are a type of criminal.

But, as political crimes, laws against them should not be enforced by the criminal justice system but by the people themselves. They are the ultimate check in our system of checks and balances. Unfortunately, unlike the three branches of government, the people don't have codified, accepted statutes. They only have the media to tell them that a political crime has been committed, and that is far too unreliable. The crime definitions aren't codified, so the media can't charge the perpetrators.

I know, I know, it's pie in the sky. But suppose we had political laws like the following:Government employees shall not deviate from established policy regarding elections
No branch of government may create an investigation of a political opponent without participation by a minimum number of that opponent's party buying in
No Congress may impeach a president without a minimum number of members from the president's party buying in
Lying about or failing to seek full and complete information for and against war and then going to war shall be prohibited
No candidate for any office shall threaten his/her opponent or members of the opponent's party with prosecution or imprisonment.
No candidate shall question the legitimacy of the election they are (of their own accord) participating in
If we had "political laws" like this, then Republicans would currently be recognized for the political outlaws they have allowed themselves to become. The people would be able to just go right down the list and see that the Republicans have committed "political crimes." Then they could administer proper punishment for those crimes, voting Republicans out of office en masse, for example, or initiating recall referenda.

Republicans could then reenter the fold of the law abiding once their punishment was over. Democrats, for their part, would have incentive not to begin committing political crimes again as they have in the past (Gulf of Tonkin, for example). So the laws, like the criminal laws, would both punish crime and prevent future crime. We just need to give the people (the referees, the judges, the juries, the punishment administrators) unambiguous wording.

Bill Maher went serious tonight on Real Time

He flat out said repeatedly and deadly seriously that Trump is no joking matter and that Americans need to make sure he never gets into the presidency. There was no joking in his voice when he did this.

I wonder if we will see that on SNL tomorrow too. I would not be surprised if SNL pauses for a moment and levels with the American people about the real danger we face.

This is serious this time. It's no joke. The Trumpists have dropped any pretense of American virtue. They have turned into muggers.

Looks like BridgeGate and RudyGate are breaking at a great time.

Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign

Former Chris Christie allies convicted in George Washington Bridge plot trial

Trump's number one and number two front men and Republican endorsers (although they are both really number two in my opinion) are going to have a hard time making campaign and TV appearances. Kellyanne Conway is going to be busy.

Racism rumble on the ballot and blacks don't show up?

Yeah, I get that Obama's not running, but Trump sure is. This election is a chance to sock it to racists big time. They are ecstatic about Trump. He took the chain off of their leg and let them out of the cellar where they belong.

Thanks to Trump, racists are now stinking up the air we good people live in. Open racism is slouching toward the polls to be born and blacks don't show up?

After calling the racists out with BLM and Ferguson and making progress, blacks are just going to let the racists vote them down without a fight? They are going to let the racist vote suppression by the Republican Party actually work? So the Republicans can just keep doing it?

The best president in my lifetime is Obama, and blacks won't show up at the polls to fight the people who want to erase him.

No. That I don't get.
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