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The FBI needs to be fair and release information on the Trump/Russia investigation

It's only fair. Reid is right. Republican Comey should not be able to selectively choose which election-affecting material he releases. Comey should not have tried to cheap shot Clinton to help Republicans. But now that he has done so, the only way to make things right again is to release information on the investigation of Trump and his Russian ties.

Weiner: Does Trump's example mean I can still be President?


Anthony Weiner was buoyed by the news that Donald Trump is considered by some to be a worthy presidential candidate.

"I was worried that my political career was over," said Weiner. "But I now know I can just become a Republican, and I can get right back on the road to the White House."

Who's worse? Weiner or Trump?

As far as we know, Weiner may have engaged in improper texting/sexting. But there are no charges that he actually physically committed sex assaults as Trump is accused of doing.

Why is Trump getting away with calling Weiner a pervert? Isn't that the definition of chutzpah?

Republican George W. Bush can happen again.

I hate to think it, and I hate to say it. Some of the American people haven't learned to associate the word "Republican" with the poison that nearly killed them eight years ago. They are once again uncorking the bottle of methanol.

Dems, liberal leaners, and all of the sane, good folks need to vote all-out against the Republican Party of George W. Bush and Donald Trump or we are going to get dragged back into hell by the wood alkies.

Some Dems asking meekly for details from Republican Comey

Sorry, but if someone deliberately bean balls you, you don't ask why. It's not "troubling." It's a "rush the mound" situation.

Kick it up a notch. Republican Comey is a sitting duck.

Trump is grabbing America's genitals. Your response?

Republican Comey assaulted democracy in broad daylight. Take action.

Dem voters, liberal leaners, and those who see what Donald Trump really is need to get their asses to the polls and fight for democracy. Republican Comey just assaulted democracy right in front of all of us. We need to take "appropriate action."

Every single Republican must be voted against. Let's drain the real swamp, the one that produces "leadership material" like Donald Trump and his oh-so-successful rich boy "genius" predecessor George W. Bush.

The fact that James Comey is a Republican...

... is still not being emphasized on the major media sites. That's a big part of the story. If this has happened to Trump and the FBI Director were a Democrat (or a woman, Mexican, etc.), Trump would be howling.

Comey is a Republican who violated policy in a way likely to help his party, the Republican Party of Donald Trump. That should be prominent in the story.

Shades of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding

Republicans were going to lose, so Republican Comey decided to try to bring down Clinton at the last minute.

If this doesn't bring Democrats and liberal leaners to the polls, nothing will. It's a deliberate attempt to cheat by Republicans. A deliberate kneecap job on Clinton by the party of Donald Trump. It's the worst, lowest, most obvious election cheating I have ever seen.

Looks like Republican Comey broke with longstanding Justice Dept. Policy

Clinton needs to go on offense on this.
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